Happy Birthday
Naruto x Ino
Author's Note
Image inspired by Morning-Light's image from Deviantart. Check out the image and all other art on deviantart.
Story Start

A cute yawn left the mouth of one Yamanaka Ino. After a month long mission she was glad to sleep on her own bed. Though unlike usual she couldn't sleep in today, as today was her boyfriend's birthday. She had missed Naruto a great deal and planned on enjoying every second of their time together.

She studied herself in the mirror, wearing orange instead of her usual violet. It took her some time, but she warmed up to the color orange. After a hearty breakfast Ino picked up her boyfriend's gift she set off to greet him.

After exploring Naruto's usual haunts, she finally find him in the training ground. "Narutooo!" she shouted out to him, causing him to stop and figure out who was calling him.

Upon seeing it was Ino he smiled. Before he could greet her Ino tackled him to the ground and began kissing him. They laid there for the while, on the grass, holding each other. Ino's present was that of a single sunflower she had grown while on the mission. "I would have had some more if some rotten little kids didn't destroy them." Ino lamented with an annoyed expression. Ino sighed and decided not to dwell on.

"Happy Birthday, Naruto-kun…" whispered Ino, giving Naruto another kiss.

"Thank you Ino-chan. Whether one or one-hundred I love it all the same." that was one of the many things they had in common. If you asked anyone what they had in common people would jokingly point out that their both blond and loud, but the two shinobi both had love for nature. Both of them enjoyed gardening and watering plants.

Ino was stern enough to keep Naruto in line and help him better himself while Naruto was loving enough to encourage her and deal with not only her bossy nature, but help her feel comfortable in her own skin.

She settled her hand boyfriend's cheek, slowly turning his face so he was looking into her eyes. His skin grew warm beneath her touch, and he smiled sheepishly.

Even after all this time he was still trying wrapping his head around being with Ino. Unlike most of the Konoha Twelve Naruto didn't have a history with Ino when they were younger. Then again, that probably helped eliminate any potential awkwardness that would have occurred. "I was thinking we stay in, rent a couple of movies, and have a nice, romantic meal. Just the two of us."

A grin formed on Naruto's face. "I have no problem with that."

"Good to hear," she whispered, leaning forward. "Because I plan on keeping you to myself." Their lips brushed up against each other, and Ino's hot breath caused Naruto to suppress a moan of yearning. Her hand snaked over his cheek and tangled with his messy blond hair, and she tilted her head so their mouths could kiss better. His tongue started to lightly trace her lips, flicking around playfully. Ino gladly accepted the invitation, the feel of his tongue almost elicited a laugh as he playfully flicked his tongue. After a few seconds the kiss formed into a full French kiss as his fingers trailed down her back.

His fingers stroked through the long platinum hair. Ino smiled through the kisses. She adjusted herself resulting in Naruto's hand falling down to her waist side. She let out a cry when Naruto suddenly moved and rolled over to the side so he was on top.

To Ino's disappointment the kiss didn't continue and Naruto moved back. He went about scooping her up in his arms bridal style. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nestled against this chest.

She told him once more as the two of them left the field to celebrate his birthday."Happy Birthday, Naruto."