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The Birth of a Hero, a Prodigy and a Duelist

Seto Kaiba wasn't a very emotional man. This meant he really wasn't easy to surprise. But the one person who always seemed to surprise him was Joanna Louise Wheeler. The blond young woman had just come into his office building, practically fuming and seemed rather ready to rip his head off.

It had confused the CEO greatly. He hadn't done anything recently which would get the woman so riled up. At least he didn't think he had. So he allowed the woman to come into his office to get her to explain what the hell she was doing and why she was doing it.

"You PRAT!"

The boy arched his eyebrow at her.

"Excuse me?"

Joanna slammed her hands down on the desk. Seto didn't even jump, his eyebrow just arched higher.

"Two weeks ago at the party. You remember."

It wasn't a question. Seto couldn't help but blush at her bluntness. Oh yes, he remembered that night very well...

"I don't see what that has to do with why you're so mad now. You seemed to enjoy it at the time."

It was Joey's turn to blush, her's a lot more obvious against her tanned skin. She slapped him, hard.

"Well I guess you should have worn protection, because I'm pregnant, you dumbass."

Seto looked at the woman blankly as she continued to rant about how much of a prick he was , pacing his office. The man stood up , still rubbing his cheek at the slap, an annoyed look gracing his features. Walking up to the blond, he placed a hand over her mouth, causing her to freeze and breathe heavily through her nose.

"You need to learn when to shut up Wheeler, especially when I would like to say something about this announcement."

He could feel her cheeks warm up on his hand. He smirked at her embarrassment.

"One: Did you go to the doctor's for your pregnancy test?"

He uncovered her mouth to let her speak. Joey turned around to face him, her cheeks still burning and her honey brown eyes avoiding his ice cold blue ones.

"Yeah, Yugi forced me to go."

Seto almost frowned when the King of Games was mentioned, before he spoke again.

"Are you keeping the child?"

Joanna was surprised at how soft his voice went when he asked this question, forcing her to look him right in the eyes. She saw his usually cold and guarded eyes soften, brimmed with thousands of emotions which betrayed his stoic expression. He was worried of what she was going to say. Joey nodded briefly, before speaking.

"I am. Because I can't kill."

He heard the pain. She saw his pain. It was then, at that moment that the two realised how similar they actually were. Seto leaned down, Joey leaned up. Their eyes were locked together, neither of them dared to blink. That was, until, their lips connected. The two smile half way through the kiss, laughing. Joey smiled up at Seto.

"What now?"

"We'll just have to find out, won't we?"

It took them a while to find out. Joey moved in with him. Mokuba and Noah forced Seto to buy an engagement ring. Joey and Seto got married while she was four months pregnant. Seto became ridiculously successful with opening his Duel Academies. And then, baby girl Jaden Sofia Kaiba was born. When Seto's daughter was placed into his arms for the first time, he smiled.


"Yes Seto?"

"I think we've found our what now."

Little did the couple know, was on that day, not only was it the birth of their daughter, but the birth of a hero, duelist and a prodigy.

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