I Could Have Danced All Night

Belle had never been one for glamor, but even she couldn't deny the beauty that met her as she entered the Royal Ballroom. It was a large ceilinged room with a stunning tile floor and beautiful cream colored columns.

Decorations of all colors and sizes dotted the room, making it seem brighter than was ordinary. This had been done on purpose for tonight was a special night for all the kingdoms and the feeling of joy was contagious.

It was the Wedding Party of Ella and Prince Thomas and the festivities had lasted the entire day. The happy couple had been married earlier than day for all to see. It had been a beautiful ceremony with not one dry eye to be had. But no one was embarrassed by this fact, nor did they try to hide it. There was nothing to hide.

Belle held onto her father's arm and smiled warmly at everyone she passed. The young woman had never been to a party such as this and it took all her will power to contain her excitement.


Both Belle and her father turned to see a middle-aged man with gray hair and bright eyes. The way he was currently smiling, the man looked like he was a child once more.

Maurice- Belle's father- broke into a large grin and began to laugh. "Derek!"

The two old friends embraced merrily, laughing. Belle watched in wonder; it was very rarely that her father looked or acted so happy. And because of this it was a touching moment for her.

The two pulled away and Maurice slapped the other man on the back. "Congratulations old friend! May your son and his wife be blessed in their life together!"

As her father said this Belle came to the realization; Derek was the father of the Prince Thomas.

"Thank you, Maurice," The King said. "I am pleased that you could come tonight."

Maurice nodded and then remembered that his daughter was still standing next to him. "Derek this is my daughter Belle. . . Belle this is King Derek."

Belle curtsied as she had been taught, "Your Majesty."

Derek smiled, "Welcome, Belle."

The young woman nodded to him and then seeing that her father was about to say something else decided now was the time to break away. "Papa, I'm going to go dance."

Maurice looked at her and then away again. Belle knew this meant that he had acknowledged her comment, but wasn't going to give her an answer. The young girl knew her father wasn't very pleased with the way she carried herself, so she had stopped trying to change his mind. Afterall she couldn't change who she was. She wouldn't change, not for her father or anyone else.

Belle walked to the center of the room where people in ball gowns and dress tunics danced. It was a swirl of color and magnificent material. It was almost overwhelming to her. She chuckled to herself. Almost.

Belle entered the dance without a partner and spun freely, not caring about the looks she received or the whispers she stirred. She was here to have fun and that was what she was doing.

Time passed by in a flurry and soon it was almost midnight. But Belle continued to dance, even though she was growing tired. She couldn't stop. The music was too addicting. Then as she thought she would collapse from fatigue, the musicians stopped playing to take a small break.

Belle stood against the far wall, breathing hard and feeling more fulfilled than she had in a long time. As her pulse slowed down the young woman once more began to pay attention to her surroundings.

The Bride and Groom had come down the main flight of stairs and were now greeting their guests. After several minutes of this, Ella and Thomas came to the dance floor and the music started up again. Belle watched as Ella and King Derek danced together, and then they switched partners and Charming took the King's place.

Then to Belle's surprise, the beautiful Snow White cut in on her husband and the two women began to dance together, smiling and giggling together like little girls. They seemed to be good friends, Belle thought wistfully. She herself had never had any real friends, so she was always happy for others who did.

As Belle continued to watch the bride twirl and sway, the elegant Snow White danced onward leaving Ella alone. As soon as she did so the new Princess was approached by someone else.

Belle's eyes widened as she took in the new man's appearance.

There was one thing she was certain of: he wasn't human. At least he didn't look human.

His skin was a grayish-gold color and his eyes were otherworldly and animalistic. Not to mention the way he carried himself. The man screamed power. A golden colored tunic and dress coat covered his skinny body in a very flattering way and made Belle blush.

All in all it was a breathtaking ensemble.

Belle watched his interactions carefully, something deep within her forcing her to move forward. The young woman didn't notice Ella's horrified expression, or the fact that no one else in the room saw him. No. All she was aware of was him.

Belle pursued the strange man as he walked out of the Ball Room and made his way into the Royal Gardens. As she rounded a corner she realized that the strange man had stopped in his tracks, though his back was still to her.

"It's impolite to follow someone without introducing yourself, dearie." The creature said in a low voice.

Belle blushed at his words but didn't apologize. "You left before I could talk to you."

The man turned around and studied the young woman before him with a calculating eye. "What do you want?"

Belle felt silly as she said the first thing to come to her mind. "Dance with me."

The creature cocked its head to the side, an eyebrow raised, "Pardon?"

"Dance. With. Me." Belle said enunciating every word so there was no way he could possibly misunderstand her again.

The creature seemed to be at a loss for words for a moment before a giggle escaped his grayish lips. "What's in it for you dearie?"

Belle shrugged, "I haven't had a partner all night."

The imp drew closer, until they were only a couple of inches apart. Belle felt a sudden heat rise in her stomach and fought the desire to lean up on and plant a kiss on that strange mouth.

"Do you know who I am?" The creature asked in disbelief.

Belle shook her head. "No, but I could care less at the moment."

The imp cringed as she put her hand on his shoulder and took his hand in her own.

"You have no idea what you're getting into dearie." The creature said quietly.

Belle smiled but said nothing as she began to sway back and forth to the music that flowed into the otherwise quiet gardens. It was music only the girl could hear, but it didn't matter. It was her song.

After a moment the Imp slowly placed his hand on the girl's waist and began to lead her steps. The two waltzed around the cobbled garden, staring into each other's eyes. It was a magical moment.

Belle had never felt so drawn in by someone in her entire life, and felt complete as the strange creature guided her. She would never be able to explain her actions, but for some reason she didn't feel the need to.

After what seemed like a life time and no time at all, the imp stopped his movements, but didn't let go of her.

"What's your name?"

"Belle," she answered.

He repeated her name with a sort of reverence, before he giggled with glee and pulled away from her. "Thanks for the dance, dearie!" His hands waved in the air in a flamboyant manner before he disappeared into thin air.

Belle instantly felt a strange sense of loss as the strange man disappeared, but she couldn't stay sad. Not after everything that had just happened.

As the young woman walked back into the Ball Room, she knew without a doubt, that if the imp had asked her, she would have danced with him all night.

Author's Note:

I just rewatched My Fair Lady and had this wonderful idea hit me! So here it is! I hope you guys liked it! Any comments, ideas, or feedback on the story are welcome. Please review if you read!

~Lyn Harkeran