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Itachi was looking out over the school grounds, leaning against his car lazily. Konoha high school, his new school where he had been transferred to after his family and he had moved again. He disliked going to new schools and getting to know new people again. His family moved a lot, so he didn't really have a choice. This had happened so many times already and he didn't even bother with making friends anymore. Although he did know one guy who also went to this school. They had met on a trip years back. Both with their families and to get away from the family get-togethers, they had hang out a lot.

Now Itachi was waiting for the guy. He had been early, so his friend hadn't been here already. In the mean time people had been staring at him with curious eyes. He had heard whispers like: who is the new guy? And how could he afford a car like that? Itachi just shot annoyed glances back, scaring them off as much as possible.

A loud angry voice boomed over the streets and Itachi knew that this should be his friend. Always yelling, preferably with loads of abusive terms. The silver hair came into view and Itachi got off his car and waved at his friend. As soon as his friend saw him, he walked towards him with a big smile on his face. 'Hey man, long time no see,' he said, pulling him into a manly hug.

Itachi felt really uncomfortable in the hug, not really a touchy feely person. 'Nice to see you as well, Hidan,' he said, still being held. Eventually he tried pushing the bigger guy off and Hidan let him go.

'How have you been all these years?' Hidan asked, in the mean time waving at all these people who passed by. Hidan really had a lot of friends in this school, but it wasn't so strange. It was an outgoing guy and easy to talk to. Also very popular with the girls if he had to believe the stories.

'I've been fine. We just settled in the new house and it's kind of pretty. We'll see how long we'll stay this time,' Itachi grumbled. He wasn't happy with the moving all the time and Hidan knew that already, but he was happy he had moved here and could see his friend again.

Hidan smacked him on the back in a friendly gesture. It was just a little hard and Itachi almost fell over. 'It will all be fine man. We will have so much fun now you're here,' he said enthusiastically. Then his purplish grey eyes fell on someone else to the side and a big smirk formed on his lips. He turned a little and Itachi tried to follow his gaze. A lot of people were still coming their way, so he wasn't sure which one Hidan was looking at. 'Hey, blondie!' Hidan suddenly called out as a blonde guy walked right in front of him. Two blue eyes shot at Hidan and a small smile formed on the plump lips. Then the guy stuck his tongue out and walked passed them onto the school grounds.

Itachi found it strange that the guy never said anything back. It might be a weird nickname, but he could at least have said hi back. This was just rude.

Hidan was still following the guy with his eyes, the smirk also still on his face. 'Not even saying hello anymore, Deidara?' he yelled to the guy. The guy turned around then, smile on his face, but still didn't say anything. Instead he stuck up his middle finger and turned again, entering the school building. Hidan just laughed, but Itachi still thought it was rather rude.

'Why didn't he say anything back?' Itachi asked his friend in an annoyed tone.

This earned Itachi a raised eyebrow and even a bit of an angry look. What did he say wrong? Hidan sighed deeply, knowing he should explain first, before he could really get angry. 'First of all, never use that tone again when you talk about Deidara. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. Secondly he couldn't say anything back even if he wanted to. He can't talk,' Hidan said.

Now it was Itachi's turn to raise an eyebrow. 'Why can't he talk? Is he too shy to talk?'

Hidan folded his arms together and looked really annoyed now. 'Itachi, I am being very serious here. Deidara does not have a voice. He just is unable to talk.' Hidan took a threatening step forward, stepping into Itachi's comfort zone. 'And if you ever hurt Deidara in any way. I don't care if it's just mocking him. I will hurt you right back,' he hissed. Then Hidan stepped back, glanced once at Itachi again and walked of, going for class.

Itachi was left stunned. Why was Hidan so protective over Deidara? What was so special about him? Just because he couldn't speak, didn't mean he was better than the rest. Itachi didn't even get why he was here in the first place. Shouldn't he be in a special school or something where they teach him to speak in sign language? He was pretty sure they didn't teach that in this school. Itachi was now determined to figure out what was so great about this Deidara.

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