The two Goombas that were waddling by the finish line in the Mushroom Gorge sighed as they looked at each other, feeling bored.

"Are we ever going to do anything over than serving as fodder for racers?" The first Goomba asked.

The second Goomba blinked as he shook his head. "I'm afraid not. I wish it was the case, but this isn't exactly baseball. How are we going to be able to drive?"

As the first Goomba was about to answer, he got squashed and turned into a regular red capped mushroom by Funky Kong, who was speeding in his Flame Flyer vehicle as he was using a star. Birdo was riding on her pink colored Dolphin Dasher bike, using the mushroom as a boost as the second Goomba dropped his jaw in disbelief, now being the only Goomba left on the entire mushroom based track.