Dry Bowser returned to the Grumble Volcano after an intensified adventure through a different dimension, dropping his skeletal jaw in disbelief as the entire volcano was covered in sweets all over. The sky was still darkened, but the red hot magma was bright orange with pink stripes and purple sparkles all around, the volcanoes in the race course spewing out bright confetti instead of red hot lava. Dry Bowser shook his skeletal fists angrily as Princess Peach dropped down with her white umbrella, giggling as she closed it.

"What the hell happened?" Dry Bowser exclaimed, not believing it for himself.

"Do you like it, you husky bunch of bones?" Peach asked as she placed Dry Bowser's dropped jaw back on him, flinging his skeletal nose. "I had Toadette help make a makeover of this depressing. awful place, and now it looks so pretty!" She giggled as she posed cutely. "Doesn't it look so much better?"

Dry Bowser growled in annoyance as he folded his skeletal arms together, with Peach innocently giggling as she twirled around, trying to charm Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser then pointed his right index finger on his left skeletal hand at Peach, zapping her with bright white lightning. Peach groaned as her right eye twitched, falling right on the ground as Dry Bowser proceeded to return everything to normal, simultaneously burning everything with his zapped lightning bolts and bluish fire balls fired from his mouth.