Author's note: I know it's been a while since i last post anything, I'm really really sorry but i have been busy with my final tests at school so... sorry. I know there must be a lot of gramatical mistakes but English is not my first language, please remember that. And i almost forgot to tell you that this story is based in a friend's adventure, she got lost in a forest near my city and she spent 28 hourse out there! without food or water or Mulder.. hahaha. She is fine now but she'll never get near a big tree again.

The fire seamed to chase them, no matter how fast they ran. They kept running for a few miles, trying to get away from the flames wall, when it was only a whisper, they stopped, both fighting for air, their hearts beating way faster than usually.

"Hey Scully, are you still cold?"

"Shut up Mulder" Said Scully with one of her 'I mean it' looks, but Mulder just laughed at it and smiled "What's so funny?"

"Never mind" Mulder touched his cheek, it was hot "Do you have anything to drink? Water? Raindrops?"

"I already told you, I don't"

"What about…?"

"I don't have anything to drink, do you have any idea of where are we?"

"No, I don't. We should walk in a straight line, maybe we could get to the highway that way"


"Road? Whatever, my point is, we'll get out of here and catch our plane"

"If you say so…"

The agents walked a few more miles in complete silence, that was one of the advantages of working together, they knew each other thoughts, wishes, feelings, it was kinda creepy sometimes but in a good way. Suddenly the trees began to decrease in size and wide, 'till they finally reached a road. By that moment Scully's nerves where in the edge, the plane was leaving in only four more hours. Mulder looked at his partner, he was about to say 'Told ya', but he preferred remain in silence 'cause he knew she wasn´t in a playful mood.

"What now?" Scully said, hands in her hips.

"There are only two choices, left or right"

"I say right, to the hill, we'll know where we are, there's a better view of the valley"

"Ok, then"

Scully led the progress to the top of the hill, the path had many loose stones, once they got up they had a privileged view of the valley, if they came down the hill, in the distance you could see a group of houses, but they were far. The bad news was that there was no clue of the car or the way they had come to the forest.

"That's all, I'll call someone" Scully took his cellphone from the pocket of his jacket "You gotta be kidding me".


"I have no battery, I forgot to charge it last night."

"Does that mean we're stuck here? Wherever we are."

"Yes, more or less, we should go to those houses" Scully took a deep breath, trying to calm down "there we ask where we are and how to get back to town."

"You are right, but we should hurry Scully, we already missed the flight but I'm not looking forward to spend the night out here."

Scully looked around her, her partner was right, it was getting dark and the last time they spent a night in the woods she had to sing for him in order to keep the creatures away. Rainy clouds were appearing above them.

"Hurry, we must get to those houses as soon as possible, in an hour or so we won't be able to see the road" She said.

They walked to the houses for an hour or so, until the night fell over them, raindrops began to fall as well, making the road muddy and slippery. They were walking side by side, the tall body of Mulder covering slightly Scully's shorter one, until she stepped on a loose rock and fell backwards into the ground, her head would have hit the ground if it wasn´t for Mulder, who caught her mere inches from the ground. He kneeled by her side on the floor, one of his hands still in his back, the other caressing her cheek.

"Are you Ok?"

"Yes, let's go."

"Ok, but Scully, we are not gonna make it to the houses tonight, we should look somewhere we could wait for the sunrise."

"You are right Mulder, I hate to admit it but we'll have to wait here" She said, loud enough to be heard by her partner over the rain.

"There's only one problem, there are not big trees anymore."

"What?! How did we get so far from the forest?"

"Well, we have walked a lot since we saw the fire."

"Then we don't have a choice, we won't get far with this rain, let's look for some tree, any tree."

Mulder helped his partner to get on her feet and they walked away from the road, into the side of it, trying to find anywhere they could spend the night, their clothes were already soaking and any hint of warm had already disappeared leaving instead cold and wet clothes. Finally they found a small, no, tiny tree and as they didn't see any other place where they could stay a little bit dryer than there they decided it was their best choice. They sat on the dirt without saying a word, each of them knowing that it was going to be a long night. Scully was shaking because of the cold and when she looked to her partner, she saw he was shaking as well, his lips were purple, his eyes tired, she imagined she looked exactly the same way, after a few minutes she realized she was staring at him, but she couldn´t take her eyes away from him. He noticed her eyes staring at him and turned his face onto hers, her eyes were tired but she looked as beautiful as always.

"We mustn't fall asleep" She said, her voice as a whisper.

"But I'm tired, and cold, and wet, and starving" he replied, a smile in his face, he knew they shouldn't fall sleep, otherwise they could die.

"At least you are not thirsty anymore" Her shaking was getting harder to stop.

"Are you cold?"

"Of course."

"Me too, don't freak out, I have an idea."

Mulder unbuttoned his oversized coat and before she could reply, he took his partner in his arms and sat her on his lap, instead of replying Scully did the same with her coat and put her arms around Mulder's body, instantly feeling his body heat, she let her head fall to his chest but she didn't close her eyes. He put both of his arms around her and started to rub her back trying to make her feel warmer.

"Better?" Mulder asked in a whisper.

"A lot, it was a good idea, but still we can't fall asleep."

"Jeez you are killing me G-woman" he said in a playful mood.

"I know" she said smiling against his chest.