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Homework was so boring! Especially when you were finished already, but your boyfriend was still struggling on a math problem. This was what currently was happening to Itachi. He had finished everything about half an hour ago, but Deidara had been staring at the same problem for over fifteen minutes already, but rejected every move Itachi made to help him. He could be so damn stubborn! And now Itachi was bored, because he was so not in the mood for art right now and since Sasori wasn't around, he was off the hook. And the rest was finished, but doing something in your teacher's house while he wasn't around was way too weird.

Too bad the guy moved through the house so silent he could be a ninja. 'Why aren't you working?' Sasori suddenly spoke up right behind Itachi, making the teen jump up and turn around in shock. The guy had been out doing some grocery shopping. How the hell did he suddenly appear here? Why hadn't they heard him coming in?

And then Deidara decided to mix in as well, scribbling something on a piece of paper and holding it up for Sasori to read without even glancing up from his work. Not doing art. That little… Why couldn't the blonde just not say anything and hurry up with the damn homework, so they could actually spend some fun time together? Now Sasori was actually going to tutor him on all this art stuff that really didn't Itachi interest at all. It was difficult enough to understand Deidara's point of view, but then with Sasori's opposite view it all got messed up in Itachi's head and at some point he didn't know what actually looked good anymore.

'Come with me, Itachi,' Sasori spoke plainly and reluctantly the raven got out of his chair, shooting a glare at his boyfriend, who only smirked back. That little bastard…

Sasori was already walking on ahead and Itachi had to do his best to keep up, which he didn't really do. He just followed after and looked around the house, noticing many happy photographs he shared with Nagato. Some seemed from years ago when they only had been teens. The redheads must know each other for a long time already.

'Hurry up, Uchiha. I don't have all day and we do still need to work on your art skills. You do realise I don't grade on how well you can draw, but more on how well you understand the assignment? You don't put any effort in the works you need to do by yourself.' Well that was kind of harsh and completely true. Sasori really was a good teacher then if he even noticed that, but the tutoring really was awful.

They stepped into a room that seemed a lot more messy than the rest of the house. There was wood everywhere, sculpted into weird shapes. And then paint littered all over the floor, dirty brushes laying carelessly around. This appeared to be the art room or something like that. There was only one clean spot, a chair in the middle of it. Probably where people posed for Sasori since a lot of the paintings that were done were of Nagato. Someone who frequently posed apparently.

Sasori grabbed a clean canvas and placed it on set it ready for Itachi, several colours of paint now on an easel. He handed it to Itachi and then came back with several clean brushes. 'Now we will start with your first assignment and this will be about expressing yourself. Not everyone is as good at saying what they feel or speak out loud what they have been thinking about for a long time. Some of us express it by simply putting it on paper. So I want you to close your eyes and the first colour that comes to you, you will pick from the pallet and you will paint something with it.'

Well, that was a weird assignment, but Itachi listened nonetheless and closed his eyes. The first thing he always saw were Deidara's happy eyes and how the colour always showed off in what kind of mood the blonde was. The one he liked the most was the soft blue, signalling it was early in the morning and it was time to enjoy another day. So that was the colour he picked, mixing blue with a bit of white and then painting half of the canvas with it.

'I believe that was fairly easy for you,' Sasori spoke up, suddenly standing right behind Itachi again. Damn, that man was silent! 'I think you even know already what you're going to paint, so continue.' And with that Itachi just painted the image he had in mind now, picking out colour after colour and when he thought it was finished it looked quite alright. He still couldn't paint for shit, but at least it looked like something. 'That looks good,' the redhead spoke up from beside Itachi now, having painted his own image. 'Now try to explain to me what you painted. Tell the story.'

How the hell was he supposed to do that? He just painted the image that was in his head! 'What kind of story do I need to tell? It's just an image, right?'

Some muscles in Sasori's face tightened displeased, his lips turning into a thin angry line. 'It is not just an image, Uchiha. There are even two people in your painting. Who are those people? Why are they out on what seems like either an early morning or an early evening?'

'Well, they are a couple and uh, they are very close to each other after having spent the entire night together. It's early in the morning and they are on their way home, still very reluctant of parting, but they'll have to eventually.' It was something he had just come up with in the moment, but it seemed to fit. Hopefully that would be enough of a story for Sasori, because he really didn't know what else to add.

The redhead came up to him again and together they stared at the painting a little longer. 'I'm going to tell you know what I see,' he started and then lifted his finger, pointing out some parts with it. 'Here in the right upper corner you painted the upcoming sun while in the bottom left you make it more dark, showing off it had just been night in this case. The couple is in the middle of it, neither moving towards it nor moving away from either of it. What I think you show is that one of the two is the dark part, the depressing part, while the other is the sun, the light part. They are indeed very close to each other, but what if it really is just one person? I think you painted a person that is conflicted between being happy and being sad and therefore just continues on walking straight ahead, seeing what will come closer eventually.'

In response Itachi immediately shook his head. 'No, it's not just one person,' he denied immediately. 'It's definitely a couple. It's about the sun, the light part bringing out the best from the depressing and dark part, pulling him out of it and walking further on together. I think together they find some kind of middle point where they will be happy, getting the best out of the other.'

A pleased smile formed on Sasori's lips as he walked away again. 'And you thought you didn't have any talent. Maybe you are a little rough around the edges, but you can tell a story. Just keep on practising. I'm sure Deidara will love to help you. Nice way of showing off how much you love him, by the way.' Insert a big blush on Itachi's cheeks. He hadn't even thought about that! How come Sasori saw through it so easily?

Now all Itachi wanted to do was get out of that room and hopefully spend some time with his boyfriend and not with the painting that apparently showed just how much he loved the blonde. God, it was just embarrassing in front of your teacher and Itachi wasn't that good in showing his love.

A hand was placed on his shoulder, making Itachi turn towards Sasori, who weirdly enough was shorter than him. 'Don't feel embarrassed about me noticing. It is my job to notice these kinds of things and of course I already know how you feel about Deidara. It's easier to spot then. And we all tend to paint things we love.' He was then led towards Sasori's painting he had been working on and all he saw was different shades of red. 'You might not see anything, but I see all the different shades of red that is in Nagato's hair. In everything I paint and everything I make out of wood, I see bits of Nagato. They sometimes call it a muse, I just call it love.'

'Thank you,' Itachi said softly, quite unsure of why he had said it, but Sasori's words did make him feel better somehow and with a nod and a slight smile Sasori dismissed Itachi, cleaning up the raven's mess and continuing on his own painting, delicately letting paintbrush after brush slide over the thick paper.

Closing the door behind him lightly, Itachi left the room, sighing softly again. He was happy that was over, but his heart was still racing, thoughts all focused on his beloved boyfriend. Somehow painting that scene had made him think even more of Deidara and all he wanted now was spend time with him. And it seemed someone else had the same plan as well.

Deidara was waiting right at the end of the hallway in front of the door that lead towards the living room, smile on his lips that meant nothing good, or in this case, a lot of good. That didn't make sense, but Itachi didn't care at this point. Smoothly he made his way over to the blonde, wrapping an arm around Deidara's waist as he pulled the blonde into the room and towards the couch. He made Deidara sit down as he put a movie in the DVD-player. He didn't even have a clue what movie they would be watching, not caring much.

As Itachi sat down beside Deidara, the blonde immediately crawled into Itachi's lap and wrapped his arms around the raven's neck, pulling him as close as possible. And as the movie started playing, lips found each other and easily moulded against the other's. After going so long without a good and long kiss, it was nice to finally feel those lips again and just enjoy each other's presence. Of course it was nice to spend time with Nagato and Sasori, but they barely had time alone.

The movie really was not important at all, but this was a way they could let the redheads know they were busy with watching a movie. They were still teenagers and they hadn't been together for long. The feeling of kissing and being able to touch each other a little was just very prominent.

After same time shirts were off, hands wondering over the naked skin of the other as soft sounds mostly left Itachi's lips as they kept on kissing each other, tongues massaging the other. It still felt strange to be the most vocal one, but Itachi would get over it and the way Deidara's body sometimes shivered under his touch was enough for Itachi to know that his boyfriend was enjoying it.

A soft knock on the door made them pull apart suddenly, a bit frightened that someone would come in. It wouldn't be good if they saw them both without shirts on. They didn't go any further than that, but still. It would seem like they would. 'Dinner is almost ready, so break apart and get your asses moving to the dinner table.' And that was exactly what the teens did. Scrambling away from each other and quickly putting their shirts back on as they walked towards the door, trying to look as casual as possible. Although Deidara's blush was enough of a clue for the two redheads.

Before Deidara could grab the door handle, Itachi wrapped an arm around his chest and pulled him against his back against his chest. 'I love you,' he whispered, before letting go again, walking away towards the dinner table as Deidara had a goofy smile on his lips with still a big blush adorning his cheeks, happy with everything that Itachi had brought into his life. It would all be worth it.

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