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A soft light was peeking through little holes left open by the curtain, signalling it was morning already. Deidara hated it when light shone through his curtains, wanting it to be as dark as it could be in his room. He slept better then and could actually sleep in, unlike now. Annoyed he opened one bright blue eyes, staring daggers at one of the gaps that was aiming a sunbeam right in his face. He moved a little in his spot and only then noticed he was not touching his mattress, but something else that was a little harder to the touch and also a lot warmer. His eyes widened a little as he remembered what had happened last night and he swallowed heavily, hoping Itachi didn't notice he was up already.

'Morning, sunshine,' Itachi said softly, noticing by the movements Deidara made that the blonde was up. He found the nickname fitting, seeing that his blond hair did remind him of the sun and that it seemed to be a beautiful day outside as well. Time to get out and do something, Itachi thought.

Deidara turned his head to Itachi, a lazy expression on his face as he had already forgotten why this moment should be awkward. No one called him sunshine and got away with it. He poked the raven against his forehead and then quickly crawled off Itachi and stepped out of bed. His hand went to the back as he lazily scratched his behind, pulling his pyjama pants just that little lower to give Itachi a nice peek. The raven definitely didn't mind, but he didn't think Deidara would be such a tease, even if the blonde wasn't aware of this fact.

While Itachi watched Deidara move through his room, the blonde was fixing his hair. Brushing it once again and then putting it in a messy bun on top of his head. Itachi had never thought about doing something different with his hair. He always just put it in a ponytail and be done with it. So much easier than what Deidara must go through every morning, but of course Deidara also had the hair to show off now.

When Deidara had found a sweater to cover up his torso he turned around and signed food to Itachi, knowing the raven wouldn't know breakfast yet, but Naruto definitely taught him food. It was like one of the most important things in Naruto's life, especially if it was ramen. Itachi probably knew ramen as well.

Itachi wouldn't be asked a second time, quickly jumping out of bed and pulling on his clothes he had worn yesterday. He was probably a bit overdressed, but he hadn't brought any other clothes, so it just had to do.

He followed after Deidara who was already halfway down the stairs and almost ran into Minato there. The male shot Deidara a look and the blonde quickly went downstairs, seeing it as a warning. Yes, Minato wanted to talk to Itachi in private for a moment and the raven was already scared of what was about to come. He hadn't done anything wrong as far as he knew, but he wasn't a parent. Minato could be angry about a lot of things. Even that he had caught them kissing on the school grounds. This might be very bad.

Minato waved Itachi a little away from the stairway, knowing at least Deidara was listening in to their conversation if they stayed there, but he was pretty sure Naruto was there to support his son and if he knew his wife well enough, which he does, she would be standing right next to them. Sometimes he really felt like he was the only parent in this house.

'Yesterday I invited you to spend the night here, because I trusted you,' he started, looking up at the ceiling for a moment, before glaring right back into those deep dark orbs. 'But today I find out you spend the night in my son's room while I clearly stated there was a spare room available.' He then threateningly stepped forward, getting right in Itachi's personal space. His voice turned into a mere whisper, but it was enough to get the message across. 'If I find out you forced my son into anything he doesn't want, I'll be sure to make you pay. No one touches my son without permission. Do I make myself clear?'

Itachi's eyes had widened a bit at the accusations, knowing it wasn't strange what Minato was thinking, but really nothing had happened. It was Deidara who had invited him in his bed in the first place and they hadn't done anything but sleep. 'Sir, you do not need to worry. I would never force Deidara into anything. We only slept, nothing more. We just didn't want to leave each other's side after the great evening we had together,' Itachi said honestly, his cheeks flushing a slight red. He had never been so forward with his feelings, although he hadn't really said anything. It just already meant a lot to him.

Minato stayed silent for a moment and just stared at Itachi. Slowly a smile broke out on his lips and he placed his hand on the raven's shoulder. 'I knew I could trust you. Deidara always did know who the good guys were, so I guess I should trust my son and therefore trust you.' Before Itachi could respond, Minato was already walking towards the stairs and went the first few steps down. For a moment he glanced back, a sad smile on his face. 'At some point the time comes where a father needs to let go of his son and let the boy live his own life.'

When the oldest blonde came down, Deidara jumped in front of him, a worried expression on his face. Itachi followed right behind Minato and bright blue eyes shot from his father to the raven and back to his father again. Both shot him a smile and at that Deidara let out a relieved sigh, glad nothing bad had happened and Itachi wasn't chased out of the house or something. It had happened before, so it wasn't such a strange thought, but that had been Hidan and he had been chased out by his mother… Because he had said something about his whorish girlfriend which hadn't been so friendly. It had been totally deserved of course.

'Breakfast ready?' Minato then asked happily, gaining a glare from Deidara who still didn't really trust this whole situation. Everything might seem alright, but the fact still remained that his father thought it was necessary to talk to his boyfriend. Quickly Deidara got to Itachi and clung to his arm, dragging the raven to the kitchen where breakfast was served already, shooting yet another glare over his shoulder at his father.

Itachi was a bit confused by it all, because there was definitely being something exchanged between the two blondes and that got even clearer when they started signing stuff each other at lightning speed. Itachi could definitely not keep up, but Naruto, who was sitting beside him at the kitchen table, chuckled under his breath from time to time.

Out of nowhere Kushina suddenly appeared and softly laid her hand on Itachi's shoulder, almost like Minato had done. This just felt a little more comforting than the other time. 'Just let them talk this all through and eat something. Minato needs to be put in his place sometimes and not get involved in Deidara's life too much.' She walked away again, stirring in a pan that was still sitting on the stove.

It was all just hard to ignore when the fight was right in front of you, but you had no idea what they were saying to each other. It was like two people talking in a foreign language and you could only pick up a few words you knew, but they didn't make any sense as long as you didn't know the context. And the worst part is when they say your name and you know they are talking about you, but you have no idea what they are saying. Somewhere you do still need to know and you keep listening in. Some words you try to guess what they mean, because they stop by more often and at some point you do understand or at least you think you do.

'I'm sorry, I don't want to sound rude,' Itachi suddenly spoke up, getting the attention of everyone in the room. Naruto has a big smile on his face, liking where this was going even more. Little sadist. Kushina rolled her eyes and turned back to the stove. She had warned the boy. But the other two were just staring at him, daring Itachi to get involved. 'But I think it's good Minato checked on me like that, because you can't trust just anyone and I know Deidara wouldn't bring someone home that he didn't trust. But having someone care enough about you that they actually make sure, it means a lot to me. My parents wouldn't give a damn who I take home and if I get into trouble, we just move and forget about the whole thing. You should cherish these protective moments as long as they are there.'

The room stayed completely silent and even the smile had left Naruto's lips. This was the most personal thing Itachi had shared with them all, actually saying that his family doesn't care. How should someone respond to that when you don't even have an idea what it would be like. The only thing Deidara thought about doing was signing an apology to his father and then quickly making his way to his own chair at the kitchen table, sitting beside Itachi on his other side.

Deidara felt like doing more than just this, but even if he could speak, he wouldn't know what to say. Deidara always lived a protected life and always felt loved, but he started to understand that Itachi really had nothing of that all. It were just the little signals the raven let on sometimes. Even at those first moments they had seen each other where Itachi had told him he didn't deserve to be happy. It was only because Itachi wasn't happy and Itachi couldn't be with someone who was happy. Itachi had liked him from the very beginning, but just didn't admit it.

Slowly the blonde leaned towards Itachi and wrapped his arms around the raven's body, pulling him in a tight hug. He didn't have to say anything, because Itachi would understand. And as the raven buried his face in Deidara's long hair, sighing softly at the comforting feeling, Deidara knew he would make Itachi happy, even if it was the last thing he would do. And he also knew he wouldn't be alone in this mission.

Minato placed his hand on Itachi's back, Kushina put her arms around both boys and hugged them and Naruto squeezed himself between this all, getting between Deidara and Itachi and smiling up at them. Itachi wasn't alone anymore.

And as the raven was forced to pull away from Deidara and show off his teary eyes, he could still only smile. Deidara looked a bit worried, because he hadn't expected to see tears. Itachi was such a strong person. 'I'm not alone anymore, am I?' Itachi asked carefully and a knowing sweet smile spread on Deidara's face as he only shook his head in response.

With a big smile Itachi pulled Deidara towards him again, forcing Naruto to leave them, and kissed him. 'I love you so much, Dei. Thank you for everything,' he said aloud, making sure they all felt spoken to even if he only addressed Deidara. He had to thank them all for so much, but mostly for feeling loved.

The whole day would be spend together, as a real family and Itachi couldn't remember a time he had been happier than this.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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