This is seriously one of the fluffiest stories I ever wrote. I'm not sure if there even is a real plot, but it is still fun to write. I do have a nice ending planned, but as it is going now, that won't be here any time soon. Hope the readers won't mind that?


A pale hand was extended Deidara's way and the blonde eyed it wearily. Eventually he took it and shook Nagato's hand, a soft smile playing on his lips. The guy seemed nice and at least he knew Sasori had been talking about him. That should mean he wasn't just a student. Deidara's blue eyes then slid towards Itachi, nodding at him to introduce himself to Nagato as well.

Itachi's eyes narrowed a little at Deidara, wondering what he had been thinking about. But Deidara's face didn't show anything, so he just turned to Nagato and shook his hand as well. 'Itachi Uchiha, nice to meet you Nagato,' he said politely, bowing a bit for the older man. Something his father had taught him. Always bow for the ones who are older and therefore worth more than you. It didn't make sense to him, but he could never quite stop it.

'Nice to meet you as well. Are you also in Sasori's class?' Nagato asked, setting a plastic cup against his lips and taking a sip of his drink. The grey eyes followed Deidara when the blonde decided to step closer and attach himself to Itachi's arm. He had wondered before if they were together, but now he had enough proof. Sasori had mentioned something about a guy liking Deidara, so this must be him. He couldn't help but give them a sad smile, knowing how hard their life could be. He was happy for them of course, because finding someone is just the best feeling there is. Nagato still couldn't imagine a life without Sasori.

Itachi didn't see the smile and only answered his question with a small yes, but Deidara had seen it. He always read people better than most others, but he didn't understand why they got the sad smile. He had been looking at their joined hands, so was there something wrong with them being together? Had Sasori said something about it? He was sure Sasori had approved of them being together in a way by defending them. Too bad he couldn't just ask what was going on, so instead he put a little space between Itachi and himself.

His hands went up as he tried to think of a way to ask a question. He hadn't brought his board since he hadn't had a place to keep it. He thoughtful look crept up his face as he pointed at Nagato. Then he formed a little heart with his hands and ended it with motioning towards the whole room as to say 'where?' It had been a difficult task and he had no idea if he even made sense, but he certainly hoped so.

Nagato looked very confused, having no idea what Deidara had meant by that. Fortunately there was someone who did and he was currently chuckling, finding Deidara very funny. The blonde gave him a soft push, pretending he was very annoyed, but even he could see that he had looked pretty dumb. 'What Deidara meant to ask was, where is Sasori?' Itachi said, still looking at Deidara with a big smile on his face.

A small blush crept up on the redhead's face and it confused the two boys. Why was Nagato blushing? The question hadn't been that weird, had it? 'I actually have no idea. That's why I stayed here out of everybody's way. I'm not really good at talking to strangers,' he said shyly, gaze shot downwards.

'But you are talking to us right now?' Itachi asked confused and Deidara nodded, agreeing with the question.

The grey eyes looked up at them again, a small shy smile forming on his lips. 'Yeah, well. It kind of felt like I know Deidara since Sasori talks about him a lot, so that made it less scary. I was kind of curious who Deidara really was actually. He talks so fatherly about you, you know,' he directed to the blonde.

Deidara was stunned. He hadn't expected to hear that. Fatherly? Well, that was certainly something else than he previously wanted. That actually made it kind of creepy. Nagato was still watching him, waiting for Deidara to respond in any way, but Deidara just didn't know how. Desperately he looked at Itachi, but he was at loss as well.

Nagato saw the exchange of looks and knew that this wouldn't work. 'Uhm, okay. I know you can't answer me, so I will just ask you a weird question you just have to answer by nodding yes or shaking no. Would you like to have dinner at our place sometime? I would really like to get to know you and see how sweet you really are.' The redhead shot him a soft smile, hoping it would encourage Deidara a bit.

Blue eyes widened at the question and a huge blush spread on his face when he heard the word sweet. So Sasori found him sweet as well. He quickly nodded his head and then clung to Itachi again, burying his face into the crook of Itachi's neck.

A soft laugh escaped the redhead's lips as he looked at Deidara's reaction. 'Okay, you are indeed very cute and I must say you two look really good together,' he complimented and in reaction to it Itachi's wrapped his arms around Deidara and held him even closer. Nagato was now looking at the raven's face, deciding something else. 'Itachi, would you join us for dinner then. I'm sure Sasori would like to know more about you now you are dating Deidara.'

'I would love to,' Itachi stammered, his eyes widened a little. He was never invited over for dinner anywhere, being the so called rotten one of the family. Maybe it was a little weird that this was his teacher's house, but he still liked the offer.

Suddenly another redhead joined them, but he only had eye for Nagato. His arm coiled around the slightly taller redhead and he looked up in the soft grey eyes. 'I have been looking for you everywhere. Please stay close to me as of now. I don't like losing you in this crowd,' Sasori said, glaring at the crowded dance floor.

Nagato smiled softly and leaned down for a kiss which Sasori answered gladly. Itachi and Deidara stood beside them a bit awkwardly, no idea how to handle this kind of situation. You never really wanted to see your teacher kiss someone, didn't matter who it was or how well you knew them. It was just plain weird. Thankfully Nagato realized this in time. He broke the kiss and made Sasori look at the two boys in front of them.

'I invited these two over for dinner,' he stated, smiling down at his partner.

Sasori blushed a little when he noticed Itachi and Deidara. This was very awkward and he wished he had known this sooner. 'Oh, okay,' he responded. 'When?'

'We hadn't discussed that yet, so that would be the next step,' Nagato said, serious expression now in his face and determined to pick a date. Nagato offered a day which Sasori responded to with a no, then Sasori came with a day and Nagato said no and this went on and on for a while. Itachi raised an eyebrow at the scene, finding it very strange how they talked about this. Deidara on the other hand found it endearing. How they talked about their daily businesses and how they also still did stuff without the other. Apparently Nagato did some sort of Origami course with a friend of his.

Sasori suddenly turned towards them again. It appeared that they had come to a conclusion. 'Can you two make Wednesday next week. I'll pick you up after school and we can go to our house together?' he offered and Deidara glanced at Itachi for approval. His parents wouldn't mind, but he wasn't sure about Itachi's parents.

'That should be fine for us both. We will be there,' Itachi said, nodding at Sasori.

They all nodded in conclusion and then the awkwardness crept back. They all stood there unsure of what to look at. Eventually Deidara started pulling on Itachi's arm, wanting to get to the dance floor already. They both waved goodbye at the happy couple and finally made it to the dance floor. Screw the drinks, Deidara wanted to dance!

Hidan had already found himself a new lady and was latched onto her, well more to her back side. He was grinding his hips against her and she didn't seem to mind at all. Deidara just rolled his eyes at the smirk and the thumbs up and turned back towards Itachi. The raven really had no idea how to dance properly, so he hoped Deidara would help him out.

And Deidara of course was happy to help. He wrapped his arms around Itachi's neck and pulled the raven close. Two pale hands were placed on his hips and now Deidara started moving to the music, making Itachi move along. They just slow danced to every song that came on and somehow Deidara didn't really care. Usually he danced like a crazy person the whole night which gave Hidan a good laugh, but now he just wanted to dance with Itachi.

The blonde laid his head on Itachi's shoulder and gazed over the dance floor. His eyes fell on a couple still standing by the table filled with drinks. Nagato had his arms wrapped around Sasori's neck just like Deidara had around Itachi's. First Deidara found it a sweet image, how they were softly kissing each other and the smiles present on their faces. But then he started following Sasori's hands and saw that they weren't innocently placed on Nagato's hips, but actually went all the way to the back and were positioned on Nagato's… Quickly he looked away, embarrassed of what he had just seen.

Itachi's arms tightened a little around Deidara as he folded them around Deidara's back. He had missed the whole scene Deidara had just witnessed and was unaware of how awkward the blonde currently felt. 'You know your father offered for me to spend the night at your house tonight,' he murmured, slowly swaying to the music still.

Deidara leaned back a little, shooting Itachi a bewildered look. Sleeping at his place? That didn't mean something else right? Because he surely didn't want that. Then Itachi should just sleep at his own place.

'He said you had a spare room where I could stay, so I thought it was a good idea,' Itachi continued, oblivious to Deidara's inner turmoil. 'That way we can spend the whole day together tomorrow as well. I thought maybe we could do something together. Go to the movies or something?'

That was when Deidara finally understood Itachi. Thankfully his boyfriend wasn't that much of a perv. He was also Hidan's friend, so it wouldn't be that weird if he was. Deidara was sure that if Hidan had been his boyfriend that he had tried smooth talking his way into Deidara's bed already. He was very glad that Hidan was in no way interested in him.

In response he smiled at Itachi and then pulled him into a kiss. They both melted into the kiss, their tongues swiping through each other's mouths. Deidara liked being this close to the raven and wished this moment never had to end. Of course he heard Hidan's stupid remarks, but as usual it was easy to ignore. Like he had anything to say with that blond bimbo attached to his face.

Okay, maybe the remarks were getting on his nerves now. Deidara broke the kiss and took a step away from Itachi. He felt a bit dizzy due to the kiss. He had to shake his head to be able to see clearly again. Wow, that had been one hell of a kiss. He signed home at Itachi, hoping the raven knew that sign already. Fortunately he did and as their hands found the other's, they quickly made their way to the door. Deidara texted his dad to come and get them, but now they still had about fifteen minutes to kill. Of course they already found a good way to spend their time together.

Soon their lips joined together again.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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