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Shadowstar sighed and twitched her tail in annoyance.

"So tell me again why I caught you two eating a rabbit in the woods? You know what the warrior code says, 'The clan first.'" she meowed.

Sodpaw and Quickpaw looked at each other then sunk lower to the ground.

"We didn't get to eat at sun rise and we were hungry…" Quickpaw mewed quietly.

"And you thought since you were alone that you could take a bite in your kill while the clan hasn't eaten?" Shadowstar meowed.

Cragpelt just watched from Shadowstar's side. He could not believe his brother did this.

"It was only a little rabbit, the clan wouldn't miss it…" Sodpaw mewed even quieter.

Shadowstar stood up and glared at her younger sister.

"Every thing is important to this clan, from the smallest mouse to the biggest rabbit. We need whatever we can get from our territory." She meowed loudly.

The apprentices lowered themselves more. They hadn't seen Shadowstar this mad before. They knew the clan needed food, but they thought that just the smallest rabbit didn't matter. They didn't think and they now knew that was their mistake. They also knew they would get punished for it.

Cragpelt put his muzzle on Shadowstar's head, telling her silently to calm down, and calming himself as well. He was very angry, mostly at Quickpaw. His brother should know better.

Shadowstar sighed and sat down again. "ok, I have come to a decision. Both of you are going to bring double what you ate to the elders and the queens. Then you will be doing all yours and your fellow apprentices chores." She meowed.

All the cats looked at her with wide eyes. "Shadowstar, don't you think that is a little to harsh?" Cragpelt meowed, still shocked.

"No, I do not, yes, they are kin, but that just makes it worse then it seems. The brother and sister of the leader and deputy disrespecting the warrior code. What do you think other clans would say if the found out?" She meowed.

Cragpelt nodded, while Sodpaw stood up. "how would the other clans find out? We weren't on their side of the territory!" She mewed.

Shadowstar glared at her. "I will also have to talk to Snowtail about the other clans."

Quickpaw stood too, and was glaring at Shadowstar.

"it was just a rabbit and there were no scents of the other clans…"

Now Shadowstar was mad. "both of you start your punishments right now!" she yowled loudly.

The youngest jumped and scampered out of the den.

Shadowstar closed her eyes and mewed, "this is not what I needed on the gathering day…"

Cragpelt had a small grin. "well, they are only apprentices." he meowed.

"yes, but they should know by now they cant do that." She replied.

Before Cragpelt could answer her, she padded out of the den and into the camp. She looked around and had a loving look in her eyes. She saw Snowtail and Slenderclaw were murmuring quietly near the elders den while sharing a rabbit.

Sweetkit, Fluffkit, Shadekit, and Lightkit were running around with Woodpaw and Flowerpaw, who were running around Starheart and Flametail.

Silentclaw was watching, amused, from Bluefeather's side.

Speedspot and Treeclaw were making their way to Snowtail and Slenderclaw.

Lillystream and Curlypaw were starting to head out of the camp for more herbs.

Quickpaw and Sodpaw were running from place to place in order to finish their chores to try and go to the gathering tonight.

And Cragpelt… had a small grin in place as he watched her.

She smiled back at him and flicked her tail for him to follow. Shadowstar and Cragpelt made their way to the grass hill in the middle of the camp. Shadowstar sat with Cragpelt at her side.

"All cats that have become an apprentice or higher gather around the grass hill for a clan meeting!" Shadowstar yowled across the camp.

All the cats started gathering around her, waiting for her to start again. She did when they were all looking at her.

"As you know, we have a gathering tonight," Shadowstar started. "I have decided to take the following cats: Woodpaw and Flowerpaw, Flametail, Snowtail, Silentclaw, and Bluefeather. Be ready because we are leaving in a moment." and with a flick of her tail, the cats scattered.


The cats made their way easily over the ruff terrain of the ground. Shadowstar staying up front with Cragpelt right next to her.

It didn't take to long for Shadowclan to make it to the gathering area. They were the second to arrive. Windclan was there too.

"greeting Shadowstar." a meow sounded as two cats made their was to Shadowstar and Cragpelt.

"greetings Tallstar." She meowed in response. "I trust everything has been well?"

Tallstar nodded. "everything has been fine in Windclan. And Shadowclan looks fine" He meowed.

"as does Windclan." Shadowstar meowed.

No one but the leaders and deputies of Wind and/or Shadowclan knew this, but the were allies. They have decided to not attack each other and to help when needed. Shadowstar and Tallstar were as close as leaders of different clans can be.

The two leaders made their way to the bottom of the gathering rock.

More cats started filling the gathering area and it wasn't long before a yowl was heard from the Thunderclan leader, Greystar. She had blue eyes and a stone grey fur.

All four leaders sat at the top of the gathering rock.

Camostar, leader of Riverclan, stood and walked in front of the other leaders to speak.

"Riverclan has been living well. Many fish have been caught and we are full. We have had new kits and apprentices, though not a lot." He said. Shadowstar nodded as Camostar stepped back to let her forward.

"Shadowclan has also had good kill and new kits. We will, very soon, also have new warriors in our clan. But, we have scented a group of fox in our territory, so be careful…" She said.

Tallstar stepped up next. "Windclan isn't doing very well, we have not been able to find food and twolegs have been coming closer to the camp. We would like to ask Shadowclan if we may hunt on your grounds until we can find new prey." He said.

Shadowstar nodded. "of course Tallstar." She said. Tallstar nodded a thanks then went back to his spot next to Shadowstar.

Greystar took her spot at the front of the leaders and said, "Thunderclan has been doing well. We haven't had any major troubles, but we have also scented some fox in our territory. It seems that its home is somewhere in between Shadowclan and Thunderclan's borders. Shadowstar, I would like to request that we meet and try to find the fox and run it out of our territories."

Murmurs were heard from the crowd of cats after Greystar had said that, but one cat spoke out.

"That is a crazy idea, going after a fox that is living in the woods! It would be as if we were facing Bloodclan again!" A Thunderclan cat meowed.

"Bloodclan will not be mentioned within the clans again!" Shadowstar yowled suddenly.

All cats quieted down and looked at her. Cragpelt had worry in his eyes. Shadowstar almost involuntarily gave out her only weakness. The battle between Bloodclan/ Tigerclan and Lionclan took away her Mother and Father from her and her sister.

"Calm down, Shadowstar." Tallstar mewed, putting his tail on her shoulder to make a point.

She took a deep breath and nodded. "Greystar, I will join you. I will come by your camp at Sun high and we will discuss what we will do." Shadowstar meowed.

"Thank you Shadowstar…" Greystar meowed, still a little shocked from Shadowstar's out burst.

Shadowstar was known among the clans to be calm, cool, and emotionless. She was never known to lash out, unless in battle, and not even then sometimes. But she just did, and at a Thunderclan cat that she held nothing against. Now Greystar was a little worried about inviting Shadowstar, but then remembered how calm she got.

"This gathering is now over…" Shadowstar yowled as she jumped down from the rock. She was then, quickly, surrounded by her clan and they walked off, leaving the other clans to talk about her out burst.

Cragpelt glanced at Shadowstar next to him, and sighed. "That was not smart, Shadowstar…" He mewed.

"I know, but you know how I feel about Bloodclan…" She sighed.

"Yes I know, but it still wasn't smart…"

She nodded sadly and sighed as they kept walking.

"On other matters, you are coming with me to Thunderclan camp." Shadowstar meowed.

"Ok- Wait, what?" Cragpelt meowed.

"Exactly that. I'm bringing you, I expect that Greystar will have her deputy at her side, so I will have mine." Shadowstar meowed with a slight shrug.

Cragpelt sighed. He wasn't the biggest fan of Thunderclan. There were always a few cats, even though they were from other clans, that snooped around Shadowstar when she came with their old leader, Sleetstar. But, at least he would be there to tell the snoopers to back off.

"Fine fine… Ill come…" He meowed.

"You didn't have a choice." Shadowstar mewed amused.

"Of course I did, but I decided to go with my leader…"


As they neared the camp, Shadowstar yawned and told Cragpelt to inform what happened at the gathering, he could mention the out burst if you wanted, but she was to tired to care. So she walked into her den and fell asleep as Cragpelt stood on the grass hill.

"All cats that are an Apprentice or higher, gather around the grass hill for a clan meeting!" Cragpelt yowled out over camp. A hush went over the camp as the cats settled around the hill and looked up at Cragpelt.

None of the cats complained that he was up there instead of Shadowstar. He was like a second leader to them and was well respected, and they would also be punished by Shadowstar if they made a problem for him…

"Windclan, until they can find more prey, has been allowed to hunt on our territory, and tomorrow, me and Shadowstar are meeting with Greystar and Fernpelt to run a fox off our territories."

Murmurs of worried cats filled the camp as the fox was mentioned, but all stopped when Cragpelt told them that Shadowstar was after it. Then it started again, they all loved Shadowstar, no matter how heartless she could seem sometimes.

(Shadowstar: What… -.- Me: Nothing! *Scratches neck* Shadowstar: *Is sharpening claws* Thought so…)

Cragpelt jumped off the hill and made his way back to the leaders den, where he slept with Shadowstar. For some reason, in Shadowclan, the Deputy would sleep in the leaders den to, not that he was complaining. But compared to other clans, it was weird.

He padded into the den and let his gaze slip at Shadowstar's form before sinking to his nest and falling into a light sleep.


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