Javik cannot quite understand why it bothers him so much.

At first he could not care less, the more time she spent fawning over the commander the less time she did badgering him, but now as he leans against the cold metal wall, arms crossed and solemnly watching as the asari speaks with the commander – her pheromones strong-smelling enough to whiff them at this distance, and her hips moving in such a way that was communicable to all species as a sign of attraction – Javik finds himself gritting his teeth and wondering why he bothered to leave his quarters. But he doesn't go back, he stays there, festering in irritation at the asari's behavior and why it seems to be affecting him in such a manner.

He convinces himself that it's because she has potential, and he can see that in her, and that she's being hindered by her ridiculous one-sided affections for Shepard, but he knows that it's a falsehood. The commander is in a relationship and if anything she fights harder with her mate by her side, and he can see the asari isn't any different in the battlefield, putting extra effort when the commander is watching her.

Javik won't admit it, and it will be a long time before he does, but he himself fights a bit better, a bit harder, when the doctor is around to argue with him. For now he shakes the thought out of his head that against the light, Liara's silhouette looks just slightly prothean.