Dear my fellow Ratchet & Clank fans,

I have decided to take a… different approach for the story that I've submitted a few weeks ago, called Experiment #5. You see, after taking a look at the other fan-fictions that have been put up on this site, I realized that this one lacked something that I just couldn't put my tongue on until I read it over once more, and it hit me upside the head like the pissed off she-dragon that I call my dearest mother would do with a frying pan:


Go ahead and call me crazy, and tell me that I'm bonkers. However, think about this. When I listen to a good song, I get lost in the emotion and the message they put out for others to hear. It comes from their souls, and I could feel it. When I read a good piece of literature, it stabs me through the chest like a knife, ultimately penetrating my heart and filling it with whatever the motif may be: awe, desperation, angst, jubilance, etc. So why didn't I just put my soul and outlooks out there for others to see?

Quite frankly, because I fear you. Yes, you. I fear what you will say, how you will react, what will become of my story. I fear what you may think of how or what I write, and fear how you interpret the events. I fear what you will say to me. So I'm done.

I'm done hiding out in the shadows, allowing bits and pieces of my writing to be told as they should, for fear of what will become of me. I promise you that every single word that you read comes directly from the soul, and/or related directly or indirectly to our daily lives. Otherwise, it just doesn't seem…real enough. Please understand that I'm not angry, or flat out crazy. Just misunderstood, underestimated, and done with the petty game that's consuming my life. I'm sick of being told what's wrong, what's not good enough about me or what I make (if you feel this is directed to you for any reason, don't; odds are, I don't know you in real life anyways, for this isn't directed to any reviews, IMs, etc. I've received at all). Even if this does seem a little personal for a fan-fiction, I'm doing it. And no one's going to stop me.

I hope you're touched by this writing, because as words are my escape from my hellish life, this is supposed to help you get lost in their world, what they're going through. Feel what they feel, see what they see, but most importantly, forget the world around you. I promise, it works every time for me.

And this vexatious Angel doesn't break promises.



Okay, this is how it's gonna go.

Head Note: This is basically the author's note to the readers before the story begins.

Disclaimer: *This Ratchet & Clank fan-fiction is exactly that: fanfiction. I don't own the Ratchet & Clank characters, game series, or anything related to them. They belong solely to Insomniac Games and this is purely a recreational piece of literature. *I own none of the songs used at the end of each chapter.

Chapter #Blah: Blahblahblah

It will then get into the story, beginning with the chapter title and number and all that fun jazz.

Chapter Song: Headstrong, by Skillet Every chapter has a song; after I've completed a chapter, I pick a song that best fits the mood or the events that occurred in it. For example, this chapter's song is Headstrong, by Skillet. Suggestions are open if you read a chapter and think you know a song better fit for it than the one I've selected.

Foot Note: Again, this is an author's note, found after the chapter as well as before. I'm a blabber mouth like that. This will wrap up my discussion with the reader. Yay. We're done finally. You may now proceed to the next chapter my friend.