So, I have obviously had nothing to do for the past few days, so I decided to type up this story for a gift for a friend. Anyways, it'll probably be a one shot or something. The story is based off of the song Snuff by Slipknot. Enjoy.

Disclaimer; I do not own Kingdom Hearts, the song Snuff, or any characters mentioned.

How are you supposed to feel when your world is taken away from you? Or when you've got no one to turn to, so you turn to drugs and cutting yourself? Is their any point in living, if you don't have nothing else to live for? Roxas wasn't sure. Roxas didn't care anymore snow of New York fell down heavily, making a crunch sound with every step he took. Every step. Huh, he swore he'd been walking for about three hours now, or so it seemed. It was near three in the morning, and the streets were dead, just as dead as the world was to Roxas.

So many mixed emotions filled his head. People turned on him years ago, leaving him up in the world, alone. His mother commited suicide, his father turned towards drugs and shot up with anything he could find, as he walked himself into his death bed. He lost his only one left he could love, Namine. He found her in bed with his bestfriend, Axel. Or so called bestfriend; Roxas went to the conclusion he just followed him around, to get into Namine's pants. "I'm sick of this fucking city, and the fucking people around it."

Roxas had no siblings he could worry about, either. They either ran away, got killed, or dropped from the face of the Earth. A smirk crossed his face at the thought. "Who'd want to take care of me? No one."

He crossed a dark building, knowing he was close to Xion's house. Who was Xion to Roxas? A so called friend. He didn't see her as a friend, but she was nothing but good to him.

Xion stopped having things to do with Roxas, after things got complicated. Well, it was his fault, but he didn't go into detail. "Bitch put me under restraining order. Like I'm afraid of jail. It'd be a damn vacation."

Roxas let out a deep violent cough, which made him stop in his tracks. He coughed harder and harder, spitting up crimson blood, and stomping it into the snow. "Maybe I'll die in these streets. Let that get me famous. Hope mom and dad laugh at that in the afterlife, cause I sure as hell wont be with them."

When he got to a white house, he stopped, and looked over. Namine's house sat there. Roxas felt like going in, and beating Axel. Beating him until he feels the physical pain as worse as Roxas felt it mentally. He knew he was in there. He had to be. Namine couldn't go anywhere without Axel under her.

He stuck his hands in his pockets, and kept going. Where would he go? No one would take him in. Nobody liked him.

His body started to go numb, from the cold winter air, and heavy snow. The snow got deeper and deeper, street lights shining down upon him. The lights didn't feel like they was on, it felt dark, cold, and cruel. Just like the world itself.

"My smile was taken long ago, if I can change I hope I never know."

Okay, short but finished. I'm really happy how it came out. I usually would never put so much swearing in a fic, but I wanted to show Roxas's anger. Anyways, yeah. I hope you enjoy this, Nicole.