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CHAPTER XII : Narrowly Escape

Abigail Brody "Abby" POV

I realized what I was really holding only when we came back to the room. I posed the cryptex on the coffee table with the papers that had packed the cryptex and the logbooks of Michael's dad.

"Soooo…" Mutt started, looking to the cryptex like if it was something usual. "What is this ?" He asked.

I turned to him, chocked :

"You're Indiana Jones' son but you don't know what is a cryptex ?! You're serious ?!"

"In fact, he's my dad only from few months, so, I don't really care about his archeologists' stuff !"

Indy looks hurt and Marion gazed with eye his son but he ignored them while I was sighing :

"A cryptex, is a Leonardo Da Vinci's invention : in this mechanism, there is a secret message on a paper and we have to find the password to open it."

"So, we're supposed to find a password to have a paper ?" He said.

I acquiesced, proud, for once, that he understood well !

"That's all ? Just a paper ?" He repeated.

"Mutt, it could be a map, or another clue !" His father intervened.

"So, what could be the password ?" Finnie asked, looking at me.

"I don't know, it can be anything…" I responded.

"But.. you're the heiress, you're supposed to know it, right ?" She said.

"I don't know, how am I supposed to know it ?"

But Mutt suddenly took the cryptex in his hand and did it fly before catching it ! We all stood up, afraid of what he could do but he was surprised and looked at us as if we were animals…

"What ? It will explode, that's it ?" He ironized.

"No, but it's really, really, reaaaaally fragile ! So pose it immediately !" I whispered.

"It's not fragile at all !"

I thought he will make it fly again but he only turned it to look at it…

"There's a mechanism in, Mutt," I started, "there's a glass vial filled with vinegar and if we forced the cryptex, the glass vial will break and the vinegar will destroy the message !"

"You're kidding ?" He laughed.

We were all so serious that he finally believed us ! He stopped laughing and posed really slowly and delicately the cryptex on the coffee table. I sighed relieved and Michael turned towards me :

"Why do you know so much about cryptex ?" He asked.

I shrugged.

"My grandfather made me few when I was young ! I remember well, he was gaving me a clue and I was supposed to find the password, when it opened, I had on the paper the name of the next language I'll have to learn !"

I smiled wistful, remembering how was happy my life when I was a child…

"Seriously ? You resolved enigmas only.. to learn languages ?!"

He looked at me, waiting surely me to deny it. But it was true, he must have understand it and laughed of me !

"Mutt, don't laugh !" Indy exclaimed.

He ignored his father and continued to laugh. I rolled my eyes and Michael leaned forward, anxious :

"I'm thinking.." he started, "your grandfather learnt you what was a cryptex, how to decode it, languages and everything about the Templars… It can't be chance !"

"What do you mean ?" I asked with a little voice.

"You're the heiress. Of the key and of your grandfather, even if you don't know it yet, you surely know the password or, how to find it. He should have said something to you, younger and you registered it somewhere in your head but you can't use it for now because you don't know it's the clue for the cryptex…"

I stayed silently. I didn't want to talk about this. I can't believe my grandfather learnt me secretly all these heiress' things, what he has done for me, it was for his granddaughter or for the heiress ?

"I can't believe Marcus was.. the guardian's heir…" Indy whispered.

I can't believe he never told me about that, I thought. But I was only a child.

"Whatever," Finnie exclaimed, "you should know the password, right ?"

"I already said it… I don't know…" I repeated.

Mutt took the papers that had packed the cryptex and he looked to them :

"What is this ?"

We all looked to the papers, they were leaves torn from a notebook, they were full of writings and I immediately recognized this writing. I snatched him the papers and looked on this :

"That can be !" I exclaimed.

"What ?" Mutt asked.

"That's the leaves torn from my grandfather's notebook !"

Indy looked and compared the two writings :

"It's wright. It's the same writing. These papers are from Marcus' notebook…"

"He sent the package, so, it's logic." Josh said. "But why did he send it with the cryptex instead of let them in the notebook ?"

"Because of me." I said.

Everyone turned to me and I raised my face :

"Indy, there is something I didn't tell you yet…" I whispered.

He raised an eyebrow and I continued, feeling so guilty to have hidden this to the Joneses :

"My grandfather never asked me to find you for the treasure, in fact, he asked me to stop everything and never try to go after it and if I had one day a problem, I should asked your help… I really wanted to finish what he started even if he didn't want me to go on this quest but with my father who doesn't want to hear anything about Templars, I had to find at less one adult to help me. So, I searched you…"

I lowered my gaze and continued :

"When my father received a proposition to work at the military site near Bedford, I convinced him to install us here. I enrolled in secret the Marshall University and learnt more about you before asking you for this quest…"

When I finished, only the silence responded me and I was sure, this time, they will send me again to Bedford but Indiana Jones only sighed :

"I know, Abby." He said.

"What ?!" I exclaimed, raising my head.

"Yeah, you knew ?" Mutt asked.

"Yeah, I was a good friend of your grandfather, and he already asked me to help you if you were one day in danger. When you arrived, so sure of you, to ask me to follow you, I was sure there was something strange with this quest."

"You don't blame me ?" I asked, with a little voice.

"You had your reasons and now, the question isn't to know if I blame you or not, but why your grandfather didn't want you to go on this quest."

He turned towards Isabel who blinked, surprised :

"You said Marcus discovered something that frightened him to the point to abandon everything ?"

"Yeah, it was really strange. And few days after, we knew about his death…" She said, the voice shaking.

"There is surely a link between what he discovered and why he asked you to stop everything, Abby." He said, looking at me.

I kept fiddling with my shirt and wrap it around my fingers but he continued :

"I don't know what and why, but Abby, you are the point that connects all." He conclude.

I shivered and I looked to everyone but they were focus on the papers, the cryptex and the logbooks of Michael's dad…

"We have to find the password. If Marcus attached these papers with the cryptex, there is surely a clue in. We should separate ourselves in different groups of works : we have to read everything in these logbooks, Marcus' notebook and find the cryptex's password."

They all acquiesced but I raised my hand :

"Uh.. I would like to ask something."

"What, Abby ?" Indy asked.

"My.. mom is after this treasure also, these men in black are dangerous, we know it, but I can't let all of you protect me while I was standing there. My dad learnt to me how to defense myself but, I would like to master weapons. Is anyone of you could.. teach me few things ?" I asked with an hesitantly voice…

They mostly looked surprised except Mutt that laughed and Indy who was more curious than anything… He ran a hand though his hair and smiled :

"It could be a good idea. Michael, you know how to fight, could you take care of her ?" He proposed.

"Why him ?!" Mutt exclaimed, frowning.

"Because he knows how to fight." Hi dad replied.

"I know how to fight !" Mutt said.

"If it doesn't bother you, Mutt," I started, "I would prefer Michael…"

Mutt looked daggers at me and I shivered but Michael smiled and took my hand :

"I'm agree too ! We should start faster than possible, right ?"

"I'll help you." Finnie said with a smile.

"Thank you everyone…" I said with a little smile.

We stood up and left and the room, Finnie stopped and we turned towards her :

"I'll join later, I have something to do !"

"OK, see you later !" Michael exclaimed.

I followed him. He guided me in the cellar and we went in front of a wall of red bricks. He pushed one of them and a heavy sound of mechanism sounded in the cellar, a part of the wall sank in with a cloud of dust. I stepped back, closing my eyes and coughing and after that the cloud had disappeared, Michael took a torch he turned on fire and walked. He turned towards me, smiling :

"You come ?"

I followed him. We were back in the undergrounds !

We walked during several minutes until he opened a large double wooden doors and wrought iron. I entered and I opened my mouth by surprise !

"W.. wow…" I whispered, chocked.

We were in a room high ceiling, it was a real combat training room ! There were weapons of all kinds rows against an entire wall : different kind of swords, spears, rifles, daggers, old guns, crossbows, flails and my favorite one : bows and arrows ! There were shooting ranges – for guns or medieval weapons – and even the decoration was based on the combat : armors and shields, family crests and Templar cross everywhere !

"What do you think ?" Michael asked.

"What I think ? It's just amazing !" I exclaimed, looking everywhere and discovering again and again brand new things !

"So, what do you want to train ? Did your dad learn you to manipulate a weapon in particular ?"

"He tried guns, but it wasn't my fort…"

"So, which one did you use ?"

"Bows and arrows !" I exclaimed.

"Really ?" He said, surprised.

I acquiesced and he gave me a bow with a quiver full of arrows :

"Show me what you have !"

I placed myself in front of a target to a twenty meters and I aimed for the center. It was a long time ago I didn't touch a bow so, I missed the center but I was on the target ! I drew other arrows and I finally had the red circle in the center of the target.

"That's not bad." Michael said, acquiescing.

"Not bad at all !" A voice resonated.

We turned to Finnie who was approaching :

"But bows and arrows aren't the weapons you needed to. You must use infightings' weapons, like swords, daggers or guns…"

I had to admit she was right. I posed reluctantly the bow and the quiver and turned to her, she showed me several weapons of different kinds :

"You should try daggers or swords." She said.

"No !" I exclaimed.

"Why not ?"

"It's Mutt's weapon ! I can't use them !"

"Don't worry about this…"

"But I would prefer guns…" I whispered.

"As your wish…" She sighed.

She gave me one and after several minutes of explications, I tried my first shoot.

I won't say it wasn't bad since I almost killed Michael ..

"Maybe.. you should try again…" He said.

I acquiesced and this time, Finnie and Michael stepped back of several meters. After several shoots, I finally shot in the target ! They smiled and I continued.

When we took a welcome break, I turned to my two teachers :

"What are your favorite weapons ?" I asked.

Finnie smiled mysteriously :

"It has to stay a secret, right ?" She said.

"I like swords." Michael responded.

"Swords ? Like Mutt !" I said.

He pouted and showed me his sword. It wasn't the same category as Mutt's fencing or his dagger ! It was a long silver sword of one meter at less, embedded of gemstones. It was more than a weapon, it was a combat's jewel !

We were about to up to join the others when suddenly, a huge explosion sounded and the walls vibrated ! We fell on the floor and several minutes must have passed until I opened my eyes since I coughed because of the black smoke that had invaded the room ! My ears were whistling and I couldn't see well, my eyes were stinging and my head was spinning in shock !

"Abby !"

I heard a scream and the voice resonated in my head, I lifted up my gaze and I stood up, hesitating. I shook and suddenly, someone caught me by behind ! I screamed but I realized that it was only Michael who looked worried :

"We have to go, now !" He screamed to cover the sounds of crackling.

"The explosion was above !" I exclaimed. "We can't let the others !"

"We have to go, Abby !"

I stepped back to force him to release me :

"No ! Isabel and John are upstairs ! Marion and Indy also and.. and Mutt…" I whispered. "We can't let them while there was an explosion !"

"We can't let you be in danger !" He exclaimed.

I looked at him and I shook my head. He looked disappointing and I turned back to the door but suddenly, I heard crunches, I stopped just before a part of the ceiling collapsed just in front of me and the fire started to invade the room !

Michael caught me the arm and forced me to step back :

"Don't kill you ! It's useless, it won't help them !" He exclaimed.

I trashed him, looking to the door on fire :

"No ! We can't let them ! We can't let them die !" I yelled, trying to run to the door…

"Michael ! Abby !" Finnie screamed from the other side of the room.

Michael pulled me towards him and suddenly grabbed my shoulders, looking me straight in the eye :

"I won't let you go, Abby." He said slowly. "We can't lose the heiress…"

"Is that all ?" I whispered. "I'm only the heiress for you ?!" I exclaimed." You only wanna save the heiress, right ?!"

"No ! You're wrong ! It.. I .. Damnit !" He exclaimed, shaking his head.

He peered his emeralds' eyes into mine and I felt the time stopped…

"You're the heiress, but it's Abby I wanna see safe and sound ! I don't wanna lose.. I don't wanna lose you…" He whispered slowly. "You're too important… Not for the Freemasons, or the Templars, or whatever, but because.. you.. you are you… And it's you I don't wanna lose, Abby…"

We stayed like this during long seconds until he took gently my hand and made me run to Finnie. She caught my arm and I realized she had opened a secret door looking exactly like the wall, we started to run into these narrow dark corridors and dusty but suddenly, Michael stopped :

"I'll come back !" He exclaimed.

I turned to him but he was already running back, I wanted to catch him but Finnie hauled me too strong :

"Michael !" I called, but my cry fades into the crackling flames.

Finnie guided me while I was about to cry but I shook my head, I couldn't be weak now ! I had to stay strong ! I stumbled several times but Finnie always continued to haul me. We arrived at the end of path when Finnie jumped and smashed a little and moldy wooden door ! I followed her and after the darkness of these corridors, the stars and moon's lights blinded me, thankfully, the red fury caught my arm again and forced me to run thought the forest. We zigzagged thought the pins and after a moment, she jumped above a trunk of a fallen tree like if it was something usual but I didn't have seen the trunk and I bumped against and spread my whole length in the muddy grass and pine needles on the ground !

I groaned and Finnie stopped, turning towards me :

"Hurry up !" She exclaimed.

"No !" I exclaimed.

She had started to run, convinced I will run after her and obey her. But I didn't.

I lifted up unsteady, frowning and with all the dignity I could demonstrate – skinned, dishelmed, my clothes burned, muddy and full of pine needles stuck.

She looked really annoyed and pouted like if she will have to talk to a child who was crisis.

"I won't follow you until Michael arrived !" I exclaimed.

"Why ? He's surely was captured or-"

"No ! He's alive ! He's safe and sound ! He will arrive ! We have to wait for him !"

She sighed and closed her eyes, shaking the head :

"Hurry up, Abby, we can't stay here more longer. That's too dangerous !"

"Because I'm the heiress, right ?!" I screamed.

"Yes, you are !" She yelled, her eyes on fire.

I was choked by her sudden tone of angry in the voice. I swallowed but I kept my eyes on her, facing her gaze.

"I wait Michael here. I won't move anymore." I said.

She frowned, really angry against me.

Maybe she was my friend, maybe I was feeling so guilty to have left behind me Mutt, Marion, Isabel, Indy and Josh, maybe Michael was also gone but he's the only one who didn't consider me as a way to find the Templars' treasure, as the one who had the notebook with all my grandfathers' notes or the heiress. He was the only one who had considered me as Abby. As me. I wanted to hope he was still alive, he was still safe and sound and will join us in a minute !

Finnie opened her mouth to say something but suddenly, hurried steps sounded behind us ; we turned back, ready to fight if it needed to but Michael suddenly arrived, out of breath holding his sword and, big surprise, a bow and a quiver full of arrows !

He looked surprised to see us but not as much as us ! If I was waiting for him, I didn't expect he will come back so soon and especially with my bow and my quiver !

"You.. you wait for me, girls ?" He asked, his look especially on me.

I wanted to smile, relieved to see him safe but I frowned and I gave him a shot in the shoulder :

"Eh ! What was that for ?!" He exclaimed.

"To have left us alones !" I exclaimed.

I gave him another shot and he looked much more surprised :

"And this one, to have left us only for taking a sword and a bow ! What had happened if you were captured, hurt, or killed or-"

"I'm sorry, Abby.." He said, smiling.

He gave me my bow and my quiver and I sighed :

"But.. thank you, yet…" I whispered.

I took the bow and quiver on my back and after another bad look from Finnie to me, we moved and ran. Michael took my hand and even if I was relieved to see him safe, I was also guilty.

Not only because we left Mutt, Marion, Isabel, Josh and Indy in this house on fire after an explosion without any help but also, because while Michael was holding my hand, I couldn't stop myself to think to Mutt …

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