By the way guys, just to avoid confusion, these oneshots are NOT in chronological order.

She's in love with him, Liara realizes, laying wide awake on her bed. She touches her lips with the tips of her fingers where he tenderly kissed her in her dreams – the third time this month. Goddess, why, why of all people did it have to be Javik?

Liara ignores the irony of calling on what she now knows was a prothean woman for help.

She grips at her sheets, pulls them over her head and groans. First it was her hopeless feelings for Shepard, now they had somehow transferred to the most insufferable being in the galaxy, who most certainly would never return them.

The next time she sees him, she does her very best to not let her thoughts show on her face. It's futile, Liara knows, Javik's vomerolfaction* ensures she won't be able to hide from him, all she can do is pretend her emotions don't exist and hope things don't become even more awkward than they already are.

Javik walks over to her, his bright red armor clicking with every step. It wasn't unusual to run into mercenaries in their expeditions together, and last time they had even run into a slaver who had heard rumors of a living treasure jumping to and from prothean ruins. It did not hurt to be prepared.

"Dr. T'Soni, I've been—"

He stops dead in his tracks as soon as he catches that unmistakable scent of attraction. Was it…? Javik looks around and behind her to see if there could be another source, some other annoying lustful intern standing behind the asari, but there's nobody and it's clear to him the origin of the scent. Yes, he supposed it was possible.

"Yes, Javik?" Liara inquires. Her face shows no sign of embarrassment from being discovered, as if she were unaware of her attraction to him or that he could sense it.

"No, it is nothing." Javik replies. Years ago, when they first met and he still stubbornly called her by her species, he would have pointed it out and chastised and perhaps even ridiculed her for it, but now…

"As I was saying," he clicks at his omnitool, bringing up the notes Liara had sent him the week before. "I discovered a mistranslation in your notes."

Javik decides to stay quiet. It's easier to stay silent than to confront her about her feelings, because that means that as a consequence, he'd have to confront his own.

It's a silence that does not break for fifteen years.

*ability to smell pheromones.