The Epilogue is before this chapter! Sorry for the confusion!


Hello lovely readers of this story. The story has come to an end and most of you already read this and maybe already answered, but for the once who didn't, I'd like to ask as well.

So I was emailing with the writer who wants to help me get one of my stories published, which is Dutch, so no you haven't read it and it's not fanfiction anyway. But I asked her what she thought of writing a book where the main character was gay and she thought it was a good idea. So I have been thinking about it a bit and thought well this story seems quite popular and I also believe it has potential. I will change it a bit and add some more drama, because 300 pages with only fluff will bore people to death, but the idea in general can really work, right?

What I am actually trying to ask is, would you be willing to spend money on this story and do you think others will like the idea as well?

So if you could answer me in a review or just send me a pm, I would love you to death! Even if it's a note saying it won't be a good idea, because I want to write something that's actually worth while. If I am going to do this, a lot more time will go into this and yeah, don't want to waste it of course XD I'm definitely considering writing it in English, so I will all keep you posted on how it goes, but it will probably be a while before I even start ;) Want to get the first book published first!

Some things I will add is why Deidara cannot speak and also make it last longer where Itachi doesn't like Deidara. And of course different names and looks a little as well. Won't be fanfiction of course ;) Some other things might change, but these are the most important things. The drama will just be more prominent instead of the fluff.

Thank you again for reading this story and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have :)

Love you guys!