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Three month after the Cristal Skull's adventure, Indy, Marion and Mutt think that they could, finally, live a normal life without danger and conspiracies. Until a young Indiana's student come to ask him to help her to find the secret of her grandfather's death… Family secrets, revelations, love and secret societies are waiting for you in this brand new adventure !


CHAPTER I : The Quest of Templars

USA, 1925

The young Henry Jones Junior looked to his teacher, Abner Ravenwood who was explained to his student the story of the Ark of Covenant :

- When you speak of the Ark, you have stars that shine in your eyes… Henry noted.

- Because it's my passion ! When you will find something that makes your eyes shine, you will understand what I feel.

- Why did you love the Ark of Covenant ? Indy asked.

The professor laughs while the young man hesitated :

- Well, you know, families' secrets create your family and your family is you identity. It defines you. Search after your families' secrets, my dear Henry !

- Call me Indiana, please…

- You will meet my daughter, Marion, she's everything for me. As if she doesn't seem to realize it… She's my most precious rose…

He looked melancholic but just after, a young woman, very beautiful, entered in the classroom. Indiana Jones looked at her just a moment, their eyes met and the sparks flew instantly :

- Marion, my dear, it's Henry.

He extended his hand with a smile :

- Call me Indiana. He said.

- It's a dog's name ! She exclaimed.

- Err.. what is the problem ? He asked with a pout.

- Nothing. Nothing at all ! She laughed.

Vatican City, April 1957

In a dark back street, a woman wearing black clothing rejoins a tall man. She gave to him a package packed carefully, they both looked around them suspiciously :

- Did you find what I requested ? The man asked.

- No. But I know who has it.

- And who ?

- You know who, it only can be her.

The man grunt something unintelligible and looked behind him, he continued, lowering his voice :

- Find her, earn her trust and steal the medallion.

- I know. And I will, you can trust me.

- I trust no one other than me, you know it.

The woman lowered her gaze while the man was leaving and got into a black car that started immediately.

Henry Jones Junior "Indiana" POV

Bedford, November 1957

I lectured to my students and Mutt - who had the luck of being accepted in the Marshall College thanks to me ! Mutt started studies of archeology because of me and Marion, we wanted him to resume his studies after leaving every school where he was for fixing motorcycles, to the chagrin of his mother ! And mine.

Months ago, Russians kidnapped Harold Oxley – Marion's friend and Mutt's tutor – who searched the Cristal Skull. Marion was kidnapped in turn and called Mutt, asking him to find "Indiana Jones". When he found me, Mutt and I went to Peru and other countries and as me than Mutt have learned my paternity... After this adventure, Marion and I get married and with Mutt, we moved to Bedford. Although at first, Mutt didn't want to go at school a new time, Marion and I – especially Marion - finally convinced him to go at Marshall College to study archeology. He goes backward – and even sometimes skip school but he still did it…

Suddenly, the Marshall College's director, Dean Charles Stanforth – who resumed his position thanks to my success – entered in the class room :

- .. That's why, the quest of the Tutankhamun's tomb is one of the greatest .. I hesitated, seeing the director entered. The greatest discovery in history because of … Yes ? I asked to my old friend.

- Dr Jones, don't worry about my presence ! Stanforth said with a smile. I'm just here to say to your class that your new student registered late was arrived.

- Oh ? A new student ? I said.

- Yes, you remember or.. no ? Asked Stanforth to me.

- Yes ! Yes, of course yes ! Where is he ?

- She. Where is she. She's right here.

He opened the door and the new student entered. She has got long brown curly hair and hazel eyes, she was tall and thin. She was wearing a white shirt on a skirt. She was a preppy, of course. Like the majority of our students, there was less than five Greasers studying archeology at Marshall College, including my son. She looked at me and gave a forced smile to the class :

- Introduce yourself, please. I asked.

- Hmm.. yeah… My name is Abby Jackson…

Without another word, she rushed to the back of the class, a lot of boys whistled and looked at her while I read her file – found under a pile of documents :

- Abigail, since that's your real name, hem… I started. I'm reading in your file that you're only seventeen years old ?

The students, who whispered already sentences about her register in late, uttered exclamations of surprise ! Stanforth smiled to me :

- I will soon be eighteen… She murmured.

- Why was she registered late ? A student asked.

- She arrived in town just the last week, she passed the test to enter and received an excellent result, that's why, I let her enter in this class. Dean explained. So, I let you continue your lesson about this amazing treasure of Tuthankamun !

He passed the door and after a quick look to the Abigail's file and to the girl in question, I continued the lesson.

Two days later, in Saturday, we discuss for once, not about adventures or mysteries but family projects. Something that all the family never did together. That was exciting for Marion – who waited this moment of family and peace a long time ago ! Boring for Mutt, who wanted to get out of the house and drive his motorcycle for the rest of the day, and for me, that was something of new and I didn't know how to react with Marion and my son. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Unaccustomed to the visits, we all looked and Marion stood up first :

- I go ! She screamed.

She went and after a moment, she came back with Abigail. She looked at us and seemed hesitating.

- There's someone for you, Indy. Marion said to me.

- Abigail ? What are you doing here ?

- Hmm.. Professor Jones, I have something to ask to you.

- And what is it ?

Marion sputtered with a smile :

- Can you introduce ourselves ? She asked to me.

- Yeah, of course. It's Abigail Jackson, a new student in my class. So, hmm.. Abigail, Marion, my wife, and Mutt, my son, but you already know him.

- Not really. Said the boy.

- Is .. is your son ?! She exclaimed.

- Err.. what is the problem ? He asked with a pout.

- Nothing. But.. you don't really look like.. an professor of archeology's son…

Mutt grunted but I showed the coach to Abigail who sat in front of us :

- So, what are you doing here ? A asked.

- I'm here to talk you about my grandfather.

I remembered the real Abigail's family name that I read on her file but she continued :

- I hope that you could help me.

- Help you ? For what ?

- My grandfather was Marcus Brody…

- Marcus Brody ?! Marion exclaimed.

- Marcus Brody like.. Marcus Brody ? The old director of the Marshall College ?! Exclaimed Mutt. That's why she was registered late ! What is cheating !

- Mutt, don't make the child. I said. I read this name on your file but.. it's a widespread name so, I didn't say anything about it. But why are you using "Jackson" as name if it's Brody, your real name ?

- That's my mother's name. And I didn't want that the students realized that I was Marcus Brody's granddaughter.

- I understood, mainly after your late registration. That's why you could enter after the re-entry, not because you had good results.

- I had good results ! She exclaimed.

- Why didn't you come to talk to me at school ? I asked.

She rolled her eyes, as if I was kidding :

- Because I'm inquired about you, of course ! I would like to be sure that you were the adventurer Indiana Jones and someone to who I could tell everything !

- Tell me what ?

She glanced at Marion and Mutt but I smile :

- You can trust them.

She looked a new once and stopped her gaze on Mutt, looking at him suspiciously :

- Hey ! Don't look at me like that ! I'm not gonna say anything !

She sighed and looked down before up her gaze to me :

- My grandfather was archeologist and searched a long time about the Holy Grail ! But after have found the Holy Grail with you, he continued his searches for another treasure… The Lost Treasure of the Templars.

- I didn't know about it, I thought he didn't search any treasure after the Holy Grail's adventure… I said.

- He found a track and when he died, five years ago, I inherited all its antiquities, its treasures and its research… And in a case, there were a little book where was writing a lot of things about the Templars and their Treasure but, at the end, a lot of pages were torn. In this case, there were also a necklace and few other things.

She pulled out a gold medallion from her jacket.

- Anyway, I know where the Templar's Treasure is. But I can't go to find it without you.

- Abigail, in the possibility that you have the convenient location of the Treasure, why did I go with you ?

- Because my grandfather asked it. He wrote a letter, to me, asking to me to find you and convince you to go after this Treasure. Of course, it will be offered to the museum and all the costs will be pay by the University, in memory of his former director.

She smiled and I realized that she's a kind of manipulative… Inquiring on me, using her cases as she's doing, she has got a talent for oration, for sure. And Marion realized too because she turned towards me, asking me silently what I'm gonna do. I moved on site, uncomfortable. A side of me said to don't go, that will be a dangerous quest but the other side of me, my adventure's side, said to me to go after this Treasure, that will be an incredible discovery, not only a Treasure of gold and coins, but an historic Treasure, a Treasure for the humanity… Unfortunately – or fortunately ? – this second part of me always win… That was the Treasure of Templars, I can't just refuse to go !

- I really want to go on this quest but, there was something strange about this story… She arrived in town just for asking me to go on this quest ? Marcus Brody died five years ago, why is she coming only now ? And why is it her and not her father or mother ?

I looked at Marion and Mutt. They both were looking at me too. Marion smiled, a little bit discouraged by me temerity, no doubts that she understood that I wanted to go on this track ! Mutt, him, looked at me as if he already imagined all the dangers of this quest. Did they really think that I will bring them with me ?

- I really want to go, Abigail. But I have something to ask you.

- What ?

- Why did you come now ? After five years ? And why is it you or not your parents who asked me ?

- Five years ? Because I was minor !

- You're still minor… Mutt noted with an ironic smile.

- But I entered in university, I'm born in December, so it's like if I was major. And for my parents… My mother disappeared seven years ago and my dad never loved archeology or my grandpa's research… He didn't want me to go at Marshall College…

- So, how did you do for having his authorization ? Mutt asked, as if he wanted to use it for himself.

- Long story… She sighed.

- Anyway, I said, if I accept to find the Treasure of Templars, you have to know something : I don't want anyone with me !

- What ?! Marion exclaimed.

- Are you kidding ?! Mutt said.

- Don't be so surprised ! I won't take the risk to endanger you !

- Can you see that, Henry Jones Junior ?! Marion asked.

She showed her wedding's ring :

- We are married, Indy, it means that I will follow you anywhere, anytime, even if it's on the other side of the world ! So don't be so selfish and bring me with you !

- Marion… I sighed.

I looked her straight in the eyes… She looked so determinate, it's a look that I didn't see on her face since years… Oh God ! I love this woman…

- All right… I grumbled. But Mutt stays here !

- I'm agree with that. She said.

- What ?! Hey ! I'm not staying here when you will go after the Templar's Treasure ! He exclaimed.

- Mutt, you stay here. Marion said.

He looked at us, mouth opened, outraged.

- No ! No ! He exclaimed. Did you really think that I will stay right here, obeying you, a wise little boy ?! No ! No, I'm not ! I will go with you, whether you like it or not !

- Junior, don't react like that ! I said.

- Don't call me Junior, gramps ! He exclaimed. Did you think that I will stay in this damn city and going quietly to school ?!

Marion looked at me, wondering what to do…

- Since you met your father, Mutt, you're.. more responsible and… he has a good influence on you but…

Normally, Mutt would already denying or laughing but he didn't because he knew that it's the only way for him to come with us.

- I think we could possibly think to take you with us.. She started.

- Yes ! Mutt screamed, getting up suddenly.

I sighed… I turned to Abigail who didn't react to our little.. family's conversation… I sighed, seeing her eyes :

- I suppose that you too, you will come with us ? I grumbled.

- Of course I'm coming ! It's my grandfather's researches ! The discovery will belong to him ! And If you're not taking me with you, even if you're unhappy with that, I have all the clues, I read all the researches and documents and I won't give you anything if I'm not with you !

I turned towards Marion who smiled :

- She looks confident… She said.

- And presumptuous… Mutt noted.

- I am not presumptuous ! She exclaimed suddenly.

- And I'm not a greaser ! He ironized.

She opened the mouth, ready to continue this way but I lifted my hands :

- Calm down you two ! I exclaimed. Abigail, you have to know something else… If you come with us, you have to be sure to be always in danger, to live adventures that you never imagined, enemies, secrets, you will have to confront all of those things… Are you sure to want to come with us ? Knowing this.

- I'm sure. My grandfather told me all the stories about the famous Indiana Jones. I know what I'm risking.

I sighed. I turned towards my family, Mutt looked unconcerned while Marion looked rather excited…

- So, I think I have no choice…

- You won't regret it, professor Jones ! She exclaimed.

- When we will be on this travel, please, call me Indiana. For few times, I won't be you professor anymore, Abigail.

- So call me Abby !

I smiled, she was so happy. It's a little bit baffling…

- I go immediately search my documents and my grandpa's case !

Before I could said anything else, she ran through the door and disappeared.

- Isn't she cute ? Marion asked.

- Are we gonna leave now ? Mutt – more down to earth – asked.

- I don't want but she left before I could tell her, so…

- Mutt, go to search her ! Your dad and me will prepare our stuff !

- Why is it me ? He grumbled.

- Because you have nothing better to do !

- I actually, have things to do.

- And what things ? She asked, folding her arms.

- Things very important ! He continued.

- Mutt, don't be silly ! I said. You go, I think I must have her address, somewhere…

I started to search in my papers, where was her file ? I finally found it and gave it to Mutt who looked it like if that was a piece of toilet paper…

- Mutt, go now. I said.

He grumbled but started to go, Marion went upstairs for preparing our bags. I picked up the phone and put it in my ear. I started to compose Dean's phone number but I didn't hear the usual sound…

- Dad ! Mutt exclaimed coming back in the room.

Suddenly, shots rang out. Mutt and me immediately jumped behind the coach while the window and the entire room was destroyed :

- What the hell happened ?! He screamed.

- I have absolutely no idea ! I responded.

I tried to look but a shot passed just next to my head, a vase exploded.

- Oh no ! Not my vase of Ming era ! I exclaimed.

- There are things more important ! Mutt said. Look in the mirror !

He fingered the mirror above the fireplace, I saw quickly men in black in front of a black car but the mirror exploded too.

- Damnit ! Are they gonna destroyed everything over here ?! Mutt exclaimed. Why didn't do anything ?

- I haven't got anything ! If I had a gun or my whip, it would be simplest but I haven't got anything with me !

- So, what are you gonna do ?

- I think about it !

He stayed calm. There is nothing in the saloon that could help me but if I could catch something like… I turned my head towards and saw a Viking's shield. That's it. Before think more, I jumped towards this shield, I caught it and turned it ahead me to protect me. I ran to the hall where there was a small furniture, I opened the drawer and chose among guns one of them. I took it and I placed myself just behind the front door. There was a little window on the door, I broke it and from my place, I shot few times. One man was shot on the shoulder and after a second of reflexion, they all mounted in the car and started from the hip ! After a little second of silence, Mutt rejoined me, still with Abby's file in the hand while Marion ran down :

- Everybody is okay ? She asked, worried.

- Yes, everything's all right. I said.

- I heard the shots but I stayed up… She explained.

- You did well…

- Mutt, are you okay ? She continued.

- Yeah, mom, everything's all right ! Don't worry about me !

She sighed with relief… She was holding four bags with survival kit… Four bags .. ?

- Damnit ! Abby ! She exclaimed suddenly.

- Oh, I forget ! Mutt exclaimed.

- Mutt ! She screamed. Quickly ! Go after her !

- What ? But, and you ?

- We will rejoin at the airport, do it quickly ! I ordered. She's surely in danger !

He ran outside the house for searching the girl… Marion and me both mount in our car and started instantly.

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