It was currently very crowded in Deidara's bedroom. Everyone had gathered there to get ready for the party, but the blonde didn't really mind. He was in front of his mirror, fixing his hair as best as he could. Hidan was sitting on his bed, making comments about the fact he was fixing his hair and then laughing hysterically at it. Sometimes he really wished he could have fast comebacks and shut Hidan the hell up, but this way he could ignore it even better. There were some benefits to not being able to talk and it's not like Deidara really knows any better.

Itachi was rummaging through his closet, picking out an outfit for Deidara to wear. The blonde wasn't sure why Itachi wanted to pick his clothes, but he didn't really mind. It was nice of Itachi to do something like that and while the raven was picking out clothes, his little brother was actually teaching him some signs. Deidara did have to step in from time to time, making sure Itachi wasn't learning some different words… Naruto could be such a brat.

His parents also checked on them like every ten minutes and Deidara would just glare at them, forcing them to leave again, but of course they stayed. It was already bad enough they teased him with having a boyfriend when Itachi wasn't around, but the aws his mom was letting out every time they were a little closer to each other was just embarrassing. He even threatened them through sign language, but then Naruto translated it for Itachi, which made it even more embarrassing. Deidara just wanted to get out of here and get to the damn party!

Two arms coiled around Deidara's waist and he could feel someone's hot breath on his neck. Couldn't be anyone else besides Itachi. Their eyes met in the mirror and Deidara couldn't help but smile back shyly. It still felt so weird to suddenly have a boyfriend, but he definitely liked it.

'Got your outfit ready,' Itachi said softly. He turned Deidara around and held up a dark blue jeans and a purple t-shirt with some sort of fun print on it. Deidara didn't remember ever buying it, but it looked good. He took the clothes from Itachi and then pointed to the door, signaling that he would go change in the bathroom. He definitely wasn't going to change in front of all these people. Hidan would just make fun of him, Naruto would definitely join in and what would Itachi even think? That would make the whole situation way too uncomfortable and with his luck, right at that moment his parents would walk in as well. So no thank you, the bathroom would be fine.

When he finally got his clothes on and had checked if his hair still looked good, he was ready. But then his eyes fell on his mother's make-up bag. He had tried out the eyeliner before and actually liked the way it looked on him, but would the others think the same? He decided to just go for it and drew a line around his eyes. He checked it for smudges, but actually liked the outcome.

A soft knock on the door pulled him out of his thoughts and before he could react, the door was already opened. Had he seriously not locked the door? Thankfully it was only Itachi and he stayed in the doorway, leaning against the door post. The dark eyes looked him up and down and then settled on his face. 'You look good,' Itachi said softly, smiling at Deidara. 'I like the line around your eyes. Really makes them pop out.'

Itachi motioned for Deidara to come closer and shyly the blonde did, leaning his body against Itachi's. Arms were wrapped around him again and he sighed in content. He really did feel good and he was glad he got some alone time with Itachi now. Unfortunately he had forgotten his white board, so he couldn't talk with him.

'I've learned a lot of signs today, so soon you can actually talk to me,' Itachi said, lifting Deidara's head so they were looking at each other. 'Naruto says I'm a natural,' he ended. This only made Deidara roll his eyes and then shooting Itachi a skeptical look. Naruto could say a lot of things, but he definitely wasn't the best teacher since he still messed up a lot of times. The raven just chuckled at Deidara's reaction, not commenting on it any further.

Deidara kept looking up at Itachi, unsure of what to do now. He was still being held, so he couldn't just walk away and get back into his room. He didn't even really want to. So he just put his own arms around Itachi's neck and pulled him a little closer. Itachi immediately knew what he wanted and planted a soft kiss on Deidara's lips. They just stood there for a while, their lips moving over each other, their tongues massaging the others. Both boys were so focused on each other and the kiss they shared, that they hadn't heard someone coming up behind them.

'Aww, you two are just too damn cute together,' Deidara heard his mother say and with wide eyes he pulled away from Itachi and glanced over the raven's shoulder. Not only was his mom there, but also his dad and his little brother and of course Hidan with the biggest grin on his face. A huge blush spread on Deidara's face and quickly he completely stepped away from Itachi.

Itachi turned and smirked at the group. 'Great way to ruin the mood,' he commented and he was glad when Deidara's father started laughing along. It was something he would never see his own father do. He really felt at home in this place, unlike he ever felt in the homes he had lived in with his own family. Now he just has to think of a way to tell his family that he was now dating a guy. Hopefully they would be just as happy as Deidara's parents, but he knew it was a long shot.

Then Itachi got pushed out of the door way and he earned a glare from Deidara. He softly kissed the blonde on his cheek and then pulled him out of the bathroom, towards the stairs down. It was so easy to get Deidara smiling again, because now he knew they were about to go.

Happily Deidara ran down the stairs, jumping up and down at the bottom, waiting for the rest to come as well. Itachi was the first one downstairs as well and then Hidan joined them. Minato was going to take them to the school and would pick them up as well. Itachi could've driven them, but Minato thought this would be safer. He knew what things could happen at these school parties. Booze would be brought in by other students and this way he could keep an eye on them when they got back. He definitely didn't want a drunk Itachi behind the wheel.

As soon as the front door was opened, Deidara ran out it, towards the car. He didn't have to shout shotgun, he just was the first to arrive at the car, hence taken the front seat. Hidan chuckled at the sight of the happy blonde, nudging Itachi against his arm. 'You are in for some dancing tonight, man. Deidara just loves to dance at these kinds of occasions and as his boyfriend you are screwed,' Hidan said with a grin.

Itachi could only smile at the comment, not really minding dancing with Deidara at all. 'Well, at least I have a dance partner. What about you?' Itachi responded sarcastically, referring to his recent single life.

Hidan grumbled something under his breath and gave Itachi a friendly push. Hidan didn't really like the single life since he wasn't getting laid anymore, but knowing Hidan he wouldn't be single for long. There were always girls after him. Itachi had no idea what the girls really saw in him since he could be kind of a jerk, but the guy was sort of handsome. Not Itachi's type, but handsome. Probably a good thing that Hidan wasn't gay since he might have gotten to Deidara before Itachi had then.

'By the way, I'm really glad you two are together now. I knew you two would become friends eventually, but this is even better. I've never seen him happier.' They had reached the car and Hidan stopped Itachi from getting in to say this. Itachi could see Minato's eyes on them, following the conversation as best as he could. Itachi understood Minato wanted to hear, but this made it a little uncomfortable.

'Thank you. It's been a while since I've felt this happy. Better than my home situation,' Itachi eventually said, shooting Hidan a knowing smile. He knew all about his family and the moving and all the other stuff.

With a nod and a pat on the shoulder Hidan got in the car. That's when Itachi's and Minato's eyes met and with a soft smile, Minato stepped in the car as well. At least Itachi had given the right answer, so he felt okay getting in the car.

The drive wasn't too long and soon they arrived. The parking lot was crowded with students, some indeed drinking already. Deidara didn't care about them at all, only staring at the lights coming out of the school building. He signed something at his father and then jumped out of the car, the door slamming closed behind him. Hidan just chuckled and got out right after him, not wanting to let Deidara get alone inside.

Minato then turned around to look at Itachi. The silence was killing and Itachi shifted a bit under the gaze of the blue eyed man. 'If it gets pretty late tonight, you can always stay at our place. It might not be a good time to disturb your family at those odd hours and we have a guestroom available,' Minato said, a smile forming on his lips again.

Itachi was stunned. He definitely hadn't expected that and somehow he found himself accepting the offer. Of course he wanted to stay with the happy family, feeling real family love for the first time. He loved the house and liked spending time there. Feeling rather numb he got out of the car, immediately an arm latching on to his. It pulled him out of his thoughts and he saw his blonde smiling up at him. Another reason why he would be delighted to stay with them. Now he could spend the whole Saturday with his boyfriend.

They got in line and after flashing their student cards they got in the school, immediately aiming for the cafeteria where the party was. Loud music met them on their way there and Deidara started walking faster and faster the closer they got. He just wanted to get on that dance floor. Itachi was forced to come with since the blonde was still holding on tight. But when they actually got there and Deidara was about to get on the dance floor, Itachi stopped him.

'First we get a drink,' Itachi commented, pulling Deidara right back to the long table where punch and other stuff was standing on. Itachi reached for the red punch, but was stopped by a man standing beside it.

He looked up at a thin looking man with blood red hair that covered up one of his grey eyes. 'I wouldn't drink that if you aren't planning on getting drunk,' the guy spoke with a soft smile. Itachi had no idea who this guy was and if he was even a teacher at this school, but the look Deidara shot him told him he was definitely not a teacher here.

The grey eyes went to Deidara, as if he was at least expecting an answer out of one of the two and they had been awfully quiet. 'S-sorry, thanks for the warning. We were definitely not planning on getting drunk. And Deidara has no voice, so he can't say something back.' Itachi shot the guy an apologetic look, but the grey eyes were widened and again focused on Deidara.

'Oh my, Sasori has told me so much about you. Glad to finally meet you Deidara. I'm Nagato, Sasori's husband.'

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