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DBZLOVER: I will try to make his power increases as realistic as possible. Magic works like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. At the start, as he gets used to using magic and how it works, the increases will be negligible. You probably won't see any noticeable power increase until about mid-way through A's, and if there are any others you'll have to squint a lot to find them.

EVA-Saiyajin: Correctomundo! A lot of authors don't, but the opposite is also true. Basic storyline will remain the same, but some event will happen earlier and/or later than what they did in canon. Since my SI will arrive around episode five, these changes will be smaller than what most other authors give, but as the story goes on, differences between this AU and canon will. Be. Significant!

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Takeshi Yamato: This is the prequel, but it is also eventually going to end up as a midquel and sequel, seeing as how I'm taking the route of a rather EPIC Nanoha x-over, the still in production Blood That Flows, which has 290 chapters and over 680,000 words (quite literally the LONGEST MGLN story on FFN, second highest number of words is only a third of that)! Meaning, don't expect this thing to end aaaaaany time soon.

Thank you to all those who reviewed. Now we continue our heroes adventure with the start of all of his troubles.

Getting there.


Chapter 1

I Made The Wrong Wish!


Date: December 29th

Year: 2005

Planet: Earth

Dimension: A-01

With a low groan, I awoke. Opening my eyes slowly, having fallen asleep outside during the day so many times before, only to blind myself when I opened my eyes, I had developed the habit of opening them slowly. The first thing I noticed was the the sky was still purple, although, for a different reason. It was sundown. Meaning, I'd been unconscious for almost five hours.


I looked down at my hand, honestly thinking what had just happened was a dream.


The gauntlet that covered my lower right arm was there, the staff having gone back into Storage Mode a while ago. The crater was no longer there (thank goodness), so the only evidence that something had happened was a very bright and very fancy futuristic glove encasing my right arm from the elbow to the second joint of my fingers, gem gleaming in the fading sunlight.

With a grunt, I sat up, shaking my head to clear any loose dirt out of my hair, then repeatedly running my hand through it to get everything else out. Which would've included something rather unmentionable but unavoidable with two dogs had I landed just two inches to the left. That made me shudder. The only good thing (if there are any about crap) about that was that it was dry and falling apart and no longer smelt. No less unhygienic though.

I lifted my right hand again, staring at the device on my arm. Me feinting wasn't really a surprise, given how the events of the day and the revelation that I was... the... last...



"... Well... crap," I cursed.

Letting my hand drop to the ground, I pulled myself to my feet and walked up the stairs of the pergola to the back door. Sliding it open, I was mildly surprised to see that I was still the only one home. Thinking back, my parents were both at work, my mother probably on the way home now, my dad not to far behind. And my sister was at friends.

The front door opened and closed and my two-years-younger sister walked in.

… Or not.

"Hello!" I greeted, waving my left hand at her.

"Hi..." she deadpanned.

"What took you so long?" I asked.

My sister ignored me and went into her room, probably to chat with another one of her friends. I sighed and walked into my room. Moving the mouse of my computer, I made the screensaver go away and hit play on YouTube to start the next part of A's.

As it went on, I became increasingly aware that someone else was watching it with me. Looking around, I saw no-one else in the room, and so directed my attention to my arm.

"... Gungnir?" I asked hesitantly.

[Etiam domine?]

Yes sir?

Jumping slightly at the unexpected but wanted response to know that I wasn't dreaming, I spoke again.

"Are you... actually watching this?"

[Etiam. Quidam de innoxia verba videri potest facile accommodata est ad Al Decertaret magicales ratio.]

Yes. Some of the spells can easily be adapted to the Al Hazard magical system.

"Which ones?"

[Flier Fin, Axel surculus, vinculum obligatoque, PLASMA CONTIGER, Sonic Move, Divinum Buster,] Gungnir answered.

Flier Fin, Axel Shooter, Chain Bind, Plasma Lancer, Sonic Move, Divine Buster.

I was sure that an alarmed look flashed across my face at the last one.

"... Is there... is there any differences in the normal Mid-Childa style spells and Al Hazard versions?" I asked, fearing the worst.

[Al Decertaret poema poematis erit magis potens per media ex DL%,] the Device answered simply.

Al Hazard versions will be more powerful by an average of 550%.

"..." My entire posture slumped in mute shock. "And the power requirements would probably go up by that much as well..." I muttered under my breath.

[Falsum,] Gungnir stated, sounding rather miffed. [Potentia efficientiam esset proventus per LXXV sentio.]

Incorrect. Power requirements will be reduced by 75 percent.

This almost sent me into the blissful realm of unconsciousness for the second time that day.

"... You mean they would cost only a quarter the magic?!" I whispered, my voice climbing a few octaves towards the end.






"... I need to sit down for a moment."

[Vobis iam sunt,] Gungnir responded.

You already are.

"It's an expression. I means that I need to think."

[Purgando, Magister.]

Apologies, Master.

I sighed and leaned back in my chair, the back creaking loudly in response. I let the episode finish before clicking on the next one. As is loaded, I started running the current day's events through my head.

First, I found out that I was a mage. Second, magic actually existed, as did Intelligent Devices. Third, I was (apparently) the last of the Al Hazard, a member of an ancient empire that ruled over dimensional space for thousands of years before suddenly vanishing, leaving behind only traces of their existence, technology and magic. And Lastly, a lot of things told in great detail in the Nanohaverse were quite inaccurate. According to what Gungnir had told me before my little trip to Dreamville, the Al Hazard had been wiped out by a numerically superior enemy billions of years ago. The only reason said foe won in the end was that at a certain age, every one of their people joined the military in one way or the other, while the Al Hazard only had roughly twenty percent of their population in the armed forces at any one time. At the end, numbers, not technology and magic, were the deciding factor. Both races were decimated, the other race, the Archanian's, dying out less than a century later from the Al Hazard's final "F*** You!", which crippled their ability to reproduce.

We were both silent while we watched the next episode, Gungnir faithfully recording any spells that appeared, storing them away for future modification. Which would most likely include horrendously complicated equations that I would have no hope in ever getting right within the next century or so, or, at least until Earth math caught up with Al Hazard and taught the damn things on a regular basis, or something similar.

When the episode finished, my parents had both arrived home with dinner. Mmm, MacDonalds...

Off topic. Clicking on the next episode, the last one with subtitles before it went raw and therefore for me was unwatchable, I paused it just as it started to play and left my room, completely forgetting that Gungnir was still adorning my right arm. Quite literally seconds after I sat down, my parents noticed it.

"Kieren?" my mother asked, looking at the gauntlet.

"Mmm?" I replied, my mouth full of cheeseburger.

"What is that on your arm?"

I turned to face Gungnir, the gem glinting slightly, with half-lidded eyes. The glint on the gem seemed to move so that it was looking at me, but I knew that it was from me shifting slightly. Gungnir didn't actually look at me, more like he sensed where I was based on the position of my Linker Core, which probably blinded his sensors with it's size and strength.

I swallowed my mouthful of food before turning back. "It's a glove," I said simply.

"If it's a glove, what's with the gemstone and armor?" my father asked.

"Pointless accessories."

I could tell from the look in my parents eyes that they didn't believe me, but would accept what I said. If they questioned me deeper, I could've told them that it a gift from a friend. After that, dinner was fairly silent, with the occasional short conversation between my mother, father, sister and I. Afterwards, I went straight to my room and shut the door and changed into my pajamas. Crawling under my quilt, I closed my eyes.

Slowly, the house wound down, the lights turning off and everyone heading to bed. Gungnir continued to run regular sensor sweeps every ten minutes, not that I knew until he told me later. Each sweep would last for thirty seconds. At around 3:20AM, Gungnir started another sweep. At that point in time, I was having a dream. In that dream, I was fighting alongside Nanoha as she fought the Wolkenritter. Strangely, I could understand every word being said as if they were speaking in English.

Deep inside of Gungnir, while my dreaming mind slipped briefly to the other Jewel Seed, the three Antaria Crystals sealed in storage picked up the slight dimensional disturbance that occurred just seconds into the sweep, as did Gungnir. He had marked it as non-important, until halfway through the sweep, when my bleary mind and rapidly moving thoughts caused my mouth to speak the same words I thought inside the dream.

"I wish... I could go there..."

The Antaria Crystals registered the wish, and unknowingly followed through with it, as their programming dictated. Gungnir's gem began to release a brilliant, pale blue light, one so bright it made the sun look dim in comparison. My room's window was lit up the inside, streams of light shining harshly through both the curtains themselves and the gaps around them. The border of my door was lit up. Both dogs awoke and started barking loud enough to wake my parents, who, upon seeing the light coming from the hall ran out and to my room. They arrived a second too late. With a loud rushing roar, along with the sound of tearing fabric, space and time warped and bent, giving into the massive dimensional power being pumped out by the stabilization crystals. With a low boom that shook the very air, my bed, and my room, were empty. The light, gone.

It was the scream of my mother as she turned on the light that woke the street...


Well, there you have it. The first chapter of Magical Device Gungnir. Next chapter see's Gungnir and I arriving post-Episode 4 of MGLN, just after Nanoha and Fate first meet. From there, things start to diverge a lot from canon.

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