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They walked until they reached a small sewer opening in a lonely dark alley way.

She looked around for a moment before she watched the overgrown turtles jump into the hole

The one in the blue mask… Leonardo signalled for her to jump in next.

She peered into it slowly and Leonardo chuckled slightly "Don't worry, there's some one who will catch you inside"

She rolled her eyes "I do not need your help" she looked back to the hole "Move out of my way! I can do this myself!" Before she jumped into the hole landing on her feet.

She stood up and looked around. Her system had automatically turned night vision on.

"Which way?" she asked as the last turtle joined them

The one in red snickered "You can't see can you?"

She rolled her eyes and punched him in the shoulder from where she was standing "You underestimate my abilities"

He grumbled under his breath before they continued walking down the sewers

The one in orange began walking with Anna; he looked her in the eye trying to understand what she thought of the sewers.

Anna had her pokerfaced on, the one she used regularly back at Beal. No one liked and angry or upset princess.

The whole walk back to their home was awfully quiet. The tension between all of them was really strong. Leonardo was afraid something was going to happen, that she really wasn't who she said she was.

They reached the opening of their home. The door was shut with multiple locks. Leo was about to open them before he looked at the girl.

"Do you mind turning around?"

She chuckled "You're not the only one who has the luxury to live in a sewer. It's not like I am going to steal the place" she rolled her eyes and turned away

Leo rolled his eyes and opened the door.

They entered the room and watched as Splinter made his way over to his sons.

Anna stepped in, which surprised Splinter.

"Your majesty" the rat knelt down in front of her

She rolled her eyes and leant her hand to help him up "None of this nonsense please" she replied as she helped him up

The turtles stared at each other "Princess? Honestly?" the red masked turtle snickered

She rolled her eyes again and crossed her arms.

The orange masked turtle knelt down and kissed at her feet "Oh princess! I am so grateful to be in your presence"

Anna kicked him back onto his back "There is no need for that" she hissed

The three other turtles chuckled as the orange masked turtle got back to his feet and hang his head in shame

"I am no princess anymore" she replied to the Rat "You were right, doing it alone is difficult" she replied hanging her head

"Why aren't you a princess anymore?" Leonardo asked moving forward

The princess glared at Leonardo "Events happened, now my father wants my death" she replied

"Your father wants you dead? Dude that's harsh" the orange masked turtle exclaimed "Dude, if sensei was to kill us-"

The purple masked turtle punched his brothers shoulder "Not helpful" he whispered furiously into his ear

"No it isn't" hissed Anna "But yes, it is harsh"

"My sons, we must understand that…. Anastasia is innocent" The rat told the others

Anna looked at the Rat "Now that you have told them my identity, please reveal yours?" she asked him

"I am splinter, Sensei Splinter"

An 'O' shape appeared on her face before she knelt in front of him "Sensei Splinter, my deepest apologies" she knelt down "My family, the respect they have for you, please do not let my pathetic attitude ruin your relationship with them. They never told me you took form not of a human"

"None of this" he muttered taking her hand and making her stand "Having you in my home is the greatest pleasure"

She snickered a little and looked around the sewer they had turned into a home.

"It may not seem like a home but my sons and I do-"

"No" she replied "No, this is better than my quarters at the moment" she whispered

She looked at the turtles "You must consider yourself extremely grateful" she began "Your father is a good family friend of my family. He has earnt the respect of the king"

They nodded and agreed within their own hearts and Splinter smiled at his new friend

"We do, thankyou Anastasia" replied Leonardo going out to shake her hand "I am Leonardo, well you already know that" he said sheepishly "It is an honour"

She stood back and looked at his hand, then back to Leo. She chuckled "So I have being told but thankyou" she looked around to the clock "I must be going, it's nearly sun rise" she began to back out of the room

"Where do you plan to go?" asked the purple masked turtle asked

She shrugged "A princess knows good places to hide when one wants to relax"

She turned back to face her way out and sensei exclaimed "I wish to speak to you before you leave"

She nodded. She turned back to the others "Thank you for not hurting me before turtles" she started "Although I still could have killed you all"

The red masked turtle snickered "Yeah right" he spat back "You're a princess, we are ninjas, nuff said"

She rolled her eyes before walking out with Sensei

Sensei closed the door and Anna sighed "Your sons, they are very talented and skilled"

Sensei chuckled "Yes, well look at whom raised them"

She smiled slightly "Was there something you wanted to discuss?"

Sensei grabbed her hand. Anna freaked out for a moment, the whole touching other people thing stilled freaked her out.

"It is quite dangerous out there"

She nodded "I know, I haven't slept properly in a long time" Years… "I am so tired and in pain" she replied "But, they should soon forget about me" she looked away

"Do you have friends here yet?"

She shook her head "No, I'll be fine"

He clapsed his hand over both her hands "You shall stay in my home with my sons"

Live with common people- animals? It could not work.

"You have a kind offer but I must refuse"

Sensei shook his head "You are staying with us"

She shook her head "Sensei Splinter, I cannot stay with you. It is not safe"

"You even said yourself that my sons are talented and skilled. I believe you will be quite safe and comfortable here"

She sighed blowing the strand of hair out of her face "No, I refuse" she said getting up

I have to get out of here before I say yes

"Please consider this offer princess, you will be able to sleep"

She turned around and glared at the Rat "How dare you call me Princess!" she bellowed "I am no princess!"

Leo at that moment had walked into the room and jumped infront of Sensei Splinter "Don't you dare shout at him that way"

She glared back "How dare you tell me what to do I'm a-"

"What are you? A princess?" asked Leo getting in her face

She stood back a bit "Even so, I should never ever be called princess again" she hissed "You don't know who is listening!" she shouted "Why would I take orders from a- a Turtle anyway?"

Sensei stepped back, looking at how this may unfold

Leo took out a sword "What are you trying to say?"

"You are a turtle" she smirked "You are not even supposed to talk let alone hold a sword, cute though" she replied smiling, no fear in her eyes

Leo stared into her brown eyes, waiting for fear to be visible

"I challenge you" he exclaimed standing upright

She snickered "You saw me fight before-"

"No, I want to fight you"

She hummed to herself and laughed "Oh dear, I've being fighting all night. I need rest before I even try to fight again"

"so your saying I'd be tough to fight? Even though I am a turtle?" he snickered

She glared at him. She fixed her mask.

"What's in it for me?" she asked trying to fix her hair and put it in a bun

"I'll make sure you have food for a week"

Her mouth wanted to drool, she'd being surviving on scraps from bins. That offer was to good

"Hmmm, and you?" she asked

"You take off your mask and you stay and live with us" he replied "My father wants you to be safe since you are innocent. He won't sleep knowing your all alone"

She looked over to the Rat and he shook his head gently

"fine" she muttered taking her own sword out "I accept your offer"

"Good" he muttered as he assumed attack position

"May the best… thing win" replied Anna

Leo was the first to run at her, she slid between his legs to the other side before she got back up

"Afraid of attacking me princess?" teased Leo

She snickered and raised an eyebrow "I'm just working up an appetite for food later"

It was he turn to launch into him. She swung her sword at his trying not to trip.

Metal clashed with metal and she grunted. She was extremely tired and hungry.

Leo pushed her sword away making Anna do a backflip away from him. Sweat poured from her face "Is this all you got you amphibian?" she bellowed at him

"I'm a reptile!" he grunted as he caught up to her and knocked the sword out of her hand across the room"

And yet no fear wasall Leo could think

She round housed kicked him square in the chest making his sword fly away to.

He fell back onto his back sliding across the sewer. Anna jumped onto him, straddling his hips.

She heathed "My mistake" she breathed heavily

They both breathed heavily. Leo under her was shocked.

This girl has moves

"You won"

She smiled blowing a strand of hair in her face from her fallen bun of hair "I always win"

All of a sudden, the tables turned and Anna's head hit the cold ground hard and she was now pinned under Leo. The floor was cold and Leo's body was a sticky hot on top of her. She struggled for breath trying to break free from his hold. His hands were on her shoulders. He was so heavy. He looked square into her eyes. The warmth of his breath on her face. She sighed and rolled her eyes. It wasn't supposed to end this way.

Leonardo smiled cheekily then laughed.

"there's always a first, isn't there Anastasia?" he replied staring into her eyes, looking for fear still none

She lifted an eyebrow from underneath him, their bodies touching in more places then she wanted.

She snickered a little "I guess so Leonardo" she stared into his eyes raising an eyebrow "Well done, you beat me"

Leonardo carefully reached for her mask, still panting and gently removed it from her face revealing muddy, sweaty face. Her brown eyes were bigger then he expected. Her cheekbones were quite defined and she was quite tanned. She grimmed "Hmph, so I cannot have my secret identity no more?"

He smiled brighter "You are in good need of a wash" he panted a little

"You're not the only one who thinks that" she moaned

Their breathing calmed down, and sweat covered their body. He laughed a little

"Do you mind getting off me?" she asked getting impatient her eyebrow rising again

"Oh!" he said sheepishly and laughed a little before he rolled off her "Sorry" he muttered helping her up going red

She shrugged a little and sighed taking out her hair, letting it fall past her waist "Ugh, I need to wash"

Her long, brown thick hair was a mess, both sweaty and dirty mess. Her eyes were drooping a little but she tried to focus. She stretched a little bit while the Leo and Splinter talked of sleeping arrangements.

She watched Leonardo.

That's something I can cross off my bucket list, wrestling with an oversized turtle… oh god, I've done so much since I left Beal.

She smiled at that thought

Maybe it was best for me to leave Beal… the best I was going to do was marry a warrior anyway…

She looked back up at Leo who was in a deep conversation with Splinter and she smiled again

This one, even though he is a turtle doesn't seem to bad…

"Well now, Leonardo here will help you move in" Splinter piped up "I must congratulate you my son, the princess has obviously being trained well"

Anna legitimately smiled for the first time since meeting them. Leonardo couldn't also help but smile.

She's a stuck up bitch but I guess living with her would make our lives more interesting.

"My trainer was only the best" she admitted

"Who did train you?" asked Splinter "I didn't realise women could practice in Beal"

"Oh, they cannot" she replied simply "My older brother taught me" she held her head high "Anyway, which way Leonardo?"

"Call me Leo" he told her "That's what the others call me"

"I like Leonardo" she replied

He chuckled "Okay Anastasia" he said before he began to walk away "Follow me"

She smiled a little before following him

He lead her to a small room with a mat laid out to be used as a bed. It was dark and it smelt horrible.

She looked around and Leonardo smiled slightly and rubbed the back of his neck "It may not be much"

She shook her head "It's better then what I have had in the past, I thankyou Leonardo" she praised him

She sat on the mat and closed her eyes and crossed her legs confusing Leonardo

She smiled with her eyes closed "This will be perfect"

The other turtles walked in "What is she doing in here?" they whispered to Leo

Her eyes snapped open "Why turtles, thankyou for coming to visit me" she jumped up

They looked at each other "Where's the mask?" asked the turtle with the orange masked

She looked at Leonardo "Well, I assume you also don't wear your masks around your home too?"

"Hmph, you wouldn't tell us apart" snickered the one with the red mask

She chuckled "So tell me turtles, how do I tell you apart?"

"raph" the turtle with the red masked turtle pointed to himself

"Raphael" she repeated walking over to a wall and eyeing the wall and the lines in them, tracing it with her finger

Raph rolled his eyes "Whatever" he muttered walking out

"Don" the purple masked one smiled

She smiled at him "Donetello" she repeated

He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly

"Mikey?" he told her

"Michelangelo right?" she asked him

He nodded "Uhh yeah, mike works to…"

"Michelangelo" she snickered "I call everyone by their proper names"

Mikey nodded "So you into video games?" he asked

She shook her head "Video games?" she asked

"TV?" he asked more concerned

"I should explain that Beal is like… How do I explain? Medieval times of your earth" she shrugged

"So no electricity?" Don asked sitting down

She shrugged "We do have systems inserted when we are born-"

"Yes! I have heard of those! Fascinating by the way! Do they really?-"

"Don, lets save the questions for tomorrow. You wanna shower now?" asked Leo awkwardly

She smiled brightly bringing little warmth to the room "that would be delightful!"

The boys looked at each other… They had a girl living with them