Maple syrup was pouring all over the Maple Treeway as Kamek was summoning giant bottles of maple syrup to populate the clear blue sky, causing the sticky maple substance to fall all over the orange colored track. The random Mii racers noticed as they all got stuck in their regular karts, their light blue gliders collapsing as they fell into the clear river below. Wiggler and Birdo watched from the top of the giant brown barrel, shaking their heads in disgust.

"Ugh! What a jerk that Magikoopa is!" Wiggler exclaimed as he shook her upper arms while she had her lower arms crossed. "Someone should really go up there and give him what for?"

Birdo cracked her fists as she lowered her eyes. "Don't mind if I do..." She then spat out a pink spotted Birdo egg, aiming it at Kamek and tossing it at him. Kamek screamed as he fell into the water, splashing about and calling for help, as Birdo and Wiggler gave each other a high five, with Birdo spitting out more of her special Birdo eggs and tossing them at Kamek, forcing him to drown.