Maple Treeway

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I think it's pretty obvious that I love Mario Kart Wii to the point where I make fanfics based on it. It must be a stroke of luck. Or maybe I appreciate the locations. Or something else. Ehh, I dunno, enjoy.

Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year. Colors changing everywhere, everything seeming even more vibrant, a nice cool breeze to cool down the summer blisters... not to mention, food of all sorts abound.

But what is it about Autumn that makes it beautiful? Perhaps it can be seen in Maple Treeway, where's it's always Autumn regardless of what season. Here, the leaves are always red, yellow, and orange, and they always seem to pop back up on trees as soon as they fall. Plenty of critters can be seen here, such as the giant Wigglers found on top of the maple trees. But what makes the area so pleasant?

It was nice. It had a balance of hot and cold, but obviously more so cool than warm, which was good, because Autumn is just the breeze anyone can use after a blistering heatwave during summer. Plus, it's so nice to collect all of the fallen leaves, and take in everything in bloom, with all the critters preparing themselves for hibernation, enjoying all the fruit just ripe for eating, and just to have a gentle cool wind blowing in your face while racing. Gliding here is very popular because of that. But of course, just sitting back amongst the maple trees and relaxing is pretty cool, too.