Present time

Justin and Selena's home Los Angles –

"Selena! Where are you? Selenaaaa!?"

"I am here, in the kitchen what's going on?"

" Ha there you are. Wait a minute, why are you not dressed?"


"Yes, we got a meeting in hour about your production company, remember?"

"O yeah, damn forgot about that…"

"Well come on then, get dressed. "We really need to go you know, it's important."

Yeah for you, Selena whispers so he can't hear it. "I will be ready in 20 minutes okay?"

"Okay, I go walk and feed the dogs in the meantime. "

Selena's Pov:

How could I forget? Probably because I don't care as much as I used to. I just wish he wasn't so commanding you know? "We have to do this and we have to do that "Well that's what YOU want Justin but does he ever cares about what I want? No. The last couple of months he only thinks about what's best for him and him only. I am like his muppet he likes to drag with him. Let the world know how cute we are together and how in love we are. Yeah we used to be like that but not so much anymore, believe me.

60 minutes later, in the building of the production company:

"Justin, Selena, You are finally here!" It's nice to see you two again and still so in love I see."

Justin smiles to the man named Carlos and gives Selena a quick peck on her cheek. "Guys I want you to meet some people who I invited here " Carlos says.

They walk to a office and there are 4 people waiting for them. Selena only knows one person, Justin's manager Scooter. They walk to them and greet them.

" Hi nice to meet you, I am Roger, this is my colleague Marco and his wife Nicole." Hi nice to meet you too " Justin and Selena almost said equal.

"Well tell me" Selena says, "What is this all about? " I know that it's important but Justin said it was a surprise and didn't want to tell me. "

"Well.." Carlos says "I think Justin will explain you now, right Justin? "

"Yes. " Sel I am so exited to tell you this. "I thought a lot about us the last couple of weeks, about our future but also about work and I came up with this brilliant idea. "I want to take over your Production Company and place my own people in it. "I am sure I can make this big you know? "Like Oscar winning big." And Scooter found these people who already work in a production company and they are very intested." What you think? "

Selena listened to this and with every second she heard him talk she got angrier with him. When he was finished she stood up from her chair en looked around the room.

"Are you serious?" How could you Justin? " Amanda is running this place and she does it damn well and you just want to take it over like it doesn't exist ? "

"No Sel, listen to me." I want to make it bigger and better you know, so we can work with the best actors in the world." It will give us more opportunities for movies and stuff."

"You know Justin, I got this feeling that you don't think about me but only about your wallet. "

"Come on Sel, you know sooner or later this place won't exists anymore because nobody knows about it." When I give it a name and people know it's mine, they will work with us."

" Really Justin?" Well you know what. I am done here! " You can do whatever you want but you are never ever goanna get this company." This is mine and will remain mine!"

With that she walked out of the building. The building is in the middle of nowhere. No shops, no restaurants, no cafés. Nothing. It's getting late and she is hungry. She takes a cap back to the city. After a 15 minute ride she steps out of the cap in downtown Los Angeles. Looking for food she enters a tiny bistro.

" Hello good evening, do you have a reservation created? "

"No sir".

" Okay, well let me see." Oh I have a free table in the back."

" Okay good."

" Alright follow me."

"So here we are." What would you like to drink?"

" A glass of white wine please."

" Alright, I will be back in a few." Here I have the menu Mrs. "

"Thank you sir. "

After a few minutes, while looking in the menu, she hears a familiar voice coming closer, screaming and yelling. Selena gets cramped en tries not to pay attention but the yelling becomes louder. She hears the voice of the person she pushed out of her life. The person she never ever wanted to be friends with agian. Well, that's what she told her self but deep down in her heart she still loves that person with every bone in her body but she is to afraid to admit it.

"No Wilmer, that's what you always try tot do! "You live in your own world with your own fantasies. " I am not going there again with you! " You know how I think about it."

Selena gets more and more interested in the conversation so she puts the menu down and tries to peak behind the wall and look for what she wanted to see for so many months.

"Listen Demi, I am not having this conversation in this restaurant with you." We are going home!"

"I am going home when I want to go home and that's not now! "

"Well then listen to me." I just want you to calm down, every body is looking at us "

"So what?" I don't care, people already hate my guts so why would I shut up now?"

" Demi come on, talk a little softer would you or I will leave."

" Then leave! That's what you always do when I need you the most! "

After that, Selena sees Demi coming her way so she quickly picks the menu and put it in front of her face. Demi walks over towards the restroom. When she passed by, Selena quickly removed the menu and sees Wilmer leaving the restaurant…