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"Really? We're having this argument again?"

"We're having this argument again?" Camille Roberts mocks her boyfriend's angry words.

"Wow, you are unbelievable." Logan shakes his head. He walks over to the couch, where he had put his gym bag. He pulls the strap over his shoulder, getting tired of Camille's oversensitivity. This is the second time that they've argued about this. Logan thinks that they should limit their dates to two times a week and Camille got all pissed about it. Why does Logan even bother with dating? Girls are way too emotional.

"I'm unbelievable? What about you, Mr. Know It All?"

Logan sighs heavily before turning to face her. "I'm leaving. You've obviously got some issues to work out and I'm not gonna stay around to deal with it."

He starts walking toward Camille's door, ready to walk out. What he really needs is some alone time? He'll just go for a short drive. He'll calm down, then he and Camille can calmly sort this out. It's not good to talk when you're angry because that just makes the situation worse. The last time they had this conversation, they ended up breaking up for a few hours. Yep, just a few hours before they finally got back together. That's the good thing. They never stay mad at each other.

"You are being such an asshole!" Camille groans.

"I'm not even gonna say what you're being." Logan mumbles before leaving the apartment. He doesn't know what Camille's problem is. He's assuming that it's that time of month. That's when she's at her very worst. Anything he says, she'll take it as him being a jerk. No matter what he says! Everything is offensive to her.

He adjusts the black backwards cap, entering the elevator. He knows he can't stay out too late. Big Time Rush has been preparing for their upcoming tour. They will be traveling all over the world. The United States, Canada, Europe, and South America. It's gonna be their best tour yet! Since Logan has gotten use to being famous, he's come to really love performing for their fans. BTR fans are great, although they weren't happy when they found out that he and Camille were dating. They were the same with with Kendall and Jo, Carlos and Stephanie, and James and Lucy.

He quietly exits the elevator, walking briskly through the lobby. When he walks out the parking garage, he notices that it's rather dark outside, but that's no big deal as long he's careful. He's always been good at driving in bad weather. He has done it before and he has never had any problems.

He turns the radio on, backing out of the parking space. "If That's Love," a tune by teen pop sensation Callie Rivers, is being played on Ryan Morgan's radio show. He has read about her a few times and she's apparently pretty...wild. In fact, she seems worse than Camille. Last year, she was only seventeen and she was dating some guy in his late twenties.

"That was Callie Rivers with her latest hit, If That's Love, off her third studio album! Unfortunately, Miss Rivers will be stepping away from the Hollywood scene after being injured in a car crash just last week. Her rep broke the news a few days after the accident, stating that Callie would be taking a break due to a life changing injury."

Well, that sucks for her. Logan hums the tune to the song, keeping his eyes on the road. As he drives down the street, water begins pouring from the sky. To be honest, the rain is actually kind of relaxing. He's so frustrated with Camille right now, so he needs something to calm him down. He doesn't know what to do! It seems like they keep having these stupid, pointless arguments no matter what they do.


"Hello?" He says, his iPhone pressed to his ear.

"Man, where are you? We were planning to watch a movie, remember?" His best friend and bandmate, Kendall Knight, reminds him.

"Camille and I got into another fight, so I went for a drive." Logan says tiredly.

"It's pouring rain outside! My mom said that she doesn't want us driving."

Logan groans. "I forgot!"

"Just get back to the Palm Woods." Kendall tells him. "And be careful."

"I will." Logan responds. "I promise."

Then he hangs up, dropping his phone onto his lap. The rain is coming down harder now, making it difficult for him to see. The best thing for him to do would be to pull over until the rain lets up. He continues driving, searching for a place to stop. He finally sees a rest stop and he begins to turn into it. But he briefly forgets about the slippery road.

He turns a little too fast and before he can stop it, the vehicle spirals out of control, throwing him through the windshield. He yells out in pain, but simply hitting the wet ground isn't enough to cause too much pain. It's when the car flips over and lands on top of him that causes him to scream even louder.

He tries screaming again, but no one hears him.

He lets out a pained sob upon feeling the excruciating pain in his back. He manages to lift his head to look around, feeling partially relieved when he sees two vehicles coming to a stop. One person is heard yelling out for help, which Logan is grateful for. Of course, he can't think too much about it because the pain is all he can really focus on.

He screams again, getting their attention. Two of the three people run over to him,while the third person calls an ambulance. He feels a hand on his shoulder, hearing someone calmly talking to him.

"Buddy, we're calling for help." One of the men says, squeezing his shoulder. He's in too much pain to speak. All he can manage are pained whimpers, truly fearing for his life. He doesn't wanna die. If he dies, he'll never get to apologize to Camille. All of his friends and family will be heartbroken. At the same time, however, he's begging to die already. He knows that it sounds bad, but he'll do anything to make the pain go away.

"What happened?!" Someone else yells, running over to them. Logan looks up and notices that more cars have pulled over. Several people are here now, curious about what's going on. He hears one guy whispering something about lifting the car off of him. Yeah, that would be nice, but that won't make the pain go away.

"Listen, kid, we're gonna lift this car off of you."

Logan squeezes his eyes shut, watching as a middle aged woman gently rubs his arm. You know, to soothe him. She whispers comforting words to him as several men gather around the busted up car. He clenches his teeth as they slowly struggle to lift the car off of him, wondering if they'll be able to pull it off. Why doesn't he just die already? He doesn't think that he can take this! It hurts too much.

"We almost got it!" Someone yells. Logan can hear sirens in the distance, much to everyone's relief. The kind woman continues rubbing his arm, even when he lets out another painful scream. Finally, the car is lifted off of him, but his pain never goes away. Now, instead of screaming, he sobs in both pain and relief.

"Okay, the ambulance is here."

He wants his friends. He wants Kendall, James, and Carlos here with him. He needs them. At the same time, though, he doesn't want them to see him in pain.

From the corner of his eye, he can see a stretcher being laid next to him. Next thing he knows, he hears one of the paramedics warning him that they're going to lay him on his back. He doesn't wanna move, but he supposes that he has no choice. He holds back another scream as they grab him, gently rolling him onto his back. When his back touches the ground, he lets out the loudest scream yet, one of pure pain and desperation.

It takes twenty minutes before he able to be put on the stretcher. It's so painful, but he somehow manages to keep from screaming anymore. His face is wet with tears, but he's trying his best to stay calm. There is a nice paramedic (a woman probably in her early thirties) holding his hand, but he's not gonna be comforted until he sees a familiar face, such as one of his friends, family, or his girlfriend.

"We're gonna put this mask over your face." The other paramedic tells him. "It'll put you to sleep."

Logan lets more tears fall as the mask is placed over his face. But it relaxes him and he's finally able to fall into a deep sleep.

"I thought you said Logan was on his way." James frowns, looking at his watch.

"He is!" Kendall replies, although he does feel a bit concerned.

"That was an hour ago." Carlos says quietly.

Kendall sighs as he pulls out his own phone, dialing Logan's phone number. He waits patiently, but no one answers. He hopes that he's okay. He's ruling out a car accident, though. Logan is the most careful driver Kendall knows. He knows how important it is to drive carefully during bad weather. He's probably driving slower, so it's taking him longer to get here.


"I'll get it!" Mama Knight says, running to grab the home phone off the bar. She looks at the caller ID and the guys, and Katie (Kendall's younger sister), all frown at her worried expression. They watch as she reluctantly answers the phone.

"Hello?" She says, confused. "This is Jennifer Knight...Oh my god...he's okay, right?"

Kendall looks at his friends and sister, all four of them sharing matching expressions. Kendall can't hear what is being said on the other line, but it doesn't look too good. His mom looks like she's about to cry. What happened to Logan? He's not dead, is he?

"Thank you for letting us know." Mama Knight says before hanging up. "We've gotta get to the hospital. Logan was in a car accident."

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