HEEEEEELLOOOOO FFN! I'm going out on a limb here and writing my second blatant self-insert fic, however, this time it's in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha section. As this is my first time heading into a magical world, I will be a bit slow as I watch every season and read every manga to refresh my memory. You'll notice from the very start that it's going to be major AU, as including an OC into the Nanoha-verse is very difficult with the amount of character development that goes on in each season. Anyway... on with the show!


Summary: I'm watching Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha for the very first time when I'm twelve. Suddenly, I sucked into the anime and given my own Intelligent Device, Gungnir, to aid me. I just want to go home! Not save the world from the Jewel Seeds. But to do that, I need the Jewel Seeds. And so, I take up the reigns, crack the whip, and guide the sun through the sky!



It All Began When...


Date: December 29th

Year: 2005

Planet: Earth

Dimension: A-01

Dimension A-01 could be called the trunk on the massive tree that was the multiverse. The single reason for the existence of every other omniverse and universe, where the space between the branches was dimensional space. It is, here, where everything we know in the real world exists. Probably because it is the real world. The world in which you and I exist in, writing stories about various games, anime, manga, books, movies, and chucking them up on websites like .

It is here, that my story begins.

It was nearing midday in Canberra, main city in the Australian Capital Territory, capital of Australia, home to almost 320,000 people (that would quickly approach 370,000 within the next seven years), the temperature nearing forty degrees Celsius. A haze enveloped the entire city, making it look like one huge mirage. Quite common for the only city in Australia to have recognizable seasons.

I had been sitting on my computer since Christmas, absorbed in the show that I'd come across completely by accident. My hands clenched and unclenched as I watch Nanoha launch a Divine Buster Extension at Signum.

"Awesome!" I breathed. Any twelve-year-old would find that awesome. I had been watching the adventures of Nanoha and her friends since the very start over the past five months. Even though Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's was only in Japanese, there were subtitles.

Anyway, I had only just started watching the next episode when there was a loud crash outside. My pet dogs went nuts, barking and jumping all over the place, before heading out the back. I ran out the back, and my eyes widened. I was the only one at home at the time, with my parents and sister off shopping. As such, I was the only one who noticed that the sky was a dark purple colour, the same colour of the barrier that Nanoha had been trapped under at the end of the first series.

How in the... I thought, even as I walked down the stairs of the pergola to the ground. Clara, my Labrador retriever, and Rusty, a six month old red heeler, were both sniffing around a small crater in the ground. An odd blue glow came from behind the smoke. My eyes widened even more as I recognized it for what it was. I whistled sharply, which caused both dogs to turn around and away from the crater.

"Get inside!" I called to them. Clara responded by bounding past me, up the stairs and to the railing facing the crater, Rusty following her like a shadow.

I turned my attention back to the crater. Walking down the stairs, I headed to the edge. The interior was still blocked from view, but the glow was getting brighter, signifying that the dust was settling.

It took roughly a minute for the dust to full settle, and I gasped at what lay inside. Next to a strange looking bracelet (at least, I thought it was), were three Jewel Seeds. Actual Jewel Seeds. The Roman Numerals XXII, XXIII and XXIV were faintly glowing on the surface, but that was quickly dimming.

Twenty four? Aren't there supposed to be twenty-one? I thought to myself. I turned my attention to the bracelet. It was made of some sort of gold material, with a brilliant orange gem embedded in its surface. I picked it up, and was surprised to find that it was cold to the touch, and fairly heavy, around about two kilograms (for those reading this in a country that uses pounds, 1kg = 2.2lbs). The only thing marring it's surface was the dirt coating it. I brushed it clean.

This thing... It looks like Bardiche.

Indeed, it did look similar. Whereas Bardiche in Standby Mode looked like a gold, triangular pendant with a yellow gem in the middle, this one looked like a bracelet. It looked to made of a similar material, and the gem was different colour, but they did look similar.

Still, in a moment of blind stupidity, I put it on my wrist. Of course, even if I was twelve, I was old enough to know better, but I was young enough to do it anyway. It slid onto my wrist with a slight click. I looked at it with mild interest, before I was forced to close my eyes and cover them from a sudden flare of brilliant light. It was so bright that I could see my arm through my eyelids, and if I looked hard enough, the bones in my arm.

The light died down, and I opened my eyes, and gasped in surprise.

The bracelet had shifted. Now, it looked like a gauntlet, just without full hand armour. Even then, my hand had a black, skin tight glove encasing it, with a small golden plate on the back of my hand, which held the gem.

Suddenly, in a clear, male voice, the gauntlet spoke.

[Incipiens satus-sursum sequentiam ... Recede a.]

Latin? I thought in question to the voice. This is really starting to freak me out.

[Satus-sursum completum. Enarratio.]

A beam a orange light came from the gem and swept over me for a few seconds before fading.

[Scalare explere finitur. Confirmatur. Linker Core praesentia deprehendi. Potentia gradus, centum duos punctum quinque decies unitates in currenti campester. Substantialis chance of augmentum in tempore.]

Linker Core! I thought in shock Out of the entire thing I only got Linker Core, as my brain and attention had automatically zeroed in on those two words. And then, the translations hit.

Beginning start-up sequence... Stand by.

Start-up complete. Scanning.

Scan complete. Linker Core presence detected. Power levels, one hundred and two point five million units at current level. Substantial chance of increase in time.

That last statement floored me. Even Fate only had a magical power level of around 1.47 million units. I was potentially a hundred times stronger than her. And it could increase later on?!



"You can hear my thoughts?" I asked in shock.



[Antaria Cristallum praesentia deprehendi. Incipiamus obsignandi?]

Antaria Crystal presence detected. Commence sealing?

"Antaria... you mean that Jewel Seed isn't their real name?"

[Etiam. Iocale in semen est conrupta denominationem.]

Yes. Jewel Seed is the incorrect designation.

"... Okay. Still, yes, seal them."

[Affirmativa. Signantes Modus. Assistunt.]

The gauntlet on my arm glowed for a few seconds, before I felt a weight settle into my hand. I suddenly found myself holding a staff as long as I was tall, just over five feet long. It looked similar to Bardiche in appearance, with some Raising Heart thrown in. An orange jewel was encase in a blue bracket, with two intricate gold wings extending from the top corners. From two point at ninety degrees from the wings, two cylinders extended, gold in colour. A silver handle led to a black grip, which my right hand was grasping. Behind the grip was a cartridge system, similar to Raising Heart's in design, but the magazine was larger. A second black grip was located two thirds of the way down the handle, and right at the end was small blade, most likely to enhance damage done by melée attacks, and to act as a counter weight to the large head. There was gap between the wings where the gem was exposed.

I stared in mute awe at the device in my hands. A wave of calm washed over me, And I extended the head towards the three Jewel... Antaria Crystals. One-by-one, I tapped them with the device's gem, which quickly absorbed them.

[Confirmatur. Antaria Cristallum Serial Numeris XXII per XXIV.]

Confirmed. Antaria Crystal Serial Numbers XXII through XXIV.

As the device spoke, the three Roman Numerals scrolled across the gems surface, a bright blue to stand out against the orange gem.

It was then I realised that I couldn't keep referring to the device as...well...device.

"Um... pardon me if this sounds stupid, but... what... what's your name?"

[Et viable quaestio meretur respondens. Ego sum Magicum INVENTUM Gungnir. Servire paratus sum, domine. Quaeso te, domine?]

A viable question deserves a response. I am Magical Device Gungnir. I am ready to serve, sir. May I ask of you, sir?

I guessed it was just Gungnir's way of formally asking for my name, so I answered.

"Kieren. Kieren Gallagher."

[Confirmatur. Magus nomen ccxii. Et glorificatus sum servire tibi, Magus Kieren, ultimus Al Decertaret.]

Confirmed. Mage name registered (I know I looks like the number 212, but this is what the translator gave me). I am honoured to serve you, Mage Kieren, last of the Al Hazard.



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