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As Youko walked up the steps to the competitors box everyone watched amazed as more and more flowers and plantlife sprouted where his feet touched even on metal.

Youko made it to the box and was met by wide eyed stares by most of the guys and drooling by the girls.

Temari fainted when he winked at her with a smile on her face and blood leaking from her nose.

Gaara surprisingly looked scared of the new and improved Naruto or Youko as he was being called and his 'mother' shukaku was telling him not to piss off this person which made him know that if shukaku was scared than he should do what it said.

Ino had creamed herself at the thought of plants used to attack.

Shikamaru was thinking troublesome while looking at the new and improved Naruto.

Munching could be heard from Choji no one really knew what was going through his mind but it most likely had to do with how delicious his chips were.

(All the rest are canon fights except Neji's which is against Lee)

"Can Neji Hyugga and Rock Lee come to the arena for their match" asked Genma.

Neji and Lee made their way down to the arena floor and the match started with Neji sprouting his bullshit about fate and that Lee would always be worthless but this time surprisingly Lee got pissed off and used an attack no one knew was in his arsenal not even Gai knew he had this attack.

"Fist of the Beast King" yelled Lee as his was covered in the silhouette of a humanoid lion with spiked braces on his arm and dark golden eyes. Lee reared his fist back and let loose a mighty roar as the fist soared towards Neji who used Kaiten but the thing is the Fist went through it knocking the wind out of Neji and making him fly back and hit the wall cracking it.

"Neji-san you need to stop saying I'm a dead last and that you will always win everything cause guess what you just lost so fate is not real or at least she is not looking into your favor you piss people off with your fate decread this fate decreed that and frankly I am tired of you calling me a loser and its time I unleash my wild side" as Lee was saying this his hair was leaving its bowl cut hair style and going into a more spiky like manner with orange streaks appearing throught his black hair his eyes gained golden irises instead of his plain black ones and his teeth elongated into fangs looking a lot like a lions.

Naruto was looking on with Surprise since he did not expect Lee to be a descendant of Leo the king of Lions and his third general.

Naruto also knew this fight was over once Lee unleashed that attack since evne a powered down version of that attack hurt like hell and to a normal human it was an instant knock out.

Genma came down and said "Since Neji is unconcious Lee moves on to the next round now will Sasuke and Gaara come to the Arena floor for their match."

Gaara appeared in a sand sunshin and waited for Sasuke to show up after five minutes the crowd was getting restless.

"If Sasuke Uchiha does not arrive in the arena in the next five minutes he is to be disquallified the crowd heard the Hokage yell from his spot in the kage booth with people getting upset in case Sasuke didn't make it and they could not watch their precious uchiha-sama.

Naruto was sitting in the contestant box and waiting for the matches to start up again he was still trying to figure out how he could of missed Lee's scent being identical to Leo's but just as he was about to talk to Lee about it the Proctor came back to the arena just as a whirlwind came into the Arena showing a battered Kakashi with his Sharingan eye missing and he was without Sasuke when Genma asked what was going on Kakashi winced and said "Sasuke has gone traitor and took my Sharingan he attacked me by surprise and stole it saying that commoners should never hold the power of an uchiha.

Naruto had walked down to Kakashi and put his hand over his eye and it glowed a silver white color before taking it away and everyone was amazed to see that Kakashi had an eye in the empty Socket again only it was a peircing silver color Kakashi who had flinched at first when Naruto put his hand there relaxed feeling the power flowing through his body and now he could see through the eye again he was excited and then Naruto spoke.

"I have given you a blessing from my demon clan that was lost to your family eons ago but somehow manifested rarely in your father the power to use White chakra I think that White Chakra sword should repair itself and work perfectly for you now as it did your father."

Kakashi smiled happily at the fact he could now be as powerful or close to it as his father was and unsealed his fathers white chakra blade and watched in amazement as it repaired itself in front of his and everyone else s eyes.

"This is amazing but who are you" asked Kakashi.

"I am Yoko but you once knew me as Naruto" said Yoko.

"I don't know what to say except thank you Yoko for giving me back my eye and for giving me what my father had it is a major gift that I will never be able to repay you of."

"Don't worry you already have payed it in full by watching over my human self as a baby through childhood." said Yoko

All of a sudden Kakashi's eyes widened once the name clicked and Naruto kept saying my human self Naruto is the one fortold in the legend that Yoko would return someday and Kakashi's clan was the keeper of this prophecy and were to help the young demon as his vassals once he was returned to the world, Kakashi could only think on this a little longer since an explosion happened in the kage booth.

The invasion of Konoha had begun and with Naruto now being a full demon the battle was going to be way different how different was yet to be seen.

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