Grumble Volcano

"Surprising that this stage is getting fanfiction based on it," Dry Bowser stated while walking around the volcanic race course, going through the actual Grumble Volcano itself as he looked through the script. "Let's see if the author's notes are as burning stupid as the fiery 'misadventures' here will be..."

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I think it's pretty obvious that I love Mario Kart Wii to the point where I make fanfics based on it. It must be a stroke of luck. Or maybe I appreciate the locations. Or something else. Ehh, I dunno, enjoy.

Grumble Volcano. A hot, volcanic wasteland filled with dead trees, erupting streams of red hot lava, and magma far beyond the eye can see. Not to mention, various brown volcanoes that so ever erupted and spew hot balls of fire everywhere, making things even hotter. For anyone who loved heat, this was the place to be, as this was the hottest place to be inhabiting on the entire planet.

This place was a no mans land, a place where many would consider it Hell on Earth...

...And it was the home of Dry Bowser, who has relished the sense of danger ever so present. The main volcano at the base of the race course was where he overlooked the entire area, normally sitting out of the occasional races that occur. He would come back to the Grumble Volcano to rest up, and then scout the area out of curiosity. But anyone was welcome here.

They just have to be careful with the heated confrontations. From Dry Bowser himself to the environment.

"You do know that we can all hear you, right?" Dry Bowser complained as he was doing a time trial on the volcanic race course while riding on his Bone Rattler ATV.

"E. Gadd!" Professor E. Gadd exclaimed as he was inside the Grumble Volcano itself, inspecting the area for his magma collection. "This place is just ripe for material for my new, fire based technology!"

"We should keep a close eye on this crazy scientist." King Bob-omb stated to Goomboss as they were several inches away, with the two having binoculars on their eyes.

"Yeah. This guy looks like he's associated with greenie." Goomboss added as he shook his head, "And anyone associated with him is a creep."

E. Gadd turned his head at the two bosses as he simply shook his head in disappointment. "Oh come now, fellas, we can be reasonable about this."

Looking at each other, the two kingly bosses shook their head in response to E. Gadd, who sighed with a shrug as he went back to his magma studies.

Arceus and Gruntilda Winkybunion were watching all this from high in the volcanic sky overlooking the Grumble Volcano area, with them on a floating magma platform that Arceus crafted himself as they turned to each other.

"Should we go down and help Dry Bowser out, or do you think he'll be fine?" Arceus asked as he was using his godlike Pokemon powers to juggle several fireballs.

Gruntilda summoned a bouncing trail of flames as she waved her right hand around. "Nah. I don't think he's going to be needing us for quite a while..."