*This story takes place the next day after the High School of the Dead anime episode 12. The gang arrived at a mall on foot, thus the story ending. With this in mind...how will Takashi, Rei, Saeko, Hirano, Takagi, Shizuka, and Arisu survive this time around?*

**EDIT As of 1/17/13: Changed the last scene completely to avoid confusion, with My OC and Rei. Thats All.**

Chapter 1: Sickness of the Dead.

Taiei Shopping Town...the next destination. The gang have been walking for half an hour while looking for a place of safety.

"How much farther Rei sheesh..." Takashi said exhausted.

"Its about 4 more blocks down." Rei said pointing north. "Do you see it a little? Behind this apartment?" Sure enough, behind the apartment was a large building, but it was still far.

"Yeah I see it." Saeko responded. "We need to hurry before it gets dark. The sun is setting...and we don't wanna be caught in the dark again."

*THEY* have been swarming and growing all over. More people are becoming dead or infected, and the remaining survivors have either isolated themselves or found a way out of the city. About 10 more minutes passed and the gang reached the mall...only to find the parking lot filled with infected.

"Shit...here too." Hirano said as he reloaded his DE.50. "I guess we gotta go through 'em."

"You're right." Takashi said smiling. He grabbed his ammo-less riot shotgun and charged in.

"Takashi! What the hell!" Rei said following him with her M4A1 with a standard Bayonet at the end of the rifle. "Why do you always have to rush?" She stabbed one the infected and shot at it killing 2 behind it at them same time.

"He is a man after all Rei..." Saeko said stabbing and cutting each infected she crossed. "Let a man have his fun."

As they charged through the infected, it seemed as though they weren't making any progress. They did, however, create a clear path to the entrance.

"Takagai! Miss Shizuka! Take Arisu and go through the path! Hurry up!" Takashi said beating some infected off.

"But what about you guys?!" Miss Shizuka asked.

"Just GO!"

Miss Shizuka nodded as she grabbed Arisu and began running through the path with Takagi. Just before they reached the entrance, the door opened and someone came running out.

"Hurry and go in!" The boy said running. As Shizuka looked on the boy pulled out a sword and sliced an infected in half. He looked back. "Get inside!" He yelled again, pushing some infected back with his hilt and feet. Takagi and Shizuka ran inside the mall with Arisu.

"who the hell is that?" Hirano said.

"I have no idea..." Takashi said. "But whoever he is..he's damn sure helping."

The boy was moving pretty fast, dodging infected and getting others to safety. The boy caught up with Saeko. Saeko looked behind her and recognized his face. She smiled and began fighting alongside him.

"Nice to see you...Captain." The boy said, smiling.

"Hmph. Yoshino Karataka. My second in command." Saeko said.

"I suggest you start getting inside." Yoshino said. "There's more of 'em. I'll clear a path for you all."

"For all of us? Not gonna happen.." Saeko said kicking an infected in front of her. Yoshino sweeped one in front him and stabbed it in its forehead.

"Still stubborn I see. Well fine. I'll go help the others." Yoshino then ran over to Rei and Takashi . "No time for introductions. Just go in now. There's a clear path. Hurry and take it."

"On it man." Takashi said heading towards the mall. He seems...famliliar, Takashi thought. Takashi made it to the entrance with Rei right behind him. Rei was shooting most of the infected in her way. She cleared her own path and both went inside the mall.

"Oh thank God you guys are okay..." Takagi said. "...but, where's Saeko and Hirano?" Speak of the devil, Hirano walks in unharmed.

"Here Takagi!" Hirano said joyfully smiling. Takagi sighed.

"Captain, I believe it's time to go inside." Yoshino said cutting off the legs of an infected. His voice was calm and high pitched. He had a baby face and black long hair. He was wearing a orange shirt and black jeans with yellow MMA gloves with some Nike sneakers.

"You're right. Let's go." Saeko began running with Yoshino right behind her. Suddenly Yoshino had stopped and fell to the ground in pain. He was holding his right arm, he began screaming in agony.

"Ahhhh!" he was breathing heavily. Something is wrong arm, Saeko thought. Has...has he been bitten?

"I'll kill him later..." Saeko ran back to Yoshino and carried him on her back the rest of the way. She grabbed his sword and held it by the hilt on her teeth as well.

Takagi was amazed. "Whoa...she's fuckin'..."

"Awesome." Takashi said finishing her sentence.

"I was gonna say skilled but that works too."

Saeko then went inside the mall and put Yoshino down with his sword next to him.

"Gahh..." Yoshino was in pain. "Thank you Captain..I'm forever.." He was cut off...Saeko pointed her sword to his face.

"Saeko what are you doing!?" Rei said.

"Stay back!" Saeko asserted. "I think...he's been bitten."

"What!?" The gang said simultaneously.

Yoshino smiled. "No...It's not that."

"Then what is it!?" Saeko said.

"Here. I'll show you." Yoshino raised his right sleeve to show a blackness covering his triceps to his shoulder.

"Karataka... What's wrong?" Saeko said putting her sword down sitting next to him.

"Oh it's nothing. It's just a..."

"Bad circulation in your arm huh?" A survivor had said.

"Yeah...how did you know that mister?" Yoshino asked him.

"My daughter has the same thing. When she was born she had something called a Stigma in her arm. Which would stop her arm from functioning after a little while. It WAS nothing bad, but the way you move and the way you fight...it's pretty bad. She's fine now...but she could use some medicine."

"He's correct." Yoshino said. "I have a Stigma in my arm. In order to stop it for the next 12 hours, I need my dose of medicine."

"How many doses do you need?" Takashi asked.

"3 a week. I usually get them at Kurosaki Hospital not too far from here." Yoshino stood up and grabbed his sword.

"Where are you going Karataka?" Saeko said worried.

He looked back at her and smiled. "I'll be back."

"You're not going alone!" Rei said. "Let us come with you!"

"Yeah man I'm sure we'll be of some help!" Hirano said.

"No!" Yoshino said aggressively. "You all need to watch over the survivors while I'm gone. And also this my mission. I'll be back."

"Not in your current condiion!" Miss Shizuka said.

Yoshino looked down. "I'm sorry...everyone." With that, he bolted out of the mall.

"No wait Karataka!" Saeko said. Then Rei ran after him.

"Rei no!" Takashi said.

"I'll bring him back I promise!" Rei began shooting and clearing a path catching up to Yoshino. "Hey! Karataka right? Wait up!" She was running out of ammo and decided to just avoid the infected.

Yoshino looked back. He was in the street. He shook his head. "Hurry up." he yelled.

Rei smiled and caught up with him. "Karataka right?"

"Yoshino. Just call me Yoshino."

"I'm Rei...So where are we going?"

"To the Kurosaki Hospital. it's not far. Just around the corner." Yoshino felt a sharp pain in his arm and he winced.

"You okay?" Rei said checking on him.

"Yeah I'm fine..come on let's hurry. Don't wanna worry anyone else." Yoshino began running with Rei following.

About an hour had passed...

Rei and Yoshino reached the hospital. The first floor was fine.

"We have to go on the third floor Rei. That's where my doses are." Yoshino said.

"Gotcha." Rei saw an elevator and ran to it.

"Now you know those don't work." Yoshino said smling walkking over to her.

"Hey its worth a try." Rei pressed the up button for the elevator and the elevator opened. "Well look at that...it works!"

"Beginners luck I guess." Yoshino said showing a small smile. Rei stuck her tongue out at him and they both got on the elevator and went up to the third floor.

While in the elevator Rei took a good look at Yoshino. He's...cute. She thought. Yoshino looked at her.

"What's up?" He asked.

She stopped looking blushing. "Uhm...nothing!"

Yoshino smiled at her then the door opened...unveiling a hallway full of infected.

"Fuck...they're here too." Yoshino said taking out his sword. "But...they weren't on the first floor..."

"Who cares? We gotta get your stuff and leave. Understood?" Yoshino nodded and they proceeded to kill the infected.

Rei had ran up and slid under some infected, leaving them airborne. Yoshino quickly done a horizontal slash to the airborne infected. All four infected were cut open in different ways.

"Nice!" Rei said astonished. "Which room is it?"

"Room 320." Yoshino answered. Yoshino was holding most of the infected back. He stabbed one and threw him into the rest of the horde. "I'll lead the way." Yoshino began running clearing his way with Rei behind him finsihing the rest.

Room 320 was in clear view, as they ran through the hallway, a child came out of the room. Yoshino and Rei stopped.

"Yoshino...what's wrong?"

"N...no..." Yoshino looked as though he had seen a ghost. "Why..." Yoshino collapsed to the floor.

"Yoshino!" Rei said. "What's wrong!? She's dea..." Rei stopped and looked at him...he was tearing up.

"Megumi...not my sister..." Yoshino slowly said.

"Your sister?!" Rei looked back as the dead child slowly walked toward them groaning. "Yoshino come on snap out of it! She's dead! Yoshino! She's no longer your sister!" She began shaking him. "Yoshino!" SLAP! Rei slapped him. Yoshino's left cheek was red as he looked back at her.

"She's not your sister...your sister is dead Yoshino...I'm sorry."

Yoshino took a deep breath, grabbed his sword and stood up. "Megumi...may your soul rest in peace in Heaven with Mother and Father." He grabbed the hilt of his sword and ran to his dead sister's corpse. When he got closer, he closed his eyes and then...SWOSH! Yoshino was in front of Room 320 with his sword hand pointed at the door. Next thing...the body of Megumi was cut in half, upper body fell back and the lower body dropped forward. Yoshino had let one more sniffle and tear for his sister. He looked back at Rei. Rei saw the tear from his eye and felt sorry for him.

She walked up to him. "I'm so...so sorry..."

"Its okay." Yoshino said softly. He opened the door and looked in the room.

There was closet behind the door. Rei opened the closet door and found a bunch of syringes and pills.

"Yoshino look here! I think we found them!"

Yoshino looked over and saw what he needed. "Ok all I need is one shot and I'll be fine 'till tomorrow." He grabbed a medicine bottle and a syringe. He put the syringe inside the bottle of medicine and got the medicine inside the syringe.

"Shouldn't you sterilize first?"

"Do you think we have time for all of that?" he continued prepping.

"You're right...i guess."

Yoshino took a deep breath. "Lift up my sleeve please?" Rei lifted up his sleeve revealing the black Stigma. Yoshino had injected himself with the medicine and winced. He breathed slowly and waited for all of the medicine to enter his body. Once the medicine was into him, he slowly took out the syringe and threw it out ...landing into an infected's eye.

"You okay?" Rei asked.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. I'm starting to feel my arm now." Yoshino began shaking his arm. "Yeah, it's feelin' better."

"Now we have to get out of here." Rei said.

"Bring me that chair." Yoshino said pointing at the metal chair.

Rei brought the chair over and Yoshino closed the door and put the chair by the knob.

"That should hold them off for a while..." Yoshino said slowly.

"Guess we're sleeping here for tonight..."

Yoshino nodded. "Yeah...we need...to rest..." Yoshino eyes had closed and Rei caught him.

"Yoshino..." Rei said. Yoshino was sleeping soundly. Rei smiled and put him on the hospital bed. "I'll keep watch until Its time to go."

4 hours had passed. 3:17 A.M.

Rei had fallen asleep and Yoshino woke up. The sounds of the infected had disappeared as well.

"Guess we're safe now." Yoshino said. He looked at Rei and smiled. "She didn't have to come with me. But I'm glad she's here." He petted her head and looked outside the window. No infected. "Safe for now." Rei woke back up.

"Oh..." Rei said yawning. "You're awake. You feeling better?"

Yoshino nodded. "Yeah. Are you okay? Need to sleep more?"

"No I'm fine."

"Ok..Rei you went to Sakuma High School too right?"

"Yeah why?"

"You seemed familiar. Weren't you captain of the Lance/Spear club?"

'Yeah. That's why I use this." She showed him the gun with the bayonet at the end.

"Nice. I go to..."went" to Sakuma High School and was part of the Kendo club with Captain Saeko."

"Oohhh! You're the second ranked in the Kendo club right?"

"Yup. Captain always beats me. But its expected. She's the captain."

"Right. Saeko is pretty good at what she does."

Rei sat down next to him, moving closer to him. Yoshino looked at her, his heart began pounding and he started blushing.

"Uhh...what are you doing?" Yoshino asked nervously.

"Uhm nothing! Just...getting cold." Rei said nervous.

"Ahem...okay." Yoshino pulled her closer and Rei laid her head on his shoulder...both were blushing. Rei looked up at him.

"Yoshino...have you...ever had a girlfriend?"

"No...not really."


"I know you've had a boyfriend...Hisashi right?"

Rei nodded slowly. "Yeah...but he..."

"Got infected?"


"Oh...sorry about that. Hisashi was my friend too."

"Really? That's nice."

With that, it was slient the rest of the night. Bringing up Hisashi changed Rei's entire mood. Yoshino stood up and closed the door silently and they waited until morning to leave the hospital.

Chapter 1: Sickness of the Dead.