Title: Last Train

Series: Yugioh 5D's

Type of AU: College

Author: Sango Tsubasa

Editor: Iniquitus

Rating: MA, not that that has ever stopped minors ever.

Summery: College is where people experience life changing events that last their entire lives. See how it changes Yusei, Crow, Jack and the rest as they struggle to balance love, growing and mindless faffing about as they take the last train in their lives as teens and arrive at their last stop as young adults.

Disclaimer: This is a fanfic so obviously I don't own the characters. Also NSFW don't say I didn't warn you. I should probably mention that this will contain yaoi, yuri, het, and ever threesomes. And it may have certain triggers in the future but I'll try to warn everyone when that happens.

Stop 1:

Yusei is all unpacked, his side of the dorm now neat and clean-looking. Crow's side, to put none too fine a point on it, looks more like a bird's nest than an actual place to try to live in, but these were the things you learned to look past once you'd known someone for so long.

He turns towards the door as a knock sounds on it, with the spiky-haired orange man on the other bed deigning to lift his head off the pillows towards the noise.

"The King speaks thusly: Open up, you little shits," comes Jack's voice, proud and loud. The tall blond man had his room across the hall, owing to the lack of triple rooms on offer. Kiryu had intervened before Jack had gotten the sledgehammer up the stairs to make a triple-room, fortunately, and the straw-drawing had been accepted as the option resulting in the least violence.

"The door's fucking open, asshole," Crow retorts as he drops back down to sprawling on his bed, eyes closing to try to relax.

The spiny-haired man blinked at the mishmash of possessions scattered around one half of the room. "Wow, Crow, building yourself a nest? I mean, we're all aware that you're a birdbrain, but this..."

"Fuck you," Crow says without even bothering to open his eyes.

"Do you guys hear yourselves? You curse every other word," Yusei says to the room at large while delicately trying to thread a framed picture of himself and Kiryu - a thin, pale boy - grinning at the camera and hugging tightly in the middle of a strong wind onto the nail protruding from the wall.

"Sorry we're not as 'proper' as you, Yusei-saaaaan," Jack says, drawing out the sound with a smirk on his face and earning himself a warning glance from Yusei.

"Do you have to constantly remind me that I'm Japanese?"

"Yes," comes the cheerful reply.

Yusei sighs. Kiryu wasn't going to be online until later tonight, and the boy was severely doubting his ability to take much more of Crow's and Jack's incessant bickering.

"We have a floor meeting at eight. Wanna go explore campus until then?" Jack suggests, shoulders jerking disinterestedly upwards.

"I've had worse ideas," Crow sighs, stretching and sitting up. "You in, Yusei?"

"Cleaning first," Yusei returns firmly. "I'm not living in a room where getting up in the middle of the night for the toilet makes me risk losing an appendage if I stagger the wrong way."

"Yusei, you're living with me. This is how it is," Crow says, causing Yusei to frown.


The orange-hair groans and swings his legs over the side of his bed to the floor, narrowly missing a delicate-looking model of a paper-mache bird. "Fine, jeez. But I'll clean it later tonight, okay?"

"That'll do," Yusei concedes, and he too turns towards the door, Jack stepping aside to let him through.

"So, how's college?" the cheery guy on the other end of the video call asks.

Yusei raises an eyebrow. "I've only been here less than a day."

"Well, you can still have an opinion."

Yusei rolls his eyes, but not in an unkind manner. "I guess... it's okay? It's nice to be away from my parents. Plus, I've got a cool room and campus isn't too labyrinthine..."

"No home sickness?" and Kiryu lets a concerned glance slip through his flippant exterior.

"Not really."

Jack and Crow sat slumped on Crow's bed at the other end of the room, staring blankly at the television. Crow shoots a glance over to the black-haired man. "Think we won't have to deal with a breakup too early in the year? I dunno if my masculinity can take having to put up with Yusei when he's depressed - he already gets on my tits too much when he's happy."

"Don't worry your stupidly-dyed hairdo," Jack replies nonchalantly, Crow pulling a face at him. "If the movies have taught me anything, it's that all that needs to happen is for Yusei to fuck a robot, then blow up some bigger robots and everything's going to be a-okay."

In truth, the blond is rather looking forward to the (surely) inevitable breakup fueled by long-distance woes. When that happens, Yusei can stop spending so much time around that damn psycho Kiryu, and get back to hanging out with Jack. And Crow, too, but mostly Jack.

"I'll bring you up some cookies this weekend," Kiryu promises, a wide smile on his face.

"Ones that I like?"

The smile widens. "Do I know how to make any other kind?"

Yusei smiles at him, content for now.

"I miss you."

"I miss you too."

Next to Crow, Jack pulls a little face. They just saw each other this morning, for Christ's sake.

"Movie?" Crow suggests once the call is ended and loving, spine-crushingly-sappy goodbyes are exchanged.

"I'm gonna take a shower," Yusei sighs, arching his back to try to work the cricks from his back from where almost an hour of hunching over in front of the computer has left them. Crow nods and turns back, while Jack looks at Yusei until he disappears into the shower door.

"I am really fucking sick of Kiryu!" Jack hisses once the shower sounds up and Yusei can't hear him. "He's a fucking psychopath! How much you want to bet he comes up here, guilt trips Yusei about going to a different college, and reduces him to fuckin' tears?!"

"Direct yo' panic-tits in the downwards, Jack," Crow drawls disinterestedly. "What will happen will happen. Maybe Kiryu will finally push too hard and Yusei will lose it. Maybe they move to Hollywood and adopt ten little kids."

"I doubt it. Yusei is completely in fucking love with the guy! He doesn't even notice half the shit Kiryu pulls, all because the guy can make a decently cute pair of puppy dog eyes at him!"

"Then leave him alone to be happy."

"But Kiryu makes him more miserable than happy!"

Crow opens his mouth to say something, then clamps it shut and shakes his head. "I don't know what to fucking tell you, Jack! You tell me what I'm supposed to say, because apparently my opinion ain't worth shit!"

Jack glowers at him for a moment, then abruptly stood with a dark look on his face. "I'm going to bed," he announces sourly. Crow looks at his retreating back for a few more seconds, then shakes his head.

Tuesday, 3 o'clock.

Yusei made a point of arriving early to his first class; a Mechanics lecture that was a core component of his course. The class wasn't heavily-populated to the point of people crouching on the floors, but there were enough people there that Yusei has to sit near the back to not end up with someone's elbow in his stomach. He'd just settled down and pulled out a block of paper to write on when another guy arrives at the edge of the row and waves at Yusei.

"Hey. Uh, I'm Bruno. Mind if I make you move over a tiny bit so I can sit?" he says cheerily.

"No problem," Yusei answers and picks up his stuff to shift over a few seats. The guy nods in gratitude and sits down in the free space. "My name's Yusei. Nice to meet you, Bruno."

"The same to you," Bruno says politely. "I presume you're majoring in Engineering, from the course books that fell out of your bag just now?"

Yusei blinks, then sighs and ducks down underneath the desk row to recover the thick books. Bruno follows him down moments later, smiling and helping Yusei pick up the books to pile back into his bag.

"Thanks for that. I haven't seen you around up until now. You live on-campus?"

Bruno nods. "East Seaside. It's one of the Towers dorms. I'm guessing you live in a different one."

"Uh, I haven't really paid attention to the dorm names," Yusei offers a smile back. "I'm new in the city, and still trying to find my bearings."

"Well, I'd be happy to show you around sometime," Bruno says easily, as a hush falls and the lecturer makes his way to the front of the theatre. He scribbles a quick few numbers on a scrap of paper and pushes it Yusei's way.

031 874 9885 - Call me!

Yusei tries to keep track of time more accurately than 'I have five minutes to haul ass to some corner of campus I don't know even exists', but before he knows it, the nights and days have come and gone, and the weekend looms.

He'd given up trying to strong-arm Crow into doing any more cleaning than was necessary to still be able to reach the bed, and had now simply regressed to picking up and piling away whatever Crow doesn't yell too loudly about. Damn it all, the room is going to look habitable.

"So, should I turn the pictures of my mom facedown before I leave you with Kiryu?" Crow asks casually from his usual position of lying on the bed.

"I don't know. Maybe. Probably," Yusei replies absently.

"Well, just let me know so I can steer clear of here," Crow tells him.

"I'll put something on the doorknob."

Suddenly Yusei's phone buzzes. He lifts it from the table next to the bed and flips it open to look at the screen.

'Just got off the train. Taking a bus to your campus.'

Yusei smiles and quickly taps out an 'okay' in reply. Soon, he'll be here...

Kiryu texts back, "Meet me at the bus stop on campus?"

Yusei snaps the phone shut and slides it easily into his pocket. "I'm gonna go pick him up," he says to Crow as he goes outside, who waves a hand in acknowledgement.

Yusei stands at the side of the road trying to pick out Kiryu from the bustling crowds. Finally, a bus pulls up and lets off a string of people, and Kiryu emerges with only a suitcase and an ipod that he is listening to.

"Yuseiii~", he coos as they see each other and make their way towards each other. When they meet, they embrace as long as the jostling of the crowd lets them, Yusei briefly pressing his lips to Kiryu's in the hug. "Ah, man, I've missed ya."

"Next weekend you'll come visit my campus, right?" Kiryu asks as they walk hand in hand back to Yusei's dorm.

"Of course," Yusei replies, squeezing his hand. God, how he had missed him. It was lonely without him, since during high school they saw each other every day, and on the weekends they were always together. Somewhere along the line, Kiryu had become a part of Yusei's life almost as much as breathing. During the summer they practically lived together, with Crow and Kiryu acting as the annoying pair of friends. Jack wasn't too fond of Kiryu and Crow had a grand total of half a damn to devote to making a concerted effort for getting to know him, but they all got along.

When they get to Yusei's room, they see that Crow has migrated to the floor and is lying down over a manga volume, a bag of Twizzlers lying within easy reach.

"Hey Crow!" Kiryu greets him as he lays his suitcase where it wouldn't disturb the... everything.

"Hey Kiryu," Crow replies without looking up. Yusei prods him with his toe, and Crow groans and rolls over to make eye contact and wave to Kiryu.

"Where's Jack?" Yusei asks.

"I think he went to work out at the gym," Crow shrugs.

"Oooh, is there a pool?" Kiryu asks eagerly, "We have one on my campus but it's being repaired."

"Yeah. Did you bring a bathing suit?"

"Who says I need one?" jokes Kiryu. "Nah, it wouldn't fit into my bag. Do you have an extra?"

"Yeah. Crow, turn around."

Crow makes a face that quite effectively communicates the idea that that would require effort.

"Crow," Yusei says sternly.

"Fine, fine," Crow grumbles as he hauls himself up onto the bed until Yusei taps him on the shoulder for the all-clear. "Hey, remember other people use that pool to, yeah? No pantslessness while in the water."

"No promises~" Kiryu says, and Yusei's face flushes a bit.

"So, you're Jack's roommate?" Crow asks the person sitting with Jack at the table in the dining hall.

"Yep. My name is Brave. And you are?" the man replies with his perma-smile threatening to break his head in half.

"I'm Crow."

"Nice to meet you!"

They shake hands.

"So, I hear your roomie has his boyfriend over," Brave says conversationally, "Isn't that going to be awkward?"

"Nah, I'm used to it," Crow shrugs, "We all hung out a lot over the summer."

"How long have they been together?"

"Two years too long," Jack scoffs as he sips his coffee.

"I take it you don't like this Kiryu guy, huh?" Brave chuckles, and before Jack can reply Crow jerks his shoulders up.

"Duh. He never got over wanting to do Yusei and missing his chance."

Jack begins choking as a sip of coffee goes down the wrong way, and he slams down the cup. "C-Crow!"

"What? He was gonna find out anyway."

Jack's face turns beet red and Brave laughs.

"No sweat, bro, I won't tell."

Jack grumbles something incoherent and glares at Crow.

"Fuck you, Crow."

"Fuck you too, Jack."

"This is going to be a fun year," Brave chuckles. "I can just feel the camaraderie."

As they make their way down the hallway of the fourth floor of their dorm, Crow can see something on his doorknob.

"Aww no!" Crow grumbles, "Is that a fucking ribbon?"

"It appears to be a literal 'fucking ribbon'." Jack replies, with a clever grin on his face only slightly contrasting with his dark glare.

"Does that mean your roomie and his man are getting it on?" Brave asks.

"Yeah," Crow sighs, "I'm just hoping they don't roll the wrong way. Almost lost a finger the other day. Can I hang out with you guys for a bit?"

"Sure," Brave tells him. Then he turns to Jack.

"You, uh, okay? Your crush kinda is in there."

Jack shrugs.

"They have been for two years. I've learned to be numb to it."

Crow scowls, mostly at himself. Of course, Jack would be pissed at Kiryu and Yusei getting it on, but somehow he'd never got around to asking how he dealt with it.

"I have Smash Bros. Wanna play?" Brave offers.

"Sounds good," Jack replies as they enter their dorm. "I need to smack something in the face."

"Aah… Kiryu~"

"Mmm... Yusei~"

They are trying to be quiet because, well, this IS a dorm and other people live here. The whole dorm didn't need to know that they were fucking in this room.

At first they had been in Yusei's bed, but the motions caused the bed to rock and bump against the wall, so they had deviated to the floor.

There wasn't much room and they had to be careful not to make a mess. Crow probably wouldn't be too happy to come back and find a cum stain on his brand new rug.

"[AH! God damn, Kiryu, not so rough there!]" Yusei hisses in Japanese as pain shoots up his spine.


They usually talked in their native language while fucking. Brains busy with experiencing sex didn't have a lot of energy left to devote to translating thoughts.

Kiryu kisses his neck and bites down.

"[Ah! Fuck! Kiryu, no! I don't want to spend my second week of classes walking around with a giant hickey on my neck!]"

"[You're no fun.]"

"[Do it where no one can see it if you must.]"

But Kiryu sighs and puts his arms around Yusei and changed their positions so that Yusei is sitting on top of him. Yusei winces at the change of position, the lube making it easier on him.

"[Mmmm you have such a nice ass, Yusei,]" Kiryu coos, squeezing Yusei's butt cheeks with both hands. Yusei hisses and bounces on Kiryu's dick, causing him to moan with satisfaction.

"[Fuck… Kiryu…!]"

Kiryu arches his back to get his lips onto Yusei's and they kiss. Yusei curls his fingers into Kiryu's frosty colored hair.

"[I love you,]" he says between kisses, breath catching in between rhythmic jerks of their bodies.

"[I love you too,]" Kiryu replies.

"It's almost midnight. Are they done in there yet?" Jack snaps viciously at Crow.

"Hey, don't take this out on me!" Crow snaps back, "And how would I know? I've been in here with you!"

"Go check."

"You go check!"

"Yusei's your roommate. You go check."

"That eager to kick me out, huh?"

"I'm tired of having to look at your ugly mug," Jack snarls.

Crow sighs. So much for 'being numb to it'. He takes out his phones and texts Yusei, 'You two done in there yet?'

A minute later Crow gets the reply, 'Yeah. Sorry.'

He sighs, snapping his phone shut.

"They're done. I guess I'll head back and you can get your precious beauty sleep," Crow mocks Jack.

"Fuck you, Crow. Goodnight."

When Crow enters his room he removes the ribbon and throws it on Yusei's desk. Yusei and Kiryu are cuddling under the covers of their bed. They seem to have clothes on.

"Hey Crow," Kiryu yawns, and Yusei looks at Crow with apologetic eyes.

"Hey. You didn't cream anywhere, did you?" He's inspecting the floor.

"Nah. We were neat about it."

"Are you two going to bed now?"

"I think so," Yusei replies. Kiryu pulls him closer and kisses his cheek. Yusei wraps his arms around him and snuggles up to him.

"Uurrraaeeeurgh," Crow says informatively. "Get a room, lovebirds. One that I don't have to live in."

Kiryu just smirks and kisses Yusei's cheek.

"Goodnight you guys."

" 'Night."

"Kiryu, no."

"Come on, he's sleeping."

"I'm sleeping."

"No you're not."

"Well, I was and I would like to be."

"But I'm still horny."

/Are you fucking kidding me?/ Crow thinks. He wonders what he's done in his life to deserve this.

"Kiryu, stop. Stop! I mean it!" But Yusei is chuckling.

Crow can hear Kiryu planting wet, sloppy kisses god knows where on Yusei, and he pulls his pillow over his ears.

"Guys, go the fuck to sleep," Crow hisses.

"Oops, did we wake you?" Kiryu asks innocently.

"Yes you fucking woke me, now fucking go back to bed."

"Woah, attitude Crow."

"Sorry, Crow," Yusei says hastily before Crow can reply. "Come on, Kiryu, sleep. We'll continue this in the morning when Crow's not here."

Kiryu grunts.


More kissing sounds, then silence.

"So they seriously tried gettin' nasty while you were still in the room?!" Brave is laughing.

"Shut up. It was fucking awkward. And at least Yusei has some control over Kiryu."

"Are they fucking now?"

"I don't fucking know! God, I don't want to go back there."

"I am so glad you're rooming with him and not me," Jack says, sipping some tea.

"A-fuck you, Jack," Crow growls, head still planted forehead-first on the desk.

"Hey, is that them?"

Sure enough, Yusei and Kiryu were approaching them, hand in hand.

"Hey guys," Kiryu greets them. Crow glares and Jack doesn't acknowledge they exist.

"You must be Yusei and Kiryu," Brave says heartily, "I'm Brave, Jack's roommate."

"Must be pretty 'brave' to room with Jack," Kiryu teases.

"Suck it, Kiryu," Jack says with venom in his voice as he tries to finish waking up.

"There's an omelet station over here," Yusei says, motioning with his head.

"We'll be back."

"Do you really have to leave?"

"Sadly, yes."

Yusei and Kiryu start their goodbyes, embracing tightly.

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you more."

Crow gags.

Finally, after many many many last hugs, sneaked kisses, forehead-presses and dramatic hand-holding moments , Crow manages to crowbar the two dolts apart and shove Kiryu onto the bus, wanting to get home before the dorms closed.

"Oh come on, Yusei! You've been with Kiryu practically everyday for the past two years!" Jack huffs, "You can deal with a week of no Kiryu. Besides, you Skype or call him like every night!"

"It's not the same without him," Yusei moans, "You don't understand."

Jack shakes his head in disbelief. This was what ticked him off the most; the way Kiryu could reduce Yusei to a fourteen-year-old girl.

"You're unbelievable."

Yusei just gives a heavy sigh and takes out his phone- probably to text Kiryu.

"Oh no, you have to wait an entire week to have Kiryu's dick shoved inside you again," Crow said sarcastically. "Will the torture for our brave hero never end?"

"Shut up, Crow."

"Well, you two are awful. I was sexiled every night Kiryu was here!"


"You owe me. At least you're going to his school next weekend."

Jack scoffs and leaves Yusei and Crow's room.

"What's wrong with him?" Yusei asks Crow, gazing at the door Jack just left through. Crow just shrugs. He had a sinking feeling that Jack wasn't going to be able to keep it in much longer, and then the orange-hair would have to live with two sullen, annoying friends for half the trimester. Oh, how he was looking forward to that...