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Today would be a strange day for Itachi. For the very first time his father had actually paid attention to his life and had found out he had a boyfriend. Every time Itachi had dated someone, he had been so careful to hide it from his family and well the outside world, but somehow he had forgotten it here. And apparently Naruto had talked about it at school, his little brother Sasuke had heard and blabbed to his parents. So when he came home on Saturday after he had spent the day with Deidara and his family, his father had actually been waiting for him. Asking about where he had been the whole night and what he was thinking dating a guy. It wasn't pleasant.

Now he was actually forbidden to see Deidara outside of school, because that was unavoidable. The problem was he hadn't been able to tell Deidara yet since his phone had been taken away. His father might be reading all the texts they had shared and it wasn't like something bad was in there, but sometimes they did share intimate words or things like that.

And of course he couldn't take his own car and pick Deidara up to explain everything. No, his father had his own driver, which he used to drive to work related things, take Itachi to school and pick him up as well. So there was no sneaking around, because he would need to be in that car five minutes after class would be over. This was going to be hell. Deidara might already be mad at him for not texting back all weekend.

The car stopped right in front of the front gates, gaining many stares off his school mates. This car was even better than the one he owned. He got out as soon as it stopped driving and just fled inside the school, hoping to run into Deidara before the first class started, but of course no such luck. And his first classes weren't together with the blonde, so he would have to wait till lunch. What would be going on in his boyfriend's mind right now? After the special moment they shared this must feel like a stab in the back. Like it hadn't meant anything.

And then classes went by so slow. It was as if time had stopped when he had history. Really a course he didn't care about. What did it matter what happened in the past? Stupid wars and whatever else happened. He groaned loudly when the teacher started writing more stuff on the board, making all the other students stare at him funny. Quickly he mumbled an apology and just kept his mouth shut the rest of the class, praying it would end soon and he could get to lunch. But of course when the bell rang, the teacher still needed to tell them all what the homework would be and when their next test would be. When he finally left the class lunch had started already.

It took him some time to move towards the cafeteria through all the people that flooded the hallways and when he got there, he could see his lovely blonde already sitting at their lunch table and Hidan as well. Who as soon as he noticed him, glared and actually got up out of his chair, seeming to be ready to punch the living daylights out of the raven.

So Itachi was now scared of Hidan, but he also really needed to talk to Deidara. Who now turned around as well to see where his friend was going and then got a sad expression on his face when he noticed Itachi, quickly turning back around. Of course the blonde thought the worst. It wasn't so surprising. After Itachi had opened up like that and then suddenly never responded to any of his messages, it must felt like he had made a run for it. It had never even crossed his mind to make a run for it.

Now it did though, because Hidan was getting really close and that glare directed at him definitely wasn't helping. But before he even realised he could turn around and melt into the crowded hallways, Hidan had grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up a little from the ground.

'And you think you can dump Deidara by just not talking to him anymore?' Hidan hissed angrily, actually spitting all over Itachi's face. Who frantically started shaking his head. 'Oh, so you deny the fact that you have ignored him this weekend?'

Getting a little angry now at all the accusations Itachi pushed himself out of Hidan's hold and rubbed his throat to get the sting of pain away. 'I haven't been ignoring him, Hidan. My father found out we were dating.' And that was all the information his friend needed. The odd purple coloured eyes widened and he could see the apology on the tip of Hidan's tongue, but he didn't have time for that. He needed to talk to Deidara. So he pushed passed Hidan and smoothly walked over to their lunch table, standing to the side looking down at the blonde.

Blue eyes went up for a moment and then quickly moved down again, sadness dripping off the blonde's face. Secretly Deidara was happy he couldn't speak now since he didn't have to fill the silence. Ignoring people was so much easier this way.

But Itachi wouldn't let Deidara avoid his eyes. He sat down beside him and grabbed his chin, forcing those beautiful eyes to look up at him. Even if it pained him to see the hurt, Itachi knew it didn't have to be there. 'Dei, listen to me. I've not been ignoring you,' he said carefully, using the softest tone possible. 'My father found out we are dating and has forbidden me to date you. He took away my phone, so there was no way I could've told you. I tried being here earlier, but my father even arranged a driver for me. I just…' He didn't know what else to add to that, but it didn't seem to be enough. So he leaned in and gave Deidara a soft kiss on the lips.

When he leaned back he could finally see some understanding in Deidara's eyes and as if embarrassed, which he probably was, the blonde leaned his head against the raven's shoulder and sighed softly. Automatically Itachi wrapped his arms around the blonde's smaller frame and held him close. Now he could peacefully explain the rest on what had happened.

In the meantime Hidan had joined them again, wanting to hear what exactly had happened as well.

'When I came home from your place on Saturday, my father had been waiting for me. He was actually in the hallway, sitting in a chair, reading the paper,' Itachi started out, hoping that would at least bring a smile to Deidara's face, but he couldn't see. 'Apparently Naruto told his friends about us dating and my little brother heard and told my parents. At that point the damage had been done and my father forbade me to ever date a male, so he wants me to stay away from you.' At the word Naruto he could feel Deidara's hands turn into fists in his lap, knowing the youngest blonde was in a lot of trouble once he got home. 'So he drives me to school and picks me up again and he took away my phone.' That was about what he needed to explain, so he stayed quiet and just held his boyfriend.

'So what are you going to do now?' Hidan spoke up and broke the silence. Deidara had just been happy that his actual boyfriend hadn't suddenly left him and Itachi had been enjoying the fact that everything was alright between them again. It wasn't like he was actually going to listen to his father. He had never done that before, so why start now?

A light shrug of the shoulder was Itachi's response as both boys pulled back from each other and just stared at Hidan. 'I'm not going to break up with Deidara, but I can't see him outside of school. As soon as my father learns that I am still seeing him, he will make us move.'

Shocked blue eyes turned to him and he frantically shook his head. He grabbed his little white board out of his backpack and wrote something on it. Can't leave was the only thing it said and he showed it to both Itachi and Hidan. Hidan just rolled his eyes, knowing this already.

'Okay, we get that Itachi can't leave, so no smooching outside, okay,' Hidan stated, giving them both a meaningful look. 'But we all don't want to see our favourite couple splitting up over something as stupid as a father that is against the relationship.' Of course Hidan could say something like that easily, but he wasn't the one going through it. 'What I suggest is that with whatever project we have together, Itachi and I team up. Then you can both hang out at my place and Itachi has an excuse to have his driver not go straight home.'

Even if Hidan was happy with this plan, there was something else to think about. 'What if my father says we could work at my place? Then we can't use that excuse,' Itachi said, raising an eyebrow at his friend.

Happy expression disappeared again and Hidan got lost in thought until he came up with something. 'I can't go to your place after school, because I need to take care of things at home, because my parents both work.' Deidara rolled his eyes and Itachi just shot Hidan a confused look. 'I know my parents don't care, but your father doesn't know that!' he added, wanting to give both a smack against the face.

That did work though… They could go with that excuse. At least they would get to see each other once in a while, but they didn't have that many projects. 'Okay, we can go with that at least. And maybe I can say I got into trouble and have to stay after school. We just need to stay here,' Itachi added. Now they have some opportunities more.

Deidara had been writing on his board again, apparently also thinking of something. He held it up for them both and it said Dinner at Sasori's. Oh, Itachi had forgotten about that. Having dinner with a teacher was something good in his father's eyes, so maybe if they told Sasori about their problems, he would invite them over more often. It was worth a try.

'Good thinking, Blondie!' Hidan said, winking at Deidara who just shot him a disgusted look back. Oh, the friendship… 'And then the last thing I will do for you two is get Itachi a cheap ass phone which his father will know nothing about, so you two can keep on texting sweetly. But make sure no one finds out. Oh, and make sure you shut that brother of yours up, Dei. Can't have any more slip ups.'

It was funny how Hidan suddenly seemed to care so much. And as Deidara ferociously started writing away on his board, ranting about his little brother to their friend, Itachi thought on how much support they really had. Hidan really would do anything to keep them together and of course Itachi knew that it was because he wanted to see Deidara happy, not per se his raven friend. But still, having someone on your side is important.

And before the day was over, Hidan had handed him the new phone, having no explanation on how he got it and Itachi really didn't care anyway. Hidan had his ways and that was all Itachi cared about. And when Itachi laid in bed, he texted with Deidara all night, glad he still could talk to his boyfriend and actually keep the bit of happiness he had just gotten.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

First of all, thanks for the support for turning this into a book! I haven't started it yet or anything, because I need to finish another story first, but it will be the second one. I asked someone who works for a publisher what she would think about two male characters and she was really supportive as well, so it will come! For a moment I doubted between this one and Protecting, so if you still have notes on choosing between those, let me know ;)

But I turn this into a book, of course I would change some things!

- The length, it will be longer

- Much more drama and focus on the drama about two males being together and the struggle beforehand will be longer

- I'll do research on why Deidara wouldn't have a voice from when he was born

- And I'll definitely change the names, maybe even their appearances a little, because it can't be fanfiction anymore ;)

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