Author's Note: This is my nineteenth episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History. This episode, Frank West from the Dead Rising games Vs. the Duke Nukem from the series of the same name. I don't own the characters in the rap battle or the ERBOH series themselves.

This was requested by Anonymous on Epic Rap Battles Of History: Episode 18 (Dr. Cockroach Vs. American McGee's Mad Hatter).

However, he/she requested Frank West Vs. Featherweight and I couldn't find any details on this Featherweight character. So I'm using Frank West but changing the opponent to Duke Nukem.

Anonymous, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry for altering your idea.

Apologies for the month long wait. It was because I felt I had to do some more work on another story of mine called 'Te Amo, Rainbow Dash'. It's probably my second best work so far at the moment, the other being 'The Reaper'.

BTW, if you want to work with me on a rap battle, tell me. I'm already working on a project with SSBBFan.

And of course, I give all credit to Peter Alexis Shukoff (Aka. Nice Peter) and Lloyd Leonard Alqhist (Aka. Epic Lloyd) for creating the Epic Rap Battles Of History series.

Epic Rap Battles Of History!

Frank West...


Duke Nukem!


(Frank West)

Oh please! I'm rap battling a so called 'action hero'? /

No matter! I'll turn Duke Nukem into an absolute zero!

You think you're brilliant but you're really cocky/

My raps will ride your back into danger like a Jockey.

Even before you started, I can see you're much lamer/

I'm the Angry Video Game Nerd, you're clearly Irate Gamer.

I may not know much but I know this for certain: /

It's that right now, I'm closing your curtain.

(Duke Nukem)

Your raps can't destroy me, I'm just bulletproof/

You crumble rap battles, I just raise the roof.

I'm the entire storm, you're just the calm/

I'll blow up in your face like napalm!

Use all your weapons, I'll just use back/

You're beaten, it's no use to attack.

From day one, your rap's have been built with glass/

Hell, I'm not gonna fight you. I'm gonna kick your ass!

(Frank West)

I'd like to see you try & attack with your lyrical raid/

Your game was in development hell for nearly a decade!

You're old fashioned. You've lost all fan trusts/

And Forever made 2 in Screwattacks Top 10 Game Busts.

All you care about is money, sex and chicks/

and quit stealing hairstyles from Paul Phoenix!

Worldwide! That's how much my popularities' spread/

Oh wait. My bad. For 10 years, yours has been dead!

(Duke Nukem)

I've had enough of this, I'm clearly the best/

I'm the kind of badass you really don't want to test.

The time has come for me to smash you like a diamond/

Dead Rising? I'll have more fun playing Dead Island!

Sure. You can say we share the same amount of dollar bills/

But bear in mind, my game packs a hella lot more thrills!

Listen up big guy, I'm not telling you a lie/

Now it's time for you to eat sh(beep) and die!

Who Won?

Who's Next?

You Decide!