"Harder! Jace, harder!"

This is wrong, Jace thought as he lifted the boy's hips to allow himself better access.

He pounded into the smaller boy, who cried his name is ecstasy with every thrust.

This is so wrong.

Jace went against every moral he'd ever had to do this, to feel this pleasure, this love.

He went against every that told him this is wrong.

Jace, he is your Parabatai, your brother.


Alec cried his name as Jace pushed him to orgasm, and Jace followed his lead, clamping his mouth shut in order to prevent himself from saying his Parabatai's name in vain.

Jace cursed himself, over and over, telling himself how he should not be doing such things.

Especially not with Alec.

If anyone ever found out about this, they'd both be stripped of their titles as ShadowHunters, and shunned by everyone they know.

Jace couldn't stand to lose anyone else.

Especially not Alec.

Jace collapsed beside the smaller Nephilim, feeling like jelly.

"I may never be able to walk again…" Alec sighed, still high on pleasure.

Jace chuckled, and wondered how Alec still managed to be so calm and collected at a time like this.

"You my friend, are insatiable." Jace said huskily, his eyes glazed over with lust for the dark haired boy lying next to him.


Jace had begun to wonder where his love for Clary had disappeared to. It just, vanished, leaving behind this insane drive to take his Parabatai every waking second.

Alec had wondered the same thing.

Why had Jace, suddenly decided to return his feelings after six years of tormenting Alec with his one-night-stands, and short-lived romances?

Alec and his family had accepted Jace into their family, and Jace had always known Alec was in love with him from the very start.

Back then, he'd only seen it as a nuisance.

A problem that would eventually fix itself.

But it hadn't, and Jace was beginning to realize it never would.

This was a problem they both had now, and Jace and Alec both had to find a way to fix it.

Otherwise, this could only end badly.

For both of them, and they're family.

But no matter what Jace did, it seemed no one could see his silent cry for help.

Will they survive this? Or will they both lose everything, just because they loved each other in the wrong way?

It was hard to tell, and Jace was too busy drooling over one person he really shouldn't be drooling over.