The Grumble Volcano was becoming active again, causing lava to spout everywhere as it caused parts of the course to submerge underneath the hot, molten magma. The racers have noticed as they tried their best to avoid a fiery bath, but of course, the frequent explosions caused them to fall off the course anyway.

The lone exception was Dry Bowser, who was riding on his Spear, having known this course like the back of his red hair. He was way ahead of the other racers, having reached the finish line for the third time as he was entering the Grumble Volcano again. In front of him were Donkey Kong and Wario, who were trying to knock each other off the course, allowing Dry Bowser to blast past them with a couple of green Koopa shells.

"How pathetic." Dry Bowser commented as he watched Donkey Kong and Wario fall off the course by the shell collisions, speeding off further into the volcano as he picked the upper path, quickly speeding away.