"But Dr. Light? Why do I have to go to school?" Rock asked, "It's a human thing!"

"And you're the most human machine I've created, Rock," Dr. Light pointed out, "So, by that logic, you're to study human behavior and learn whatever you need to know."

"I guess that's sound logic..." Rock noted, "Except I can just download the information needed."

"No luck on that," Roll pointed out, "It took me months just to finish downloading an entire book on human behavior, and I'm only halfway through scanning it."

"Reading it," Dr. Light corrected.

"Whatev," Roll replied, "To that end, here's your lunch."

"Lunch? I can't eat that, I'm a robot!" Rock pointed out.

"Actually, you can eat. It's mostly a luxury thing," Dr. Light replied, "Any food you eat just gets fried by your power core anyway."

"Ugh..." Rock sighed, grabbing his lunch bag and backpack, and then making his way to the bus stop.

"There goes my son," Dr. Light smirked.

"There goes my boyfriend," Roll replied.

Dr. Light then turned to her, and his smile shifted a little.

At school, Rock became a new student and curiosity.

"Hello, my name is Rock. Rock Light," Rock introduced himself, "I'm totally not a robot kid built in a lab, and if I act rather unusual, it's because I have certain disorders that lead me to do quite unusual things."

"We don't care," One guy at the front said.

"I do!" A girl that Rock would eventually learn was named Tron Bon replied.

"Well, I'm pretty well recepted right now," Rock noted, "I think I should-"

And then suddenly an uprooted tree crashed through the window and knocked Rock out of the room and through another one's window.


Those were the words that everyone heard as he fell to the ground.

Shaking it off, Rock checked his joints, and everything seemed to be in working order. Rock then stood up and brushed himself down.

"Now, where'd that tree come from?" Rock asked, "It seems to have been uprooted by something with immense strength. Only fair to investigate."

Rock ran through a nearby door, and then exited the door opposite. Then he saw it.

Or rather, him.

The robot standing before him was a hulk of metal and sinew. The prototype construction robot created by Dr. Light. Gutsman.

"HEY! MEN ONLY!" Gutsman shouted, "Kids like you shouldn't be around here!"

"Calm down, this is a school. They're bound to be kids everywhere around here," Rock pointed out, "Now, Gutsman, I'm gonna ask you to get back to the lab so that you can get repaired."

"Oh please!" Gutsman replied back in his shout, "I have no intention of going anytime soon!"

And with that, Gutsman punched the young Rock back into the building.

"AHHHHH NOT AGAIN!" Rock shouted, crashing into one of the lockers, "Ugh... this sucks."

Then, his eyes noticed something on the floor.

The odd USB disk given to him by that guy, the one with the M stamped upon it. Grabbing it, Rock suddenly gained some sort of information download, steps to something involving this drive... and him.

Step 1: Slide out USB silver section.

Step 2: Open download port (Located in slide-out section on Right arm)

Step 3: Insert drive into port.

Step 4: Press "M" shaped button on USB drive.

Step 5: Shout "Henshin!"

And as he completed the last step, things changed on him. His normal clothing was suddenly replaced by blue armor. His arm turned into a blaster-like device, connected to a glowing section on his shoulder by a long cable. On his head, he now donned a blue helmet with a red crystal-like object at the top, same as his armor's chestplate.

M-M-MEGACHIP ONLINE! A synthetic voice sang.

"Okay... Not familiar with this capacity," Rock noted, "But this is just AWESOME!"

Then, another punch reminded him about the current situation.

"Hey! Loser! Just because you have armor now doesn't mean you're that impressive!" Gutsman shouted.

"I don't mean to be!" Rock shouted, "I don't wanna use force here!"

"Well, that's just giving me an excuse to thrash you!" Gutsman shouted, charging at Rock. Rock sidestepped out of the way and used his arm blaster to blast the massive being several times. But all indications suggested it was not enough.

"That tickled," Gutsman commented.

"C'mon! Theres gotta be another way I can beat him!" Rock growled, "This blasted thing!"

Gutsman threw him through a wall again, and Rock suddenly had enough.

"Kid, you don't know who you're messing with!" Gutsman shouted, "I'm Gutsman, the strongest of the Robot Masters! Who are you to defy me?!"

Rock pulled out the flash drive and inserted in into a port on his cannon. Within seconds, it was replaced with a larger, more impressive cannon.

"Me?" The young robot replied, "I'm Megaman."


And thus, Rock blasted Gutsman through the building, causing critical damage and the removal of a flashdrive not unlike the MegaChip.

"What's this?" Rock picked it up, "Weird. Might as well bring it back with Gutsman."

And so, Rock returned to the school, reverting to his student guise.

Rock returned home to find that the place was trashed. Files flung everywhere, holes in the wall, and Dr. Light unconscious on the floor- Wait.

"DR. LIGHT!" Rock ran to him, "What happened?!"

"Ugh... what..." Dr. Light returned to the plane of the living, and then got to speed, "Rock! It was horrible!"

"What was?!"

"It's Dr. Wily..." Dr. Light groaned out, "He... came in here... ambushed us... stole the Robot Masters."

"Oh. I wondered what Gutsman was doing out," Rock noted, "Where is he now?"

"The Robot Masters... primary concern," Dr. Light pointed out, "You... need to find Pandora. She escaped... somewhere in the city."

"Don't worry, Dr. Light!" Rock replied, "I'll find Pandora, return her here, and dispatch any Robot Masters in my way!"

"But... you weren't designed for combat," Dr. Light groaned.

"Who says I need to be?" Rock asked, "Plus, you have a Robot Master to repair."

And so, Rock exited the house, the look of determination on his face.




"Leave him," Dr. Wily smirked, "I have five more Robot Masters, so why worry?"


"No doubt the young bot might try and seek her out," Dr. Wily noted, "If any of the other Robot Masters sight him, track him. And if this Robot Warrior tries to stop them... make sure there's nothing left to salvage!"