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Here I was, alone in a new city, getting ready to start a new job, with no place to live. Looking around the depressing, cold hotel room, I felt lost. I needed somewhere to live, somewhere to call home, and most importantly, somewhere to store my shoes. Call me superficial if you must, but my shoes were a huge part of my life, they were probably the only thing currently in my life that gave me a boost of confidence.

I recently graduated from Seattle University, with a degree in graphic design. By some miracle, I was able to land a position with Masen Advertising, one of the most well respected advertising firms in the country.

The biggest downfall? It was across the country from my friends and family. But, I'm 22 now, and it's time to branch out on my own, no matter how homesick I get.

I was scheduled to officially start tomorrow, but was allowed access to my office today. It was probably more of a cubicle, but finally it was something to call mine and what I had been busting my ass for! I was anxious to start, but nervous at the same time. This would be the place I make a name for myself. The place I finally put my degree to use and what I had been working so hard towards. This is the place I would probably spend more time at than I would my own home, wherever that might be.

Since I was going into the office today, to get my area set up and get a feel for the place, I wanted to look my best. I figured I should dress as if I were actually going to work. They said we could wear whatever we wanted as long as it was presentable in case we had to discuss things with clients. Since all of my stuff was still in suitcases, and boxes were put away in storage, my options were most definitely limited. That had to change, and soon.

You can say I was a bit of a daddy's girl, and he bought me whatever I wanted. My dad who was the chief of police in a small town, didn't make much money. Luckily for me, he was a trust fund baby, giving him the means to keep me well stocked in shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Opening my first garment bag, I knew it was the right top for today. Not only did it scream, "sexy and hot" it gave me a polished look that I know the company image was. The top was a nude color that buttoned all the way up with a slight collar. Coming from below the collar were frills that hung loosely down. Pairing it with a simple pair of skinny jeans that made my ass look stunning, and I was partially ready. On any normal day, my outfit was built around my shoes. Sadly, that couldn't be the case right now. Pulling out one of the few pairs of shoes I had packed to bring with me, I paired the outfit with a simple pair of nude pumps. Accessories were always a must; outfits were never complete without them. Pulling out a set of bangle bracelets, that were a mix of gold and pearls, it made it perfect. Tossing on some makeup, and my hair into a low bun, I grabbed my nude colored Prada bag, I was ready to go.

Hopping into my black Mini Cooper I was on my way, nerves be damned. Grabbing an iced vanilla latte on the way, I had a feeling today was going to change everything.

Turning onto the street that Masen Advertising was located, it was extremely intimidating. The building was something you see in magazines, something you only dream of working in. It appeared that people had assigned parking spots. The odd part was there were no names so I simply pulled into the first open spot I saw that said, "Reserved." I'm an employee now, so why not?

Walking into the building, I couldn't help but to stare at my surroundings. It was beautiful with floor to ceiling windows. Intricate art pieces were hung on the walls.

"Hi and welcome to Masen Advertising! How can I help you?" a blonde said as I was busy looking around. The sound in her voice sounded pleasant, but you could tell by the way she was looking at me, that she was completely judging me by how I was dressed. Thank God I look good today.

"Sorry about that. My name is Isabella Swan and I was hired for the Graphic Design position. I was told I could get all my stuff set up in my area today."

"Oh of course Mrs. Swan!"

"It's Ms. Swan, but please just call me Bella." Why do people always assume that I was married? Pretty sure I wasn't wearing a ring of any kind.

"Oh, my apologies Bella. Just follow me, and I'll show you to your area." She smiled sweetly at me, almost too sweet.

Climbing into an elevator, she hit the button that said 15, "Why are we stopping at that floor?" I asked her.

"Different things are on different floors. The entire 15th floor is dedicated to your department. Mr. Cullen, the head of Graphic Design, likes things a specific way and he is close with the owners, so they tend to give him whatever he wants." She said it in a way that screamed jealousy. "Well here we are, welcome to your home away from home. Your area already has your name on it."

"Thanks. I think. By the way, I never caught your name." I said to her, if I'm going to see her every day, I should know who I was talking to.

"Oh, I'm Lauren." As if I was supposed to instantly know that.

"Right. Well thanks I guess."

Making my way around the room, it had a very open feeling to it. No one had a designated office, only assigned working areas. Luckily, I found my area pretty quickly, it had my name sign right next to my computer, "Isabella Swan." We would need to have that changed to Bella. Setting my purse down, I noticed my working area was shared with one, Edward Cullen.

Isn't he the one in charge around here?


All of a sudden I heard the door to the elevator open up. Glancing that direction, I saw the most beautiful man step off onto this floor. He was looking down, so I don't think he saw me right away. Luckily, this gave me ample time to check him out. He had on a plain grey t-shirt, tan cargo shorts and some chucks. The beanie on his head made me wonder and question what he was hiding under it.

His arms and legs went on for days, as he was extremely tall. Or, I was just that short. He had the kind of body that made me want to wrap my own around it.

Clearing my throat to get his attention, he looked up.

"Hi, I'm Bella. Can I help you with something?" I asked him kindly. I had to make a good first impression on this client. It was after all, the first client I've seen.

The look on his face was of pure shock, like he wasn't expecting anyone up here, "Uhh...nah I'm good. Thanks."

Holy mother of fuck. Those eyes. They pierced right through me, and drew me in. Pretty sure I stood there staring for a good ten minutes. Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating.

"Well since no one else is up here right now, it would be up to me to help you right?"

He sighed a deep breath, and looked up at me again.

"Yes, actually, you would...If I were a client and needed assistance" he chuckled a tad and stuck his hand out for me to shake, "Edward Cullen, the Advertising Director, you must be the new Graphic Designer, Isabella Swan, correct?"

Uh...well shit. "Uhm, it's just Bella but yeah that's me."

"Well 'just Bella', I'm in a horrible fucking mood this morning, and I wouldn't want to take it out on you. I woke up in a bad mood, and then when I got here, some fucking Mini Coop was parked in my spot." He smirked at me, as if he knew it were mine. "Get used to my mouth 'just Bella', if you can't handle that, then you sure as fuck don't belong working here. I hear you are supposed to blow my mind with your skills. I fucking look forward to it." He smiled.

"Well Mr. Cullen, thanks for that... I think. But I can almost guarantee you I can go round for round on whose better with their mouth, so you can try to scare me off with it all you want. You can also be sure I will fucking rock your world with my skills, in more ways than one, i'm sure. I hope you're ready." I said to him with a raised eyebrow and sickeningly sweet smile. "Oh, and PS that Mini Coop is mine. I look forward to working with you... starting tomorrow of course." Picking up my purse, I made my way towards the elevator; I could feel my nerves starting to take over.

"See you tomorrow Mr. Cullen." I said to him as I climbed inside the waiting elevator, "I'll make sure not to park in your spot tomorrow." The door closing right behind me.

Well fuck me, if I didn't want to fuck him. How was I supposed to work with him so closely and not try?