The tale of the princess of Beal is for the girl who fights for what is right,

For the girl who doesn't need a man to know she is worth more than gold

For the girl who doesn't need a prince in shining armour to save the day.

For the girl who is independent and is proud.

Tick Tock

Don sighed deeply as he looked over at the clock in their small grey kitchen


He sighed even more deeply. He really didn't want to have to look at the laptop anymore, he was sick of dealing with bandwidth and electromagnetic fields, his eyes and back was hurting.

There is nothing to do….

He needed to get out. He needed fresh air; he needed to kick some ones butt.

He tapped his green fingers on the laptop waiting for something to excite him. His Purple mask sagged when he frowned.

I need excitement! Maybe I need to talk to new people….

He leaned back in his soft seat looking back at the clock.

If I don't find anything to do I'm going to scream

Tick Tock

Mike was in the sewers, racing his brother Raph on their skateboards. It was dark, and barely visible.

The thick air smelt of sewrage moved quickly past their bodies as they raced down the concrete turning corners hastily and avoiding sewer rats.

"EAT DUST BRO!" shouted Mike as he zoomed ahead laughing his annoying high pitched laugh

Raph growled quickly glancing at his watch


Why did I agree to this?

He looked backup and chased after his brother who wasn't too far ahead trying to keep his balance.

Tick Tock

In the dojo Leo concentrated on his breathing,

Through the nose, out the mouth

He opened one eye while meditating; he looked at the clock hanging in the room.


He moaned a little as he closed his eye again not being able to concentrate again but only think of how his father was in the land Beal, a part of a different dimension that the turtles always were told to avoid on their missions. It was seen as the middle ages of earth as Sensei Splinter would describe it.

That land is dangerous for those not a part of their citizenship

His father had always told them on how corrupt the royal system was, the public of Beal were forced to agree with all the inconsiderate rules that they had. Rules included sending one son to war at a young of 5 years old so that they could be trained. Rules on food prices made it extremely hard for families to eat and survive.

Father once explained that they had microchips they called systems inserted into their brains. They could look at a stranger and know everything about them in an instant. Don longed to know about this microchip.

Leo chuckled at the thought before he frowned

Poor father, I hope he is okay.

He looked back at the clock and it read 6:30pm

Time won't move fast enough

Tick Tock

The forest of Beal was quiet, only the noise of a prince and a princess could be heard. Their feet were quick, their hearts beating out of control. It was cold and it freshly rained.

The princess was out front running down the hill, avoiding stepping on rocks or twigs for her bare feet's sake. The prince was behind her, tracking her every move to catch up to her.

"Anna!" cried out Prince Joel as he chased the princess through the forest "Stop! Anna please!"

Anna ignored him and pressed on running. She ducked and jumped over logs and dodged trees. Her throat hurt and closed up. The dying logs were endless and she was getting tired from jumping over them.

Don't cry, oh god Anna just don't cry. Keep moving.

Her dress was weighing her down, something that every princess had to deal with. Her long purple thick puffy dress soaked up the dew of the forest. It was wet and so cold.

She didn't have time to ponder that thought. She needed to keep moving, she needed to get away for her life.

She was trained not to feel the cold; she was trained not to complain ever

Oh God Anna, stop thinking, just keep running- Don't stop running

She sprinted trying to keep her dress from getting caught on trees or from her own feet.

The forest was thick, really thick and it made it hard for Anna to run away. The endless pausing trying to rip her dress from the grasp of the branches and having to jump over logs

"Princess please!" Prince Joel barked again "I'm not going to hurt you!"

The princess ignored him; a tear trickled down her sweaty face. Her long brown hair, no longer in place, Curly and messy now getting tangled. Her brown hair past her waist and since it had gone out of its plat, it began to get tangled amongst the forest branches.

Trust no one Anna, especially family…. Just keep running Anna, don't stop, please don't stop Her brain kept screaming

"Anna, I can help you!"

Oh god, where do I go now? How do I hide? Will anyone hide me? Do I have to leave Beal? Where do I go?

"Anna! I can help you get away! You know better then that I will turn you in!"

The princess slowed down, he was right…. Joel was the only person she could trust anymore in this land. The princess stopped and heaved for breath, she took a stance of defence as he met her… Something that Joel had taught her "You're not with them are you?"

Joel stood there heaving as well. He knelt down and wiped the sweat from his face. They looked the same; they had the same eyes and hair colour. Although Joel stood 2 feet taller than her and was much more built for battle then she could ever be. They were visibly related.

"Anna please, you kidding me?" he shouted at her "I thought you knew better than that"

Anna stood up properly and rushed over to Joel "Joel, please. Where can I hide?" she begged him

He pulled her to face the direction he was pointing at west.

That's even more forest Her brain complained

"That way, get to the city" he muttered pulling a cloak out of his bag "Cover up, the woman of the city cannot show flesh" he muttered helping her put it on her

Oh my god, they will find me, they will kill me.

She heaved and looked around, the cloak was heavy on her face. She was suffocating with it on but she knew it was the only way

This is so real, I really must run for my life

He also took out tweezers "They are going to track you" he said as he fiddled with them to get grip

Shit, there is no escaping her mind screamed at her

Anna nodded furiously "Joel, what am I going to do about that?" she whispered furiously slipping the last of the cloak on

"Don't blink" he murmured leaning into her eye with the tweezers

She pulled away "Do you know what you're doing?" she questioned

"It's either that or-"

She whimpered "Okay, just don't make me blind" as she stepped closer to him

"I can only turn off your GPS, I cannot turn the whole system off" he muttered "They won't tack you now"

"That's okay" she expressed her gratitude to him

I'd be lost without the rest of the system anyway

He dug into the socket of her eye carefully, removing a machine the size of a grain of sand.

"Lucky you still have all of your system" she muttered "It's so small, how did you find it?" she muttered ignoring the pain blinking away the tears

"I got my system updated" he muttered squishing the machine and letting it fall to the forest floor "It can track metal material"

She nodded slowly and looked at what her puffy, long, purple dress "How am I supposed to get anywhere in this outfit"

He chuckled and bent down with a knife and began to cut up her dress "This might make it easier for you"

Her dress fell into pieces and was left with her undergarment dress "I'll fit right in with the public women" she groaned eyeing her old dress that laid in ruins

"I guess your right" Joel frowned and stood up "I'm sorry about father"

Anna looked away "Joel-" trying not to tear up

"No, it shouldn't be this way" he muttered "You shouldn't have to run away" he whispered running his hand down her face

Anna gasped a little, men in royalty never touched royal women.

Anna's cold and pale face was instantly warmed by the touch of her brother hand

She longed for it, she loved it.

I'll miss him the most, will I ever see him again?

"Brother…." She mumbled and she hugged him tightly feeling his warmth against her cold wet body

Her brother Joel surprised by the touch, hugged her back. He smelt her hair; it smelt of wood and rain… He was going to miss her and worry about her terribly

It was their first hug…. And maybe their last

"Remember everything I taught you" he whispered furiously into her ear as they hugged

"Always!" she exclaimed as she regretfully pulled away "Joel, I will never forget-"

"Here, take this" he placed the sword carrier in her hands "You'll need it more then me"

She quickly took out the sword and awed, as a princess she never got a sword…. She got jewellery instead.

Anna nodded "Thankyou Joel, I'll take care of it. Until we meet again" she whispered and placed it over her shoulder

Joel nodded and held her shoulders "Promise me, you'll fight and won't try and hide" he muttered "Use everything I taught you"

She nodded Joel "Joel, please. I can take care of myself. You've taught me everything I must know" she lied to him

Where shall I go? What shall I do?

He nodded and stared into her brown frantic eyes "Be careful" grabbing her shoulders and shaking her gently

"You too, they'll know you helped me" she grabbed his broad strong shoulders too

"I'll tell them I tried to kill you but you got away"

She nodded again and stared into his brown eyes looking for hope.

Joel looked up through the woods, his faced dropped immediately "Their coming! Their tracking me- Run Anna! Run!" shouted Joel

Anna took one more glance at her brother and ran off, this time it was easier, her dress laid in pieces on the ground where her brother once stood.

West! Her brain screamed WEST!

She jumped over logs and slid under others that had fallen. She was now light again, she was able to move faster than before.

Lucky, being a princess she was trained to be quick on her feet, she was never allowed to be late for anything.

She felt dizzy, not having her GPS, not knowing which was she was going.

She could see a little town up ahead, little shacks of homes covered every inch… It smelt so bad. She looked back and she could see the officers in their red and blue uniforms chase her, swords out, ready to attack her.

Her heart sank further, seeing their emotions of hate and anger on their faces… out to kill the woman they sought to protect.

Danger ahead princess the system inserted in her brain told her as she looked at the common people trying to move through the crowded streets

Lucky for Princesses, they are taught to blend in… never stand out next to the royal men.

She could see people, a lot of people up ahead Princess, danger up ahead

Just blend in, just blend in!

She slipped into the crowd trying to make her way through it without making a scene. The people came in all shapes and sizes, colours and different amounts of limbs. There was a mix of alien creatures and humans. She looked around for a moment trying to comprehend what was happening.

My god, I've being living under a rock…

She ignored those thoughts, she ignored her fear.

"MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!" shouted the officials as they tried to make their way through the crowd "MOVE OR I'LL KILL YOU"

She gasped as she reached the end of the crowd not knowing which way to run.

Princesses are also taught how to make the right decisions

She saw more houses and people to one side and the portal station on the other. Portal station to your left, if you wish to book in a portal transporter. Estimated time of departure in 3 hours

I can't wait that long, oh god I'm going to have to jump into a random one.

She looked around and waited for one to open so no one would notice her.

She ran towards a portal and slid into one of the portals. She looked back as the officials looked frantically to know which was she went. The doors closed and she knew she was safe.

She sighed as she looked over to whom she shared the portal with before she gasped again.

It was a rat, a huge rat.

The portal was the shape of a small ball, this particular common people portal transporter compared to the ones she had being in as a royal was tiny. He was seated on the other side and was staring at her with suspicion. She looked back outside and noticed that the guards had gone.

He nodded in her direction "Running from the law?" he asked leaning on his walking stick

He was old, and he seemed frail…

FRIEND her system told her Unknown birth, address, nationality….

Anna looked back to the town, but saw nothing…. Only darkness.

She jumped back from the window and sat down in a seat

The rat laughed "Relax child, never travelled through portals before?"

I never go to look out a window of a portal transporter before. I had servants who could do that for me.

She looked back at the oversized rat and looked back into the darkness. She fixed her undergarments up trying to make herself look presentable…. Wasn't going to happen for her.

She sighed and slumped her shoulders, something a princess should never do.

Princess…. Hmph, I cannot be considered a princess anymore

She looked back at the rat who was staring at her

"What are you?" she hissed at him

"What are you?" her retorted "And why are you running from people?"

Anna looked away "None of your business!" she exclaimed

"Well, you are in my portal"

She looked back outside the window, running a hand through her hands. She couldn't do so without running into knots. She pulled her long hair to her chest and tried to put it up in a bun. Her hair was so long and thick, it wouldn't stay.

She sighed deeply. If this had happened while she was at home, firstly, she'd get beaten for being so dirty. Then the servants would fix it up for her.

She looked at her feet and looked at him "Yes I am in trouble with the law" she muttered "But that is all I am telling you" she muttered as she pulled off the cloak and Shaw revealing her dirty face.

"I understand" he muttered looking at what she was wearing and her face "Princess"

She looked at him "How dare you address me that way!" she shouted sitting upright "I am no princess anymore, I am an outlaw" she listened to the words that rolled off her tongue

Outlaw, a criminal

The rat nodded "I saw the warrant for your death this morning, for treason"

"this is ludicrous" she moaned, her head in her hand "I have done nothing to upset the kingdom"

The rat nodded again "I understand the kingdom of Beal was not very fair with their rules" he began to say "That's why I like avoiding the place"

"That's why I'm running from there" she shrilled

They sat in silence. She looked at the oversized rat again "Why were you even in Beal?"

"I had to meet up with a friend" he said softly

"Oh" she whispered back

She started playing with her hair again

"Where exactly are you headed?" she muttered to him

"New York"

"Oh?" she asked trying to remember her studies from other dimension years ago


"Oh" she whispered "I've never being there before"

"You'll love it" he smiled at her

She nodded looking out into the darkness again. Fear crept into her

What happens to me now?

"Do you know anyone there?"

She shook her head "No" her heart beginning to race

The rat nodded again "Do you need a place to stay?"

"No" she muttered again looking outside the window

"You won't find anyone else though, who would be willing to help you"

She looked at the rat "You have a kind offer, but this dilemma… I should take care of it on my own. And besides, I am a princess. No one ever hurts the princess"

"You'd be surprised your majesty"

She smiled a little and sighed before examining her situation again

"If you do ever get into trouble, my sons are always patrolling the streets of the night" he began to say "They are the night watchers"

"There are more of you?" she gasped

"They are my sons; they look entirely different yet are the same. Ask for Leonardo" he said

She nodded "Thankyou but I assure you, I do not need your help" she stuck her head in the air

"Princess, you can let your guard down"

Anna looked back outside and saw men in cloaks surrounding the other side of the dark

"Do remember, the four sons of mine, remember Leonardo?"
She nodded as she focused on the outside "Thankyou" she muttered planning her next move