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Hello folks! Thanks again for reading! Where we last left off Link began to learn a little bit about Sally's life, realizing that her friend Marcus is a man that he's been on a mission with. (Small world! XD) What will happen next? Read on!

Chapter 3: Sally's Father Returns

I followed Sally until she stopped me near the house. "You can't go further than this, wolf. Why don't you head back into the horse barn and get some more rest?" She walked into the house and I began to walk back into the horse barn, turning around and heading back towards the home shortly after and spying from an open window. I kept my head low and mostly just listened.

"Sally! Prepare my bath water!" Eleanor shouted from the bathroom.

"Right away, Eleanor." Sally said with a sigh as she walked over to the fireplace. She took a large, hot tea kettle from the fireplace and carried it to the bathroom with a pot holder. She came back out with the tea kettle, filled it up with more water, and then put it back on the hook in the fireplace.

"Sally!" Sally's mother screamed, making Sally jump. "Make me scrambled eggs! Now!"

"Yes mother!" Sally hollered in response, grabbing eggs out of a basket that she had gathered from the chicken coop. She rushed to the stove and cracked the eggs, dropping the yolk into the skillet. She took a paddle and scrambled the eggs.

"Sally!" Eleanor shouted again from the bathroom. "Make me an omelet. And while you're at it, make me some tea, and then fix my hair!"

"Yes Eleanor!" Sally said loudly, stirring the scrambled eggs with greater speed. When she was finished scrambling the eggs she used the paddle to unstick them from the pan, grabbed a plate from the cupboard and expertly flipped the pan over, the eggs dropping directly onto the plate. She then grabbed some more eggs and began to make the omelet.

"Where is my omelet?!" Eleanor shrieked, letting out a frustrated grunt.

"It will be ready before you know it!" Sally yelled, picking up a shovel leaning against a wall to add more coals to the stove and turn up the heat.

Marcus came up to me. "Uh…hi, nice doggy…" He pointed timidly to the window. "I need to talk to Sally…please don't eat me…" I rolled my eyes and moved out of his way. I mean really? I'm not interested in eating my own kind…He heaved a sigh of respite. "Thank you." He went up to the window. "Pssssst! Sally!" He whispered.

Sally ran up to him. "Yes?"

"Pig pen's done." He smiled.

She gave him a quick hug. "I knew I could count on you! Thanks so much!" Another cry of "despair" came from Sally's mother.

"Got to go help the mother?" He asked while laughing.

"Yep." Sally rolled her eyes. She left the window and dashed to the pan that was still cooking the omelet. She put the finished omelet onto another plate and ran the two plates to the lazy ladies. After delivering the food she came hustling back out, grabbing an apple out of a basket and walking over to Marcus. "Want an apple?"

"Sure." He said, grabbing the red fruit from her and taking a bite. "Thanks." He continued to eat the apple.

Suddenly there were noisy footsteps coming from the hall. "SALLY! YOU FORGOT MY TEA!" Eleanor barked.

Sally's eyes enlarged in alarm. She turned abruptly towards Marcus. "Duck!" She whispered. He was looking at me and then behind him as he continued to eat from the apple, so he didn't hear her the first time. "DUCK!" She whispered louder.

He finally noticed that she was talking to him. "GOOSE!" He split his sides.

She went over to the window and put her hand on top of his head to try to force him to duck. "Very funny!" She replied sarcastically. She didn't notice me.

Eleanor stormed into the kitchen. "YOU!" She pointed, her mouth twitching out of rile. Sally spun around to face her stepsister. "MAKE ME TEA!"

"Right!" Sally twittered with uneasiness in her voice, grabbing some tea out of a box and filling a cup with hot water, placing the netted tea leaves into the cup. "It's brewing."

"Not good enough!" She said with agitation. "My friend Lizzie is coming over in two minutes! Make her tea as well!"

"I will." Sally said, getting a second cup out and filling it with hot water. She took out another netted bag of tea leaves and placed them into the second cup.

There was a knock at the front door a minute later. Sally opened the door and invited Lizzie into the home. The fat black-haired girl paid no attention to Sally, but immediately went over to Eleanor and hugged her. "Ellie!"

"Lizzie!" Eleanor hugged her in return. "How's my bestie?"

"Quite good!" She said in a nasally tone.

"Shall we sit at the table and drink tea?" Eleanor asked Lizzie.

"Yes! Let's!" The two sat down.

Eleanor snapped her fingers. "Ahem! Sally, the teas!"

"I'm sorry! I forgot!" Sally walked over to the counter and retrieved the cups of tea, setting them on the table in front of Eleanor and Lizzie and then beginning to walk away.

"Hold it! You have to fix my hair!" Eleanor said with attitude while glaring at her.

"I will grab the brush and hair ties." Sally walked towards the bathroom.

Marcus looked at me. "It isn't fair." He said almost inaudibly. "She takes all the abuse head on, not even fazed by it…they shouldn't be doing this to her."

I thought about what he said for a moment. It's sad to watch someone as kind as her being mistreated. If I were Sally I would have ran away by now or something…taking the verbal abuse and being treated like a servant isn't a good way to live life. She came back out with a brush and hair ties. Eleanor looked at Sally. "Fix my hair into a fishtail braid."

"Okay." Sally said as she grabbed a chair and placed it behind Eleanor, sitting in the chair and then beginning to run the brush through her hair.

"What to talk about?" Eleanor said to Lizzie.

Lizzie chortled. "I heard that the Hero of Time is single!"

I huffed. "Great! Please get off the subject of me! I beg of you!"

"Really?!" Eleanor asked with surprise.

"Yes!" Lizzie said excitedly.

"No duh; I broke up with Zelda last week." I thought to myself.

"Girls are probably after him already…" Eleanor said with discouragement in her voice, looking down at her cup of tea.

"Maybe…maybe not! Maybe he's waiting for the right lady!" Lizzie smiled proudly. "And I think the right lady could easily be you, Ellie!"

"Y-you really think so?" Eleanor said while blushing.

"Yes!" Lizzie said gleefully. "You are just what he's looking for; I just know it!"

"Dear goddesses, someone get me a bucket to puke in! If I could actually talk right now I'd have a few choice words with Lizzie and Eleanor! And if I had to date either one of them I'd die of agony!"

"Ick!" Marcus commented as he looked at me. "Between you and me, I've met the hero and I know that he wouldn't want to date either one of them!"

"You're exactly right, Marcus; I wouldn't!" I laid my head down and continued to listen.

"I don't understand all the hype." Sally said. "I'm grateful that he saved us, but obsessing over him? Please! I have better things to do!"

"That's a first!"

Eleanor and Lizzie looked at her like she had done something wrong. "Are you insane? He is sooo dashing!" Lizzie said with a sigh.

"I just don't see the logic in it, and he probably doesn't want women swooning over him all the time."

Lizzie put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand. "Tell me this…" She said to Sally. "If in some sort of twisted reality you were to meet him and he was interested in you…" She shuddered. "…Then would you 'see the logic' in admiring him like other women do?"

Sally looked at her with puzzlement. Before she could say anything Eleanor broke in. "No! Thank the goddesses that reality doesn't exist!" She dramatically put her hand to her forehead.

"Before I was interrupted…" Sally began, twisting a few strands of Eleanor's hair. "No, I still wouldn't. I want to get to know a man before I swoon over him. Otherwise it's pointless."

"You're just saying that because you have Marcus!" Eleanor yelled.

I looked at Marcus and saw him redden and then I looked at Sally, who also reddened.

"Oh wait!" Eleanor said with a teehee. "You're just friends!"

"Let's get off this subject." Sally said with an angry sigh.

Lizzie looked at Eleanor. "Don't worry Ellie; she won't take your man!"

Eleanor clasped her hands together. "Good! Perhaps one day he will realize how much he loves me!" Her mouth opened and her face shifted into a stupid starry-eyed expression. Sally hummed with conceit and began to imitate her, mouthing every word almost in sync. "And then he will come to me on his horse and whisk us away to his castle where we will live happily ever after!" Lizzie laughed at Sally's imitation and Eleanor looked back at Sally, who whistled to try and seem above suspicion. "Don't think that I'm going to fall for that, you were making fun of me!" She gritted her teeth.

"All that I have to say is that I don't think he lives in a castle…" She shrugged, tossing up the hairbrush. "But if you want to believe it, be my guest!"

"You should just shut up and finish my hair and then get to the rest of your chores!" She said meanly, rolling her eyes. "Since when would I take advice from you?"

Marcus finally had enough. He didn't think about the consequences, he just let the words fly. "Sally! Now's your chance! Rip her hair out! She deserves it!" He bellowed.

Sally's hand flew to her mouth as Eleanor got out of her chair and walked towards the window. She looked down and saw Marcus. "Don't fill her head with such ideas! I'm her sister, she needs to respect me!"

"Why should she when you don't respect her?! I'm tired of it!" He stood up and got in her face, grinning smugly. "And by the way, I've met said hero while on a mission and I know that he would never be interested in a snake like you!"

Eleanor formed a fist with her hand and then turned her head slightly to the right, immediately noticing me. She let out a gasp and cried, "WOLF!"

"Crap…" Marcus mumbled.

Eleanor continued to scream at the top of her lungs as Sally ran outside. "Where are you going?!" She said with terror in her eyes.

Sally didn't respond to Eleanor but came to mine and Marcus' side. "Run!" She whispered to me, distress clearly written on her face. I started to run, but I was cornered by other people in the village with weapons. Sally saw the trouble and scampered to me. She stood between me and the village people, her hands spread out to prevent passage. "Please spare him! He's done nothing wrong! My stepsister was only scared of him!"

"Get out of the way, Sally!" One man shouted.

"Crazy girl! Move before you get killed!" Another one added.

Marcus came up to join Sally. "She's right; the wolf is not a threat! Put down your weapons!"

"No! We are not going to put our families at risk!" A man argued. "Kill the wolf!" The other men raised their weapons and howled; "kill the wolf!"

"Stop!" A man roared from behind the mass of men with weapons. The group split to let the man through.

Sally's eyes softened. "P-papa."

"Curtis…" A man with a bow said with astonishment. "You're home early!" He paused briefly. "But why must we stop?"

"This wolf will not harm us." He said as he walked up to Sally. I could finally recognize him. I had a mission with him and Rusl once. He's one of the few people who know about my wolf form. This might get complicated! "Sally, come with me; we need to talk." He looked at me. "You come too." He turned back to the mob. "Go about your normal activities." They looked at him with disorientation. "Go. Nothing to see here." The men dispersed, some conversing in hushed tones and others dead silent. Marcus tried to follow but Curtis put out his hand. "No. I need to talk to my daughter alone."

"Okay. I understand." He said as he walked away.

We went into the woods. Once Curtis checked the surroundings to be sure of no followers he spoke. "I have some explaining to do…and so does this wolf…"

Sally looked at me and Curtis with perplexity. "Huh?"

"First off…" Curtis began.

Cliffhanger! Will Curtis tell Sally about Link's true identity? How will Sally react? And when/how is Link going to find those shards? Stay tuned to find out! :DDDD