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It was a dull night in England. Probably the dullest night the planet had ever experienced. The problem is InvisibleBlade just doesn't do dull and neither do Anastasia Dove. They were the complete opposite of dull. They loved excitement, and adventure, but it seemed there was nothing that could quench that feeling of deep boredom.

The two girls sat on the pile of the blankets and pillows, which they'd used to build a make-do bed, that night for a sleepover. It is the Summer holidays, and though all year the girls had been waiting for these six precious school/college free weeks, now they'd come, the girls couldn't have been more bored.

The girls had played 'Truth or Dare' and 'Spin the Bottle' so many times, that there literally was no more 'truths' or 'dares' left to give. They'd done everything to yell 'I'm a purple mango' out of the window, to confessing their love for Matt Smith. After that, the two teenagers had decided to watch a film, but the power was out. Which, yes, also meant the room was dark. Very dark, pitch black.

"I. Am. So. Bored," InvisibleBlade moaned.

"Me too," Anastasia Dove agreed.

Suddenly, there was a strange, and slightly unnerving, sound of the Universe being ripped apart and stitched back together. Wondering if it's the power coming back on, the girls jumped up and InvisibleBlade ran over to the light switch and Anastasia Dove ran over to the television. Both pressed the power switches for the devices which they are next to.

Nothing happens.

Ok, something does happen.

Suddenly, they're not in InvisibleBlade's bedroom. They're in a strange room. A large, strange room. Both the girls look around in complete confusion and see that in the centre of the room, that there's a cylinder rising up from the ground surrounded by lots of buttons and levers. Standing beside these strange devices, is a man wearing a bowtie, smirking.

"What... the hell?" Anastasia Dove mutters, looking around.

"Where are we?" InvisibleBlade says.

It takes a moment to sink in before the two girls turn to each other

" WE'RE IN THE ..." InvisibleBlade's words were swallowed by her own excitement.

" TARDIS." Anastasia Dove finished in a low whisper.

" AND THAT'S THE DOCTOR!" InvisibleBlade yelled rushing up to the floppy haired, bow tie wearing man.

" Ah. I see you've heard of me then." The Doctor grinned like a Cheshire cat that had got the cream.

" Heard of you. We've watched your show!" Anastasia Dove squealed happily as she too came to stand in front of The Doctor.

" We've Read your books. We have posters of you on our walls..." InvisibleBlade trailed off.

" We write fan fictions about you." The two girls laughed. That's all they ever seemed to do these days. Write fan fictions about him.

The two girls leapt at him. They folded their arms around him, and crushed him in a vice like hug.

They just about heard the low muttering of never being able to understand fan girls from the Doctor.

They were hugging The Doctor!

They could now tick off the last thing on their things to do summer check list.

This was just a bit of fun between Anastasia Dove and I. I hope you enjoyed.