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Okay, so first, I'd like to say that this story starts in Thor. I have it under Avengers because the majority of this story will take place during Avengers, but that's not for a while. Also, once we get to Avengers, it will definitely stray from canon because of the addition of Kagome. I should probably say that KAGOME WILL BE ON THE 'BAD SIDE'. So, if you aren't interested in that, you can turn back and ignore this fic. I just thought that it would be an interesting take on Kagome's character—a challenge for myself. While she is technically a bad guy here, her motives aren't bad. Really, they might even be justified. This will also be a Loki/Kagome pairing if there even is one. I haven't decided yet. I'm more inclined to have romance in it, which is why it's under this category, but that might change in the future if I decide otherwise. Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter One

"Hurry up, Sis!" Souta yelled, already sprinting down the side of the crater, joining the large throng of people surrounding the hammer shaped satellite that had crashed a few days ago. When the siblings had heard some people talk about the apparently Excalibur-like hammer, Souta had practically begged her to let him have a go at it. He joked that, since her journey was over, maybe it was his turn.

In the end, she relented. Truthfully, now that her journey was in fact over, she didn't see the joy in another adventure—or any adventure, really. After all, the only thing her adventure had brought her was heartache. It let her discover this whole new world—all these things she never would have thought existed—only to take it away from her. The group had finally defeated Naraku, completing the jewel once and for all, only for it to grow an impossibly bright pink before her very eyes. The next thing she knew, she was back in the well. She could even feel the jewel inside her body, where it was before she had fallen. For a moment, she feared that she was sent back—back to the beginning. She feared that it would seem as if her journey had never occurred.

In her mind, that was a fate worse than death.

Her worries were quelled, however, when her mother had come running out of the house, embracing her and asking if her friends were alive. If everything was over.

It was only then that she noticed she was still drenched in the blood and sweat of battle.

She returned her mother's hug full force, sobs wracking her body—it was over. It was all over. But she didn't feel any relief in the revelation. She only felt sorrow, because she knew—she knew she'd never be able to see her friends again. She could practically feel the dead magic in the well down to her very core.

The well would never send her back—it couldn't. Not anymore.

It took her eight months. Eight months to finally accept that she was stuck in her time. By that time, she had already dug her own hole, pitching her into depression. With the help of her family, she managed to pull herself into some semblance of normality.

But, she knew that her idea of normality—staying home all day, only ever going outside to perform duties, refusing to go out at all with her old friends—would eventually notify her family to the fact that she wasn't completely over it. She watched as ever so slowly, they began to realize that letting her do as she pleased (which wasn't much) was probably not the greatest of ideas. She knew it would come, the day they actually forced her out of the house, but still hoped they would ignore the danger signs she involuntarily let out.

But it came, as she knew it would.

They, her mother and grandpa, pushed her to go out. To have 'fun'. She knew she wasn't exactly being fair to them, they were only doing what they believed was best for her, but she wanted to be left alone for just a little while longer. She had just gotten so angry at them. She was just so mad already, and after keeping everything bottled up for so long…. She snapped.

That was probably the worst fight their family had ever had since her father died so long ago. It was also the scene her little brother, Souta, had had to come home to on the first day of his summer vacation. The way his excitement and happiness had quickly morphed into a look of utter sadness and horror was enough to melt all traces of her anger, leaving only cold shame. Here she was, unwittingly tearing her family apart after already losing another. Kagome collapsed into the arms of her family once again, too exhausted to shed even one tear this time.

She needed to get away. She hadn't realized until then how much the shrine reminded her of her lost family. She hadn't realized that those reminders were the reasons she never left. She was still, unknowingly, holding on to the hope that one day she could return to the past. And so she left to travel the world with Souta, knowing that, if she left without him, he would put on a bravado while she was there, only to crack the minute she left.

That is how they found themselves in America—on the outskirts of New Mexico, to be exact.

"Kagome!" Souta's whine reminded her of the present, her body going back into motion. She quickly locked the doors to their rental car. Vaguely, she noted that a car with the letters SHIELD on the windshield had pulled up beside her, but ignored it in favor of catching up with her brother.

Souta was with a group of other people, surrounding a truck bed that appeared to have been removed from a man's truck. She raised an eyebrow in surprise, her eyes catching the long chain attached to the truck bed. Her eyebrows raised to her hairline when she realized that the other end of the chain had been attached to the satellite.

"Wow," she breathed, incredulous. She didn't think the satellite would have been that heavy.

"Come on, Kagome!" Souta said, grabbing her hand and urging her toward the satellite. "Let's take some pictures of us trying to pull the hammer out!"

"What? Why would you want to?" Kagome said, voicing her confusion. "It's not like we'll lift it. Did you see what it did to that truck?"

"Of course we're not going to actually lift it," he replied, giving her a 'duh' look. "But it'll make a good picture to show Mama and Grandpa once we get home." Kagome hummed in agreement.

Kagome pulled out her camera when they reached the 'hammer', getting ready to capture the moment as Souta wrapped his hands around the handle. He pulled, and Kagome snapped the picture. It wasn't until she actually looked at the picture she had taken that she noticed the somehow goofy looking grimace on his face of exaggerated exertion, and his crossed eyes.

"Souta, you idiot!" she yelled, smacking his shoulder. Souta went unfazed by the abuse, doubling over in laughter, face red.

"Don't be such a spoil sport, Kagome. It's just a bit of fun! Mom will love it."

"Fine, but you're taking another one. And don't do anything stupid this time!"

Her brother rolled his eyes at her, sticking his tongue out. He wrapped his hands around the handle again, and pulled. Kagome snapped the picture, making sure he didn't do anything. Satisfied, she nodded her head, making a move to return the camera to her pocket, only to be stopped by Souta's, "Wait!" She looked back up to him, her eyes questioning. "You didn't try lifting it yet!"

"I don't want to lift it," she answered slowly, giving him an odd look.

"Please?" he begged, literally getting on his knees before her. She was about to protest again, when he did it. The one thing she just couldn't say no to.

Puppy-dog eyes. Damn.

"Now that's just not fair," she complained, but grabbed the hammer anyway. Instantly, she felt a thrill shoot up her arm. She looked down at the hammer in surprise, wondering what that was. It almost felt like…magic. But, muted somehow. She shook her head, thinking it was just a figment of her imagination. Had it been magic, she would have felt it from a mile away. She banished the thought from her mind, tugging lightly on the hammer. She saw the flash of the camera out of the corner of her eye, but most of her focus was on the pulsing she felt from the hammer. She pulled harder and…

The hammer lifted.

It happened too quickly to recount accurately after that moment. Before she knew it, shouts were coming from all directions. She heard sirens ringing, along with the rev of various cars. Her head swiveled frantically, instinctively grabbing the front of her brother's shirt and pulling him behind her. She backed them both up, noticing dozens of men in suits coming toward them with guns. They were shouting at them in English, too fast for her to really understand.

She was panicking now. She immediately fell back to her survival instincts from the Feudal Era, too scared to think about any consequences. When the strange men raised their weapons, she raised her hands in front of her, erecting a small pink barrier just large enough to cover both her and Souta. This action only seemed to excite the men, as they began yelling even louder, at her and amongst themselves. She took that time to look down at her brother. Her anger flared seeing the terror on his face. His usually sun-kissed skin was ashen, his breathing labored as his eyes flickered between person to person—gun to massive gun.

Kagome turned back to strange men, her anger practically tangible. She was supposed to be recovering from her last fight, not finding herself in the middle of another. She was supposed to be relaxing, not protecting herself and her brother from men with guns. She was supposed to be normal, not the science experiment these men were looking at her like. Her gaze darted down to the stupid hammer still in her hand—yes, hand. As in, singular. The hammer that had pulled the truck bed clean off the truck itself was being held in just one of her tiny hands.

Another Tessaiga.

In her frustration, she pushed her hands forward, her barrier following them. The movement was so quick that it managed to push the men back, some of them getting knocked off their feet. She scanned through the men, trying to find some way of escape. There were men surrounding her from all sides, each one of them armed.

There was no way out.

She felt a sharp tug on her sleeve, causing her to look back at Souta.

"What's happening, Kagome?" he asked in a frightened, hushed whisper.

She looked into his eyes intensely, hating the fear she saw there. Furiously, she replied, "I don't know."

Her gaze returned to the men surrounding her, noticing how many of their eyes had trained on her brother, as if only just noticing his presence. In her observation, she noticed another man in the crowd who seemed to stand out. He was standing near the front, with a weapon aimed at them himself. However, the way he spoke to the rest of them, with authority and confidence, told her that he was the one in charge. She noticed how his gaze would dart from her, Souta, and the hammer.

Wait…. The hammer. It was the hammer that they wanted. Why not give it to them.

So, if the hammer was really as heavy as it had seemed, what with its suppressed magic and all, maybe it could make just enough of a distraction to let them get away. Well, it was worth a shot.

"Get ready to run," she whispered to Souta, a new determination flooding her body.

"What?" he cried, but she didn't grace him with an answer. Instead, she heaved the hammer over her head, surprised by its lightness, swinging it to get more momentum. With a shout, she released the hammer, dropping her barrier in time to see the hammer flying toward the men beside her. They jumped out of the way quickly, afraid of getting hit. The hammer landed with a loud boom, the ground shaking upon impact, knocking the men off their feet again. She managed to keep them grounded, grabbing Souta's hand and running through the path the men had made to get away from the hammer.

They ran up the crater, hoping to get to their car before the men gathered their wits. Kagome looked back, seeing that most of them had already gotten upright, their weapons aimed at them again, yelling orders. She ignored them, feeling a rush of relief seeing that they were almost to the car.

A gunshot rang. Then, silence.

AN: The idea of Kagome lifting Mjolnir came from the fact that she could pull out the Tessaiga. I believe that Kagome would have the power to lift it, and she could possibly be worthy of it. Although, it's not like she'd actually be able to use it to its full potential like Thor. So, like it? Hate it? Review and tell me what you think!