A Pale Fire

Chapter 22

AN: Thanks to Bec Rose and Lostin Pa for prereading this sucker and torisurfergirl for betaing.


Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Heart's a Mess by Goyte

Over The Love by Florence and the Machine

Kill and Run by Sia

In The Past by Nero

Where The Wind Blows by Coco O. of Quadron

Daddy by Emeli Sande

Her eyes met mine from across the room, her expression a mix of defiance and fear as I stood before her, minutes away from losing all semblance of control. I was almost trembling, my muscles coiled, waiting for the moment I lowered my guard enough to snap and attack her.

"Go to our room and wait for me there," I said tersely, pointing in the direction I expected her to go. She opened her mouth as if to argue, but one glance at my hardened gaze was enough for her to know that this was a battle she would definitely not win. A shrill growl built up in her throat, and she stomped her foot. Her eyes narrowed into slits and she whirled around, a sneer twisting her features as she flounced past me.

I sucked in a harsh breath, flinching at the sound of the door to our bedroom slamming shut and tried to reign in my temper. My hands clenched into tight fists, and I closed my eyes, forcing myself to count to ten before relaxing.

From the moment she had walked in through the door after morning practice, Isa had been acting out. She wouldn't do what she was told, she constantly ignored me when I was talking to her and had been snarky and bratty, purposefully going out of her way to disobey me.

Garrett had warned me that she would, at some point, test me to see how far she could push me before I snapped. His advice was to not let her manipulate a reaction out of me, that I needed to stay calm and focused as I put her back in her place. He said that her attitude stemmed from insecurity, whether it be about her place or from some other source—and until I addressed it, she would only get worse. I wasn't sure what had triggered this response from her, but any attempt to talk to her to find the source of the problem had been met negatively, her attitude worsening at my questions on her behavior.

Things had been going really well up until now, our talk about upping our play to a twenty-four seven relationship having bolstered Isa's confidence as she slowly began moving her things to mingle with mine in my apartment. The transition, while not seamless, had been going better than anticipated. Of course, there was some obligatory awkward moments, but we were managing to talk, explaining our frustrations or displeasures maturely before things blew up out of proportion.

Things had been going so well that I had accepted Madame Rosa's invitation to attend the play party that she was hosting at the end of the month. It was a prestigious invitation with some of the best Doms and Dommes in the city in attendance, and a welcome distraction from the long hours we had each been putting in toward work: Isa with the renewed intensity of orchestra practice and me with my impending showcase.

The party was both a daunting and exciting prospective, and Isa and I had talked extensively about using that night as an opening to really step up in our roles. I felt confident that the party was in a controlled, public environment that would be the perfect setting to test, not just Isa's, but my own abilities.

"Isabella!" I called out as I walked toward our room, reminding myself that I needed to stay focused and on task, though I felt much more calm after having let my thoughts wander down the path they had taken. I felt more rational and ready to face her now that I knew my emotions wouldn't get the better of me.

I paused in front of the bedroom door to take a deep, calming breath before entering the room. It was obvious that Isa needed more than a few reprimands to snap her out of her behavior, and I needed my mind to be in the right frame for administering any kind of punishment. She was laying face down on the bed, a pillow over her head, most likely stewing over the little tantrum she had thrown minutes before when I had told her to tidy the mess she had made in the kitchen while making lunch.

I stood at the foot of the bed, arms crossed against my chest and sighed. "Isabella," I said softly, giving her one last chance to snap out of her behavior on her own, earning her a minimal punishment compared the one she was looking at right now. She barely even stirred at the sound of my voice, the only change being that the grip on the pillow over her head tightened.

I shook my head and pushed my sleeves up to my elbows, not liking what my next course of action would be, but knowing I had little choice in the matter. It was one thing to allow a few snarky comments to slide by, but her complete disregard of respect and obedience could not go by without some kind of reaction to show that I was in charge here, not her.

"Alright, I'm done coddling you," I muttered, moving to the side of bed where she was lying. I brought my hand down hard on her ass, catching her off guard. Her body convulsed, and she let out a muffled curse, her shock causing her to loosen her grip on the pillow enough for me to yank it off her and throw it off the bed.

I grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the length of the bed, ignoring her protests and flailing limbs until she was lying half off the bed with her ass at the edge. I let go of her ankle, quickly moving to press my knee along the width of her lower back, leaning my weight on it so that she was trapped. She continued screaming and fighting, and I calmly wrapped my hand around the back of her throat, anchoring her down.

I waited until she had worn herself out until I attempted to try and talk to her.

"You done?" I asked when she went limp against the bed.

She made a huffing sound; that was all the confirmation I needed as I used my free hand to unbutton and yank her jeans and panties down her thighs.

"What are the three things that earn you a spanking?" I asked, my voice level.

She kept silent, acting obstinate, which would only lead to an increase of her punishment. She needed to understand who was in charge in our relationship otherwise she was going to be in a world of pain. I spanked her ass hard, watching her body recoil and a strained whimper escape.

"I'm going to ask again because I'm feeling generous, but test me, Princess, and you will not like the results. Do you understand?"

She huffed and mumbled something under her breath.

I leaned forward, forcing more of my weight down on her. "I can't hear you. Speak up."

"Yes, Daddy," she growled, sarcasm dripping from her words.

This time when my hand came down on her ass I was rewarded with a howl. A sardonic laugh escaped me, the high of dominating her exhilarating. "You just aren't learning, are you?" I asked, allowing a little of the dark amusement I was experiencing to shine through my voice.

Since the night we shared in the alley behind the club, I had allowed myself to be a lot more aggressive and possessive with her, granting myself the freedom to truly allow myself to sink into the right mindset without worrying about losing control.

When Isa came to me with the request of being twenty-four-seven, I had started to realize that she needed more, more of what she had only caught a glimpse of in the past until I had unleashed it fully on her. It had emboldened me to give us both what we needed, and so far, her reactions had been very positive.

I rubbed my hand over her ass, her ripe cheeks already flushed with blood. I knew that there would be some bruising on her ass by the time I was done with the force I was using, but I couldn't bring myself to go easy on her. She needed to learn her lesson, and having a sore ass for a couple of days would be a sure way to remind her just who was in charge here.

"What are the three things that earn you a spanking?" I repeated.

I could see that she was struggling, both sides of her psyche fighting against each other. I was certain that the little in her was begging her to give into me, but I wondered if that voice was loud enough for her to take notice.

After a few long moments of silence she sighed, the tension in her shoulders draining as she gave in to me. "Disobedience, dishonesty, and disrespect," she mumbled.

"That is correct, Princess. Now, tell me, why am I punishing you?"

"Because I was bad," she mumbled.

"Be more specific," I ordered, waiting patiently for the words I wanted to hear.

She made a sound of what I gathered to be exasperation. "Because I wouldn't listen, because I lied, and because I was disrespectful," she answered.

"Let's not forget about how you went out of your way to disobey me, or the little tantrum you threw," I added.

She started to fidget, the guilt of her actions starting to settle in, making her feel uncomfortable. I removed my hand from the back of her neck and lessened the pressure I was exerting on her back, fairly confident that she had no intention of trying to escape. Brat or no brat, she knew when it was time to surrender.

"How many spanks do you think you've earned?" I questioned.

I didn't have to see her face to know that my question had thrown her off. She and I both knew that it was a trick question. If the number she picked wasn't high enough, it would earn her more spanks than I would have originally given her, but she would be unable to pick a too high a number due to having some shred of self-preservation.

"However many pleases you?" she guessed.

I chuckled, somewhat impressed by her answer. "Good answer, but that wasn't the one I was looking for. Give me a number, Princess."


I sucked on my teeth and hummed in contemplation, watching the unease in her body language with a little bit of satisfaction, especially after the hell she had caused me earlier. "I think you've forgotten the temper tantrum you threw earlier," I told her.


I chuckled. "You really want to keep it in the twenties, huh? I think thirty is a better suited and more well-rounded number. You get ten for ignoring me, ten for disobeying and fighting me, and ten for your little tantrum. Sounds fair to me, don't you think, Princess?"

I could see that she was struggling to accept a spanking this size. Usually, I would give her a short spanking then make the rest of the punishment fit the crime, but I sensed that if I didn't nip her behavior in the bud now, it would come back with a vengeance. It was harsh, I knew that, but it was nothing less than she had earned. Plus, if I were to split this punishment then the second half would have to wait a few days since neither of us had enough free time until the weekend to dedicate to a scene, lessening the force of blow—no pun intended.

"I...Daddy," she whined pitifully.

"You've more than earned this, Princess. You attempted to manipulate a reaction out me, and you purposefully tested me to see how far you could push me. Your behavior, I'm sorry to say, has been less than stellar and it has disappointed me. That being said, I need you to understand that I'm not punishing you because I want to, I'm punishing you because you need it."

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"I'm sure you are, but I can't let behavior like this slide. Maybe this way you'll learn not to poke the beast, because you're the one who is going to end up getting hurt. Now, are you going to accept your punishment?"

"Yes, Daddy," she murmured softly, reluctance clear in her tone.

"Good girl. Now, I want you to thank me after every spank. Understood?"

"Yes, Daddy," she replied.

"Good. I'd say that this would hurt me more than it would hurt you, but I'm not the one who isn't going to be able to sit comfortably for a few days," I mused, shifting my weight onto the leg pressing down across her lower back in an effort to both ground her and keep her from wiggling around. Usually, I preferred to have her over my lap when I spanked her, but keeping minimal contact between us would cause her to feel more vulnerable.

I tugged her jeans and panties lower down her thighs to her slightly bent knees, leaving her ass cheeks and upper thighs bare and ready for a real spanking. I grasped her wrists, pulling them to rest just above where my knee was, one of my hands wrapped tightly around them to keep her from squirming too much.

"What color are you?" I asked, feeling her shudder as I ran my free hand across her ass, palming and caressing her supple flesh.

"Green," she breathed, her voice wobbling slightly.

It seemed as though we were both holding our breath when I pulled my hand back, letting it linger in the air for a moment before bringing it back down swiftly.

The sound of my hand connecting with her skin was sharp, the force I exerted making her flesh give way easily beneath it. She jerked, her back arching high and her hands curling into fists. I could literally feel the wave of tension that moved through her body, the high-pitched whimper she tried to restrain, slipping out in a choked whine.

"I'm waiting," I said impatiently, rubbing the mark that was forming where I'd just hit, the blood already rising to the surface.

"Th-thank you, Daddy," she stuttered, her voice strained.

She had barely finished getting the words out before my hand, once again, fell down hard on her delicate skin. Her reaction was much the same as it had been the first time, the length of my knee and calf along her back and my grip on her wrists the only thing keeping her down as she flailed and whimpered.

"Than-thank you, Daddy," she mumbled breathlessly, this time without prompting.

"A little louder next time," I instructed, massaging her cheek. I was careful to deliver each spank with the same amount of force, neither lessening or increasing it as I doled out her punishment.

My eyes stayed trained on what I was doing, making sure to keep a close eye on her reactions, her body language telling me enough to gauge her emotional and mental state since I couldn't see her face. I was learning to read her reactions and place a name on them so as not to push her further than her mind and body could take.

I could see that she was struggling, her mind not quite in the place it needed to be to be able to let go of the pain and sink into her submission. She whined and whimpered, protesting and squirming against me in between her words of thanks, the spanks I was giving her harsh and lingering, the intent behind each one clear, and the force bestowed upon her supported that.

I paused longer than she expected, the muscles in her body bunching up as she braced herself, the tension building up in her the longer I hesitated. I adjusted my weight, making sure not to make her uncomfortable by applying too much pressure on her body.

"What color are you?" I questioned softly, flexing my hand which was tingling and a little tired from the repeated impact against her flesh. I took a moment to take in the dark, almost angry color that her skin was turning and rubbed her abused skin, soothing it for a moment while we both gathered ourselves.

The subtle slowing of her breathing as she slowly unwound her tense muscles helped soothe any fears that had arisen in terms of her well-being.

"Green," she murmured, her voice tight and choked. I continued my ministration for another moment before I raised my hand and delivered a firm spank to her ass, the sound seeming to resound in the room.

She tensed, her breath hitching for a moment before she let out a grunt. "Thank you, Daddy." Her voice wavered, the tears she was suppressing rising despite her attempts to quell them.

A shudder rolled its way up her spine, making her arch slightly as I brought my hand down on a different spot.

"Thank you, Daddy."

She had reached the point where her gasping words of thanks were no longer forced and stilted, instead they embodied a searching desperation, a plea for forgiveness. There was a longing in her tone that begged for the surety of a balance that would steady her.

She fought to break through the barriers she'd built up, choked sobs forcing their way past her lips. I could only imagine how cathartic it must have been to be able to release all the emotions had that been clogging up, the spanking acting as a proverbial plunger, forcing it all out into the open.

She had since stopped struggling against me, accepting the pain as her penance, though her sobs had not dimished, instead escalating in noise. Still, I kept a steady rhythm, hardening myself against her cries. This was one of the harder aspects of being a Daddy, being able to see through punishments without caving to her tears and pain. I had to stay strong, no matter what she threw at me, otherwise she would use that weakness to manipulate her way out of other punishments at a different time.

If there was anything I had learned about littles, it was that even when they were unaware of it, they had a tendency to manipulate and use whatever they could to their advantage. They were sneaky little things, and Isa was no exception, batting her eyelashes and pouting to get her way. It was behavior that I refused to allow since, by default, she would be topping from the bottom, and I would no longer be in control, something that would knock the balance of our relationship askew.

There was a constant push and pull between us and every time she pushed forward, I had to push firmly back. The fact that I had failed to nip her attitude in the bud before she threw her tantrum was an oversight that I was man enough to admit could have been avoided. I had hoped that she would snap out of it on her own accord, yet she had done the opposite, getting worse instead of improving, the reason for which I was still not completely certain of.

"Th-thank you, Daddy," she hiccuped, her sobs softening into keens and sniffles as the spanking came to an end.

I pushed out a long breath, happy to be done. I felt drained and emotionally burnt out, my body wanting to do nothing more than curl up in bed and nap for a couple of hours. I pushed the urge aside, giving myself a moment to loosen my tensed muscles before rubbing some of the sting out of her ass, knowing that her aftercare was more important than my own exhaustion. "What color are you, Princess?"

"Green, Daddy," she breathed, her body trembling and her muscles reflexively tightening and loosening.

"Good girl," I murmured. "You took your punishment very well."

"Thank you, Daddy. I'm sorry," she whimpered, bending herself back into her rightful place.

I lifted her up, cradling her in my arms, her head immediately finding its spot in the curve of my shoulder. She nuzzled my skin there as I maneuvered us toward the head of the bed, settling her across my lap, her chest draped across my body and her legs curled up in my lap. She rested on her side, her ass facing outward, her position catered to keep it from touching anything. I took the lotion from my nightstand and started to apply it, hushing her soft whimpers as I massaged it into her sore and tender flesh.

I could tell that she was calming down and coming back into herself, my ministrations soothing her, not just physically but mentally. Her body relaxed into me, trembling lightly.

"Isabella," I murmured softly, not wanting to put off the conversation any longer than what was necessary. She replied with a soft hum of acknowledgement and curled tighter around my body, showing that she was lucid and aware of my presence. "I need you to talk to me," I told her firmly. "Why have you been acting out?"

Her eyelids fluttered open, and she stared up at me, her head lolling slightly as her teeth found their way into her bottom lip. Her eyes were red-rimmed from her tears and her cheeks were streaked with makeup, yet she was still more beautiful than any other woman I had ever encountered before.

"Did you really think that acting like a brat would get you the attention that you wanted?" I pressed on, needing answers.

I met her gaze steadily until she broke it, dropping her eyes down, her brow furrowing. She swallowed, her tongue peeking out to wet her lips as she gathered herself. "No, Daddy."

I remained silent, waiting for her to give me the explanation that I was clearly looking for. Her eyes darted up to meet mine, her gaze beseeching.

"I got scared and freaked out," she finally whispered, her voice cracking.

"Why?" I asked softly, prompting her to tell me more.

I slipped my slick hands beneath the back of her top, unhooking her bra before kneading out the knots and kinks that had formed in her back and shoulders while she struggled to answer. "I...I was talking to a friend, Jane, at orchestra this morning. She's first violinist, and while I wouldn't say that we were close, we talk. Anyway, I casually mentioned that I was moving in with you, and I don't know, she said something that just set me off. She has this way of getting into your brain and exploiting your weaknesses," she explained, yet it only served to confuse me.

"What did she say?" I questioned cautiously, digging the pads of my fingers into her neck and moving them in a soothing rhythm.

Her eyes shot up to mine and a small frown settled on her features. "It was stupid. I was having one of those days where I was already out of sorts and cranky, and she mentioned that if I wanted to keep you that I should watch my weight. She just kept going about how there were so many other women out there vying for your attention, and it got me thinking about the play party, and how there would be so many experienced subs and littles there. As I said, I was having one of those bad days, and my mind ran away with me, thinking up all these horrible scenarios that made my insecurities rear up. It overwhelmed me and..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said, raising my hands in an effort to stop the verbal diarrhea that was spewing from her mouth. "Baby, you need to calm down."

She had clearly worked herself up, tears building up in the corner of her eyes as she relived the feelings all over again. "I'm sorry. I know I should have just talked to you, but even back then I realized how stupid my insecurities sounded. They made me feel inadequate, like I wasn't good enough, which just made things worse. I panicked, and I lashed out at you in some kind of passive aggressive attempt to get you to react and give me the assurance I needed."

I stayed silent, trying to decipher my own emotions about how I felt about what she had told me before answering.

"I wish you would have come to me before things got so out of hand. Your insecurities aren't stupid to me, and while I concede that sometimes they can be a little far-fetched, they are still important, alright?"

She nodded slowly, wiping a hand across the bottom of her eye to wipe away a stray tear. It broke my heart to see her so vulnerable, today a reminder of just how delicate she could be under harsh treatment.

"Good. I think we need to address each one of your insecurities and put them to bed. Do you think you can do that?"

She swallowed tightly, her big, brown eyes staring up into mine, so trusting and open. "Yes, Daddy," she said, fisting the front of my top tightly in her palms.

"That's my good girl," I murmured, pressing a kiss to her hair. "Now, let's start from the top."

She inhaled a shaky breath, her eyes darting down, unable to hold my own any longer. I knew this was difficult for her, admitting and sharing what she saw as weaknessess and vulnerabilities, information that if left in the wrong hands could destroy her.

"She made me feel fat," she whispered. "That's why I made such a big deal about clearing up my lunch. It felt as though—in my warped brain—that you were judging me for eating and it made me feel guilty and bloated."

I sighed, hurting for my precious girl and hating that I couldn't reach inside of her and take away the years of pain she had endured. The teasing, the comments, and the looks she received that still managed to sometimes make her doubt herself, her body and her worth.

"Lift up your arms," I instructed her gently.

She let out this soft whine of displeasure, folding her arms across her chest in protection.

"Princess," I said in warning, coaxing her arms away from her chest long enough to pull her top over her head and remove her bra.

"Princess, what size are you?" I questioned, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it from her mouth.

She sighed. "Fourteen."

"Exactly. Do you realize that national average size for women is sixteen?"

She shook her head slowly.

"And baby, even if it wasn't, I really don't give two fucks about what people think is an ideal weight. I love your body just the way it is. You see these?" I cupped her breasts in my hands, groaning as I lifted them up, her ample flesh spilling from between my fingers. "I can barely fit them in my hands."

I palmed them, squeezing and caressing the soft, supple globes as my cock stirred awake. I tugged at her nipples, twisting them lightly once they'd hardened before lowering my head to take one in my mouth. I pressed a hand to the small of her back as she arched, groaning against her flesh. I wrapped my lips around her nipple, my tongue flicking across the swollen bud almost lazily before my teeth nipped at it softly.

She slipped a hand through my hair, keeping me anchored to her body while I paid her breasts their due attention. My hand played with the breast my mouth had left unattended, fondling it while I devoured the other before swapping and repeating the process. It was with great reluctance and an erection that was pressing uncomfortably against my zipper that I pulled away, my breathing shallow and my body wired.

I let my hands trail down her upper body, the skin so smooth and soft. "I love how soft your stomach is," I murmured as she squirmed uncomfortably against me. I knew what rubbing her stomach did to her, and I had to hold back a smile as she fought against the feelings that my ministrations brought. "I love rubbing my little girl's cute little tummy and feeling her squirm."

"Daddy," she breathed, her thumb finding its way between her lips. Her eyelids fluttered, and her breathing hitched. She had described to me how it felt when I caressed her stomach, and so I knew that she happily shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller until all her problems were much too big for her to carry, forcing her to hand them over to me.

I carried on my journey, allowing my hands to slip outward to her hips. "I love how fleshy your hips are. It makes it so easy to grab you by them when I manhandle you or fuck you. Your whole body was designed to take mine wholly, fully, and in any way I please. Dogs like bones, Isa, but men love meat." I told her sincerely.

"Thank you. I needed to hear that," she admitted.

"You're welcome. Now, what's the next one?"

She sighed. "That we would go the party and you would see better littles and realize how bad I am at being a submissive."

I frowned. "Do you truly think that if I saw other, more experienced littles that I would leave you for one?" I asked.

"No," she conceded. Not fully convinced of the severity of her statement, I changed tacks.

"Why do you think you're a bad submissive?"

She shrugged. "I keep disappointing you."

I shook my head. "You have never once disappointed me, Princess. Sometimes your actions and your behavior disappoint me, but you as a person have never disappointed me. You aren't perfect, I concede to that, but neither am I. I love that we are learning and navigating through this together. I make mistakes too. For instance, if I had dealt with your attitude earlier we could have avoided your tantrum and the harshness of the resulting punishment. That's on me as well as you, and I'm sorry I let things get so out of hand."

I felt trapped in her gaze like a fly in a spiders web, captured and bound, the intensity of her gaze as she tilted her back to meet my eyes enough to shift something inside of me. It was a new understanding that moved within me like tectonic plates shifting against each other beneath the surface of the earth, unseen to the human eye until the very foundation shook, forming cracks at the surface.

She reached a hand up, her touch almost hesitant as she pushed the tendrils of my unruly hair back, staring up at me with same kind of wonder that I was certain that I was reflecting. She was soft and warm against my skin, the feel of her fingers ghosting down the side of my face sending sparks of fire through my blood. She cupped my jaw, letting her nails gently scratch at my stubble while urging my head down closer to hers.

I wasn't even sure when it moved, but the hand splayed across the small of her back found its way along the curve of her spine, climbing its way up to the nape of her neck. She hummed, her eyelids fluttering as her head fell back into the cradle of my grip, her body arching, while the tips of my fingers tangled in her hair. She looked up at me from beneath lowered lashes, desire and lust clouding her vision and her plump lips parted, giving me a glimpse of her pearly teeth and pink tongue.

My lips dropped to the exposed column of her neck, the creamy flesh soft beneath my lips as I pressed open-mouthed kisses along its length. A hum vibrated through her throat, making my lips tingle against her skin. My free hand feathered its way to the curve of her hip, drawing patterns in a soothing motion meant to lull her further into a state of calm relaxation.

My head lifted, my eyes following the movements of her tongue as it darted out, swiping across her lips before her teeth sank into the plump flesh of her bottom lip. Our gazes locked onto each other and the tension in the room spiked. I didn't fight her—I had no reason to—when she pushed herself higher in an effort to meet my lips, instead dipping my head down to rest my forehead against hers.

Her fingers fluttered over my chest before clenching the fabric of my henley tightly in her fist. My muscles clenched in response, coiled and ready as I closed the distance between us, a shaky breath falling from my lips and my cock swelling.

I was practically trembling by the time our slanted mouths met, allowing me to indulge in the delicacy that were her lips. She sighed and visibly relaxed into the kiss, her body melting into mine as she slipped her arms around my neck.

I coaxed her lips into hard yet slow kiss, wanting her to feel every ounce of harsh, desperate need that I felt for her, and only her. She wasn't replaceable, and I needed her to know with complete certainty no other woman had ever been able to bring out the emotions and reactions she managed to.

Her fingers played with the soft hair on the nape of my neck as we continued our dichotomy of a kiss. There was so much passion, so much hunger laced in the kiss that the languid pace was almost frustrating, yet the softness of her mouth, and the warmth of them sinking through my skin quelled any attempt to quicken it.

A soft moan escaped her as I sucked the flesh of her top lip into my mouth, paying close attention to it as she nipped at my bottom lip in retaliation. A low groan rumbled through my chest when her nails bit into the back of my neck, and her tongue grazed over my lips, seeking entrance. The kiss deepened without any hesitance, our tongues darting forward to tangle together effortlessly, twisting and stroking languidly against each other in greeting.

Her hands drifted beneath my henley, a shudder making a jagged path down my spine and my muscles reflexive tightened, clenching at the touch of her skin.

She slipped her hand higher up my chest, dragging my henley with it until it got caught beneath my arms before tearing her mouth from mine. I barely had a moment to catch my breath before her mouth descended down my throat, teeth nipping and lips sucking a fiery trail downward. She tugged at my henley, silently requesting its removal. I grasped the hem, yanking it over my head and falling back onto the mattress, my arms above my head in a rare sign of submission.

She shifted, sliding her thighs to rest on either side of my hips and hovered over me. She tucked a few tendrils of stray hair behind one ear and gave me a coy smile before she returned her attention to my body. I propped myself up on my elbows, my breathing coming out in shallow pants as I watched her closely. My hands fisted the sheets in an effort to find some measure of control against the tease of her lips. I groaned, my back arching as she swiped her tongue over my nipple, knowing just how sensitive they were.

"God, you're killing me here," I grunted, threading a hand through her hair and wrapping it around my fist. I fought against the impulse to roll us over and take control, knowing she needed this moment, this chance to prove herself to be the woman she could be.

There was a wicked gleam in her eyes as she pulled back, giggling sweetly. "Would you like me to stop?" she inquired, speeking up through her lashes as she trailed a lone finger down the center of my chest to the waistband of my pants.

I swallowed, my adam's apple bobbing up and down and shuddered. "No," I mumbled, the words heavy on my tongue as my breathing stuttered. I couldn't help but squirm as she continued her path downward, the slow torture both agonizing and titillating. Her hands working insistently at my waist, tugging the the button of my pants free before lowering the zipper. My hips rose slightly to aid her in her quest to remove the last offending garment between us. My cock sprang free, slapping against my stomach as it throbbed and twitched, the red skin pulled taut around the swollen girth of my erection.

My breathing had switched from shallow to heavy, the cloaked desperation that coaxed me to take her, to make her mine, making me tremble with the restrain to keep it at bay. This was her moment, her chance to show me the confident woman that seemed to have slipped from her grasp momentarily today.

I groaned, my eyes rolling back and my lips falling slack for a moment as her warm fingers wrapped around me, fisting my cock tightly. She stroked me languidly, collecting the pre-cum dribbling from the almost purple, engorged tip as I thrust up into her palm. The hand still threaded through her hair flexed, and I released a shaky breath before swallowing tightly. My eyes squeezed shut and my head fell back, the subtle rolling of my hips up into her palm causing delicious friction.

I tugged her back up the length of my body, meeting her half way, her hands never leaving my cock as our lips crashed together sloppily. I pressed a hand into the mattress behind me to stop myself from toppling over, the intensity of her touch enough to bring me to my proverbial knees.

Unable to help myself, I captured her jaw in my free hand and directed her straying lips back to mine, thrusting my tongue into her mouth without any premeditation. She whimpered, rubbing her body up against mine, and I rutted back against her. Heat rolled off our skin, filling the scant space between us, while the air seemed to crackle with tension.

I tore my lips from hers, panting heavily as I closed my eyes and moved to rest my forehead against hers, our noses brushing against each other. One of my hands moved to her hip, clutching it in my palm as I tugged her closer until she was pressed flush against me. She breathed out a moan, not having anticipated my hand slipping between her legs when I drew her body closer.

I pressed the pad of my thumb to her clit, massaging it gently while dipping two fingers inside of her. What had once been languid turned desperate, the feel of her arousal coating my fingers and her walls clenching around them enough to break me down.

I was unprepared for her sudden movement, the force she put behind the push against my chest sending me back onto the mattress. Like any man with an aggressive woman on top of him, my cock twitched and my mind sprang to the many things she could have planned for me. In the months we had been together, I hadn't seen her this assertive and ferocious too often, I couldn't deny that I enjoyed her like this each and every time.

I may have been a Daddy and a Dom, but right now I was just a man with his girlfriend and that meant that I was going to enjoy sex any which way it came in. If that meant surrendering the reigns for a little while then so be it, but I also knew that she was aware that her control extended only as far as I let it.

Her muscles fluttered around me, stretching around the intrusion of my cock as she sank down into my lap, inch by wicked inch. Her tight, slick pussy enveloped me fully and our pelvises pressed flush against each other as I thrust up to meet her, one hand clasped on her hip.

I moved to raise myself onto my elbows, but a quick shove from her had me sprawling back against the mattress. Before I could even begin to form a complaint, she shifted her hips, rolling her hips upward. She pressed her hand firmly into my chest, using it as leverage as she moved over me, bucking her hips and bouncing on my cock. My hips flexed upward as she rolled hers down, sliding up and down my cock slowly yet purposefully.

There was a fire in her eyes, a burning inferno growing hotter and hotter with each rock and thrust of our hips. Her hair tumbled down around her shoulders in thick messy waves, the delicate arch of her brow rising and her dark, swollen lips pulling into a smirk as she watched me from above, silently lording her power over me.

My jaw clenched at the challenge in her gaze, and though she had more control in this position, it didn't stop me from meeting each thrust with my own and pulling her down harder on me. Our moans and grunts of pleasure were drowned out by the slapping of skin, and I was delirious with lust. She ground herself down on me, her breasts bouncing as she twisted her hips slightly so that the tip of my cock hit deeper inside her, forcing a curse to pass through my locked teeth while she cried out in ecstacy.

Her nails scratched at my chest, sending sparks of exquisite pain through me and making me hiss and arch against her. My control snapped and I reared up. She cursed and hissed when I gripped her ass, her cheeks still raw and bruised from her earlier spanking, and lifted her with me. I kneeled, resting back on my haunches, moving my hands to grip her hips and thrust deep inside of her, filling her to the hilt. She gasped, but didn't hesitate to wrap her legs around my waist, digging the heels of her feet into my ass as I fucked her, my thrusts hard and rough.

There was nothing measured about the kiss we shared when our lips smashed together. Our teeth clanged, our tongues wound sloppily; it was harsh but passionate. Our lips seemed to meld together, fusing to each other as the kiss intensified, getting harder and more forceful. She cried out loudly as I bit down on her lip, drawing it away from her mouth before releasing it.

Her hands gripped my shoulders tightly, her nails digging into my skin harshly as she returned the kiss with equal fervor, her wet, warm tongue stroking alongside mine, skimming and teasing it. I was so drunk on the feel of her lips, her taste, and her scent, that my body practically trembled with lust. Our teeth clashed as we worked to devour each other, too hungry to taste each other that the need to breathe was almost forgotten.

We clawed and grabbed at each other, my hips rocking and plunging upward as I reached down, grasped the backs of her thighs, a part of my brain conscious of the fact that her ass was out of bounds today as I encouraged her to return everything that I was giving her.

I tore my mouth away from hers, my chest heaving as I sucked in some fresh air, my lungs protesting and my mind fuzzy. I glanced down, unable to stop the groan that erupted from me when I saw how perfectly we fit together, her small body taking in my large one, engulfing my cock in wet, tight heat. My cock glistened with her juices as she gushed down unapologetically onto me, our flesh red and swollen. Just seeing the way we became one was enough to spur me closer to my release, and I reached between us, sliding my thumb into her pussy, parting her folds as I sought out the engorged flesh of her clit, rubbing circles into her slick flesh.

"Oh God," she panted, tightening her hold on me, sliding one hand through my hair and burying her face into the curve of my throat. Her walls clenched down around me, her muscles fluttering when she shuddered against me. Her hands flexed from their position in my hair, grabbing handfuls of it as she tried to gain some semblance of control.

I could feel a tightening in my groin, and I slammed up into her, plunging my cock into her slick, tight pussy faster. I could smell sex in the air, taste it on my tongue and feel it dripping down my skin. It was her and me fused together to create one, and I wanted to stay like that, breathing her in, forever.

I couldn't quite pinpoint exactly when it happened, and I honestly didn't care, but watching her shatter in my arms, her body bowing backward in surrender and her plump tits jiggling wildly, was enough to pull me over the edge after her. In that moment, we both became unhinged, every taut cord keeping us together snapping one by one until we were left teetering on the edge of oblivion.

I jerked against her, the walls around me pulsing and squeezing, milking my cock for all it was worth as I pumped my cock erratically a few times before exploding, spilling heavily inside of her. My hips continued rolling up into her, prolonging the feeling of my orgasm, never wanting it to end.

Eventually, when I grew soft and her grip on me started to loosen, we collapsed gracelessly on the sheets. We lay, heat radiating off us and our limbs tangled awkwardly, trying to catch our breaths.

The silence was light in the air, swaying between us as I came back to reality, a smile stretching my cheeks. "God, we needed that," I mumbled, wanting a cigarette to help me cool down.

She giggled and leaned over my body, resting her chin on my chest. "If I had known sex was the key to getting me out of my funk, then I would have jumped you so much earlier," she murmured teasingly, her voice husky and her eyes still sparkling with latent desire.

I hummed in agreement, my mind flittering to the conversation we had been engaging in before we had gotten distracted. "I've been thinking," I started. "Maybe it's too soon for us to go to Madame Rosa's party."

I tried to sound nonchalant about it, sitting up and reaching for the pack of cigarettes in my nightstand as a distraction from the true weight of my words.

"What?" she questioned, looking adorably rumpled and confused.

I quieted an eyebrow and inhaled deeply as I lit the tip of the cigarette I had just tapped from my pack. I breathed out a plume of smoke and moved to sit with my back against the headboard before answering with a shrug. "I don't want us to go only for you to be worrying about everyone, instead of focusing on me. If you're too nervous then, inevitably, you're going to trip up and something will go wrong, which will do nothing but feed and confirm your fears and insecurities. I'm not sure I'm willing to risk that kind of setback, not when we are already trying to find a new balance in our relationship."

"No," she protested. "I know I can go there and make you proud. I'm sorry for how I acted today, and I guess that since you've been busy recently with your showcase, I felt like you weren't giving me as much attention as I needed, which fed my insecurities. But I can see now that my fears were absurd."

"Princess," I groaned, thinking we had been doing so well on the communication front only to find out that she had been holding back. "You have to tell me these things before they spiral out of control and you end up not being able to sit comfortably."

She sighed, raising herself up onto her elbows, pushing her hair back from her face as she regarded me. "I know, but you warned me that you would be busy, and it wasn't like you were completely ignoring me or anything. I just missed you being around all the time, waiting for me when I got home and sleeping in late with me when I had days off."

"I'm not perfect, Isa, and if you feel like I'm neglecting you then you have to tell me. I can't promise that I'll work less right now because things are a little hectic, but I can make myself more available to you and do more work from home so that I'm here," I told her, my compromise a solution that I was sure that she would like.

She was quiet for a moment before she nodded in agreement. "Okay. Thank you."

"You're welcome," I murmured, planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

"If I had known it would be that easy to get you to be around more I could have saved myself a lot of pain," she groused unhappily, causing me to chuckle.

"Use this experience as an lesson, and just be grateful I'm not grounding you," I told her as I pulled back the sheets and gestured for her to climb beneath them next to me. She crawled up next to me, snuggling up against my chest as I tucked her in.

"So, we can go to the party?" she asked, searching for confirmation.

I made a noncommittal noise and took a drag of my cigarette. "We'll see. If you can prove to me that you're ready, then yes. I also don't want you talking to that Jane girl. I don't like people upsetting my girl."

"Yes, Daddy," she said. "I don't feel like I say this enough but thank you for protecting me and keeping me safe."

I smiled. "That's my job, Princess. Daddies take care of their little girls, even if it means turning you over my lap for a spanking."

"And that's why I love you. I know you don't like punishing me, but the fact that you are able to put my needs before your own endears you to me," she admitted.

"You make me feel needed and important by being your Daddy. If the toss up is that I have to punish you once in a while, then I'll take it."

"You do the same for me, make me feel needed and important."

"And that's why we work so well together."

She twined our fingers together on my stomach, her small fingers engulfed by my large one. "Some might even go as far as to say we were perfect for each other."

"Perfectly imperfect," I corrected her.

She hummed in agreement. "Our own brand of perfect imperfectness."

"I wouldn't want it any other way."

"I'd never dream of wanting it different."

I leaned down, unable to help myself from kissing her chastely. "Good."

She pecked me on the lips in retaliation. "Better."

I chuckled. "The best."

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Q and A time!

Q: Will they consult Garrett about moving together and what to expect?

A: They will, but I'm not sure if I will write it in the story

Q: Will Carlisle be ok with Isa moving in?

A: Eh, he doesn't really get an opinion on it. Plus, he's resigned to the fact that Edward doesn't need him as much as he used to.

Q: Will they go to the the party that Madam Rosa is hosting?

A: of course! I'm itching to start writing that chapter.

Q:will Bella's independence be a deterrence in the long run? Or will she eventually want to be completely dependent of Edward? I'm wondering since she still has a job, and while it isn't as demanding as a full time job, I don't want her to stop working, it

gives her certain focus and that little time-put she might not realize she

needs to be just Isa and not Daddy's little one.

A: Its a great question that I actually need to address within the story. Isa is coming into a season where she will be juggling both orchestra and volunteering, which, let me tell you, is no easy task. As someone who has volunteered in the past, I can tell you that its like having a job, but without the pay.

But rest assured, part of being a good Daddy means making sure your little has the right kind of balance. If she has too much of one and too little of the other, the balance will shift until things become uneven and will just fall apart. Yes, she will become more dependant on Edward, but she will continue to work and be the confident, independent woman we met at the beginning of the story when she is out and about in the world. Let's just say that for every hour she spends "at the office" she spends an equal hour at home.

Q: Are we gonna see them fight over something silly like the toilet seat or the toothpaste or dishes in the sink?
A: I'd love to write that. I guess, I'll just have to see if I can fit it in somewhere.

Q: Is Isa going to bring up the play party and shopping? I can't wait to get the


A: I'm thinking of doing an outtake with the details of that since I'm going to skim over them.

Q: Edward brought up some valid points about their upcoming hectic schedule. How

do you see them being able to balance it, especially with how dedicated and

isolated he is with his art?"

A: As we saw in this chapter, it isn't going to be easy, but as I said earlier, its all about balance. As long as they make time for each other in whatever capacity they are able to and are willing to make compromises then it should all be fine.

Q: I'm wondering what the first obstacle will be that they face in the new

arrangement of 24 /7 daddy/little?

A: This chapter kind of answered this question. Her insecurities were their first obstacle, but there will be more obstacles...

Q:How many of Isa's friends are aware of the special side of the relationship

between Edward and herself?

A: Ultimately, none, but I working up to her admitting it to Alice and then we'll take it from there.

Q:Will you write of an antagonist, male or female, that tries to come in between

Edward and Isa?

A: Yes and No. There will be an antagonist, but her motives are not quite clear to me as of yet.