Logan sits quietly, watching the people around him. They still have thirty minutes before they have to go onstage to perform, so he's just hanging out, doing nothing. Callie is talking to some of the other Palm Woods guests (including the Jennifers and Guitar Dude), so Logan is by himself right now. He should probably be heading over to the stage, though. The next thirty minutes will go by pretty fast.

"Dog, get over here!" Gustavo calls out. Logan turns his wheelchair around and wheels himself over to his boss and his bandmates, who are just waiting patiently to be announced. The Blonde Jennifer will be doing the announcing. Logan hopes that she won't say anything obnoxious or rude about them. She has a tendency to be a...well, Logan won't say the word out loud, but you know what he means.

"You guys have been practicing, right?" Kelly asks while she fixes James's jacket.

"Yeah." Kendall replies. "We're ready."

Logan looks around the gym and when his eyes land on the doorway, he's surprised by what he sees. What is Stephanie doing here? She and Carlos dated for a few months, but they broke up when she moved. Carlos will surely be thrilled that she's back. He was in love with that girl, even though she nearly traumatized them by using them as the cast for one of her horror movies.

"What are you looking at?" James asks him.

"Oh...nothing." Logan lies. Stephanie probably wants to surprise Carlos and it won't be any fun if someone tells Carlos that she's here. Logan is gonna pretend that he doesn't notice her. It'll be awesome to see Carlos's reaction when he sees his ex girlfriend here. He'll be so excited! Okay, maybe Logan is a little excited himself. If Carlos and Stephanie get back together, they'll all have girlfriends and they can go on group dates!

"What if Logan's wheelchair were to accidentally roll off the stage?" Carlos questions.

"That's not gonna happen because we're gonna make sure that you boys aren't too close to the stage." Kelly tells them.

"Also, please don't embarrass yourselves." Gustavo tells them. "I don't want you dogs ruining your comeback."

"Thank you for having so much confidence in us." Kendall says flatly. Logan lets out a small laugh, but he stops when Gustavo shoots him a dirty look. Okay, he's obviously not in a laughing mood.

Callie just realized something. She doesn't wanna fight with Camille anymore. They're both in happy relationships, so she doesn't see the point. She has Logan and Camille has James, so they're both happy. She sees Camille sitting in the bleachers and she's considering going over there to apologize. She would like to be friends with Camille. If they got past their previous issues, they could get along really well!

"We'll talk later." She whispers to Guitar Dude, Tyler, and the Jennifers. She takes a deep breath before walking toward the bleachers. She jumps as Camille suddenly looks up, waving reluctantly. Camille's face is expressionless at first, but it turns to a look of surprise.

"What do you want?" She asks calmly.

"I wanted to talk to you." Callie tells her, walking up the steps. She sits next to Camille, wondering what she should say. There has been so much drama between them, so it's hard to know exactly what to say. She just doesn't want anymore. She's tired of the drama, the hatred, and the awkwardness.

"About what?" Camille sighs.

"I'm tired of this." Callie replies. "I mean, our issues. I know that it was weird for you to see me and Logan together, but I think it's pointless for us to keep having these problems. Since I have my guy and you have yours, we should put our problems behind us. You know, we could even try being...friends."

"Us? Friends? What made you decide that?"

Callie shrugs. She's been thinking about it a lot. She just thinks that it's stupid to keep disliking each other so much. Camille really doesn't seem like such a bad person. Callie isn't bad either. The awkwardness of a breakup got in the way of them possibly being friends. But it doesn't have to be like that. It's not worth it anymore.

"I don't know." She finally admits. "I just don't see the point in keeping up this stupid rivalry. We should at least try to get along."

"I guess it does get pretty exhausting after a while." Camille agrees.

"So you wanna give it a try?" Callie asks her, holding out her hand. "Truce?"

Camille smiles. "Truce."

Stephanie stands the crowd as everyone gets together for Big Time Rush's performance. She can't wait until Carlos realizes that she's back. They broke up when she moved, but now she's back and they can either get back together or at least be friends. She doesn't mind if they just stay friends because at least they can still hang out. She has really missed him, you know?

She looks up as the guys come onstage, smiling. Carlos's eyes almost immediately meet hers and he looks surprised, gently nudging Logan. Wow, Logan's in a wheelchair. She heard that he had been in an accident, but she had no idea that it was that bad. Anyway, Carlos keeps his eyes on her as the music plays and she smiles at him, waving. He remembers her! He actually remembers her! She honestly thought that he forgot her by now, but he didn't!

Their voices still sound amazing. Before she moved, she loved hearing the guys sing at the Palm Woods poolside jams. They've always been talented, but it seems like they've only gotten better. She's not surprised. They're amazing!

She watches as Callie moves to the front row and blows a kiss at Logan. She's holding a white stick, so she's apparently blind. Stephanie hasn't read about the accidents a lot, but she knows that both Logan and Callie got hurt. It's too bad that such awful things have to happen to good people.

"You're not interested in Logan, are you?" A short brunette girl asks.

"No." Stephanie says weirdly.

"Good." The girl replies. "Because he's my sister's and partially mine."

"Congratulations." Stephanie says, slowly backing away. She takes a deep breath and returns her attention to the stage.

"Merry Christmas!" Kendall tells the crowd before he and his bandmates walk (and roll) offstage.

Logan watches as Carlos rushes into the crowd to find Stephanie. Then he wheels himself into the crowd as well, approaching Callie. "Hey!"

"Oh my gosh, you guys were amazing!" Callie says, sitting on his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck, giving him a loving kiss. He grins and wraps his arms around her waist, nuzzling her cheek. He had a great time performing again and, strangely enough, he wasn't that nervous.

"Thanks, baby girl." He says, kissing her again. "Hey, did you know that Stephanie's back?"

"Carlos's ex girlfriend?"

"Yep." Logan replies, looking over at Carlos and Stephanie. He has her wrapped in a tight hug, which she is happily returning. Ah, it's nice to see cute couples on Christmas day, even though Carlos and Stephanie aren't really together.

"Let's enjoy the party." Callie smiles, kissing his cheek.

"Good idea."

"I know these past few months have been difficult, but I think we're on the right track now." Camille says, raising her glass of grape juice. "BTR made their comeback, old couples were reunited, and I gained a new friend."

Callie smiles, standing next to Camille.

"Yeah, I think everything is the way it should be." She agrees. Logan squeezes her hand and she smiles, sitting on his lap. Everything is so perfect now. In the first few weeks after their accidents, there were definitely some problems, but it all turned out okay. Like Camille said, BTR made a comeback, Carlos and Stephanie reunited, Callie and Camille are finally friends, and they both have amazing boyfriends, not to mention that Jo survived her accident.

"How do elves get their ears so pointy?"

"I don't know, Cassie."


"You just keep getting weirder, don't you?"

"Shut up!"

Everyone laughs at the exchange between the two sisters, while many of the couples share hugs and kisses (Logan and Callie, Kendall and Jo, James and Camille, and even Carlos and Stephanie hug). Even though there will always be challenges in life, they can get through it with the support of friends and a loving family.

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