The Slifer Dorms

Jaden didn't know what to say to Syrus. The two of them had walked in silence ever since the incident with Chazz. Jaden could only hope that she hadn't scared Syrus too much when she had shouted at Chazz...

"Hey Jay?"

"Yes Sy?"

"That was pretty cool."

Jaden blinked at Syrus in surprise, and then she couldn't help it. She laughed.

"Why thank you Syrus!"

Syrus gave a short laugh at his new friend as she bowed in a mocking manner, as if she had a whole audience cheering her on. Then he became serious.

"What was that though? I-I mean, your personality did a complete 180!"

Jaden giggled nervously, scratching the back of her neck in a sheepish manner.

"Ummm, well, you see... I get cranky when I'm tired, which is why we should get into the Slifer dorms, like, right now!"

As Jaden quickly made her way to the rather run down dorms, she purposely ignored the snide comments that Yubel was making. She really wasn't in the mood to have a debate with the spirit.

When the two made it to the rather run down building, it was difficult for Jaden to hide her sneer. I was the day she really wished she hadn't inherited her fathers OCD. Syrus made a face too when they opened the door to the room he was going to be staying in.


Jaden sighed in relief as she remembered that she didn't have a room mate. Syrus was a bit bummed out about it though.

"I-I hope my room mate doesn't make fun of me..."

Jaden glanced at Syrus before giving him her award winning grin.

"Aww, come on Sy, its not that bad! Its a new way to make friends after all! And if we just open the curtains, you have the most amazing sea view!"

When Jaden opened the curtains however, she was surprised by the fact that someone from the top bunk shouted at her.


Jaden shrugged.

"I wouldn't know. I just had nap time."

Syrus had to hold in a laugh at a memory of Jaden falling asleep during Chancellor Shepard's speech. All of them were amazed by the fact that she could sleep with her eyes open and standing up. When he had asked her how she had just grinned sheepishly and said her mom had taught her for when she was stuck in detention or boring lessons. Jaden said her mom used to get in a lot of trouble at school.

The koala looking person glared at Jaden, causing her to give him the infamous Wheeler smirk when they were in a smug mood.

"Great. Another batch of losers."

Syrus let out a loud audible gasp while Jaden's smirk turned into the darkest glare Syrus had ever seen. In fact, that now that he thought about it, her glare was kind of familiar...

"I hope you didn't just call me a loser."

"But you are! You're in the Slifer dorms! The reject house!"

Jaden scowled, and Syrus and the koala guy could have sworn that she muttered something that sounded like "my father will be hearing about this..."

Somewhere in Domino City, in a large office in an even larger building, a powerful CEO sneezed. His daughter was complaining about something again..


The man looked up from his paperwork for a short moment to look into the teary brown eyes of his wife.

"Jo? Why on earth are you crying? Did Duke say something before thinking again?"

The blonde was now wrapped in her husband's arms, letting out a watery giggle at his assumption. Then she remembered why she was so upset and looked up at her husband with sad eyes. It was times like these which reminded Seto of why he called her puppy all the time...

"I miss our daughter, Seto. The house is so quiet without her, and I had the act that none of us are there to keep an eye on her..."

Seto sent Jo a devious smirk, and the woman suddenly realized that their daughter got her mischievous streak from her father, no matter how reluctant he was to admit it.

"Who said there was no one there to keep an eye on her?"

The Chancellor shook hands with the young man in front of him with much enthusiasm. He was always happy to accept help at the Academy, especially help that knew the place so well.

"Its a pleasure to have you on the team. I'm sure the Slifer house will be thrilled to have you as their head!"

Mokuba Kaiba smirked.

"That's good to hear."

But in his head, Mokuba was panicking. Jaden was going to sick Yubel on him when she found out that he hadn't told her he was teaching at Duel Academy. And Yubel scared the hell out of him.

So, it's been a while guys. I've had major writers block. I've still got a bit, so this isn't that long, but at least I uploaded something!