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Lunchtime on a Monday afternoon. Deidara hadn't spoken to Itachi ever since he had left the house that Friday. They were supposed to work on their art project, but apparently Deidara didn't think it was necessary. This doesn't mean Itachi hadn't tried, because he did. He had texted Deidara several times, he had called Deidara a few times, he had even stopped by at some point, but Naruto told him he couldn't get in. Itachi was really fed up with this. Deidara was just acting like a drama queen now. How could he even make this right if he isn't even allowed to talk to the blonde?

Of course Deidara also hadn't joined Hidan and him for lunch which got him in a fight with said friend. Hidan blamed him from the start when he noticed Deidara wasn't joining them. Yes, Deidara had gotten food from the cafeteria, but then proceeded to walk out of it and eat his food god knows where. Now he had to explain everything to Hidan and he really had wanted to avoid that. He just hadn't understood Deidara's art right away, but he understood it now.

As soon as Itachi had told Hidan the whole story, Hidan started laughing at him. 'You are stupid for talking about Deidara's art in a bad way. Do you have any idea what he did to me when I said I thought he was crazy? He grabbed his lunch tray and kept beating me with it until I admitted that his art was beautiful and I had to use the word beautiful,' he said, a chuckle lingering in his voice. 'That guy is nuts when it comes to his art, but we all just have to deal with it.'

Itachi banged his head on the cafeteria table, groaning softly. This was just so annoying. 'I do understand his art now, but he doesn't let me tell him. He's been avoiding me the whole weekend and I don't know what he expects me to do,' he mumbles against the table. It smells like disinfectant and moldy food and what is that written on it? Lisa as a cheating whore! Okay, good to know. Itachi had no idea who Lisa was, but it's probably true.

Hidan laughs again and it annoys Itachi. How in the world was this going to help him? 'You know the fact that Deidara actually values your opinion so much, tells me he likes you a lot. I mean I only got beat up with a lunch tray, you're actually receiving the silence treatment which is pretty easy for him,' he adds in the end.

'Don't make fun of him,' Itachi mumbles to the table again. 'And if he likes me so much, then why doesn't he give me at least a way to make it up to him?' he asks, feeling desperate, but still sounding as if everything was alright.

Another chuckle fills the air and Itachi's fists tighten in his lap. 'Getting all protective over the little blonde. You must like him a lot too then,' Hidan says jokingly, but Itachi had enough. This wasn't funny and this really bothered Itachi. Why couldn't Hidan just help him?

Itachi stood up out of his chair and walked of resolute. He called back he was going to the bathroom. He just needed some time alone now, so he picked the quietest one out of the bunch during lunch break. Second floor in the back. He went in and checked the stalls to make sure no one was there. Thankfully the bathroom was completely empty. Itachi splashed some water in his face, looking up at his tired face. The lines on his face got deeper with the year. He started looking like his father.

With a sigh he closed his eyes and tried blocking out all the stressful thoughts out of his head.

Deidara didn't want to eat lunch with Hidan today. One of the reasons was that Itachi was also sitting at the table. Another reason was that Hidan would call him out on his dramatic reaction to this. He knew his friend would be right and that was what annoyed him the most. If he wanted to react in a dramatic way, then he would. He just wanted for Itachi to like his art…

No, Itachi didn't need to like his art. There was someone else who was open to his art and that was all Deidara needed. With his head held high he walked through the hallway, aiming for a certain classroom. He knew his favorite teacher didn't eat lunch with the other teachers, because he hated them all. Deidara smiled softly as he looked through the strip of glass in the door. Sasori was sitting at his desk, grading some papers. A soft knock on the door made the muddy brown eyes look up and Deidara couldn't help but blush. Of course he still had a crush on his teacher.

Sasori sighed softly and then waved for Deidara to come in, his eyes already on the papers in front of him. Silently Deidara walked in, sitting on the chair opposite of Sasori's desk. He placed the tray of food on it and grabbed a sandwich. While glancing around the room he started eating it, happy Sasori didn't mind him being here.

'It's been a while since you last ate your lunch here,' Sasori commented, not looking up at the blonde. When Sasori first started teaching here, Deidara also was new to this school. He pitied the small fragile blonde who didn't have any friends. Sasori cared for the kid as if it was his own son and he had been glad that Deidara had finally made a friend and Hidan had been very good for him. Protected Deidara from every possible danger there was. Deidara didn't come to lunch with him anywhere and Sasori was glad Deidara didn't need to have lunch with him.

Deidara slowly swallowed the last bite of his sandwich, his blue eyes not daring to look up at Sasori. The redhead knew something was up now that he was back again. The blonde reached down for his small whiteboard and scribbled something on it. Just been so long. I thought it would be nice.

Sasori raised an eyebrow. Deidara was lying, but Sasori wasn't one to press on. He wasn't the one to pull out the blonde's secrets of he didn't want to. Sasori glanced up at the tray and noticed another sandwich. Of course it was meant for him. Deidara always brought him some food. Without a word he grabbed it and took a bite, grading another drawing. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Deidara smiling softly. 'Brat, why aren't you having lunch with your friends?' Okay, so he was asking now, but he only asked because the smile didn't mean anything good.

A sigh left Deidara's lips as he stood up. He didn't like the question. He didn't want to answer the question. Deidara walked around the desk and glanced down at the papers. He was stalling with answering, but Sasori wouldn't let him. An arm went over the drawings and the muddy brown eyes locked with his. Deidara shuffled his feet, leaning his hip against the desk. He grabbed a note and a pen that were in reach and scribbled something down. I just didn't feel like spending time with them today.

'What could they possibly have done to you, brat?' Sasori said a bit annoyed. What kind of excuse was that? The blue eyes turned angry and the look Sasori received told him Deidara wasn't going to answer his question any time soon. With a sigh Sasori turned his desk chair towards Deidara to talk to him easier. 'Come on, brat. It can't be that bad. Hidan has been your friend for years and I really thought Itachi and you were getting along great.'

Deidara crumbled up the piece of paper in his hand. Well, apparently Itachi and he weren't getting along that great. Itachi just didn't understand him and he just didn't want to explain himself. He grabbed another note and scribbled something new on it. They don't understand me. You do!

Sasori frowned. What was this all about? What in the world did he understand and Deidara's friends didn't? He didn't have a lot of time to think about it, because suddenly Deidara was leaning over him. Sasori tried leaning back in his chair, wanting to get away from Deidara, but that was as far as he could get. The voiceless boy leaned further down and suddenly his lips were on Sasori's. Quickly the redhead pushed him away, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. He could see the hurt in Deidara's blue eyes, but that was just wrong on so many levels. 'Deidara, there are many reasons why you can't kiss me. For starters it's very illegal and I could go to jail for this. Then we have the reason that I don't feel the same about you. But the biggest reason is that I am actually married,' Sasori said, trying to reason with the blonde.

A tear fell from the blue eyes and before Sasori could say or do anything else, Deidara already had run from the room. Door after door flashed beside him, but he was aiming for the end of the hallway. Just one place where he would be safe right now.

Suddenly the door was slammed open and quickly Itachi opened his eyes. In the door was Deidara, tear streaks on his face. Itachi wasn't sure how to react to it since they hadn't spoken in days and Deidara had been mad at him.

But Itachi didn't have to react. As soon as Deidara noticed who the other person was in the bathroom, he flung himself in Itachi's arms. His head on the raven's shoulder while he cried his eyes out. Of course Itachi didn't understand why Deidara was crying, his black shirt getting soaked with salty tears. Deidara did know why he was crying. Sasori was married? When, how, why? It felt like his heart was ripped out of his chest. Sasori had understood him, but now Deidara wasn't so sure anymore.

Two tanned hands went up and fisted Itachi's shirt, pulling the raven even closer. Itachi's eyes widened, but he didn't pull away. Deidara needed to be comforted now, so that was what he was going to do. His hands coiled around the blonde's waist and held him close. The crying was weird, no real noises coming out of Deidara's mouth. Only the sniffs of his nose made it clear Deidara was really crying. And Deidara couldn't even tell Itachi why he was crying. The blonde hadn't brought his backpack with him and neither had Itachi. How was Itachi going to help now?

The raven sighed. 'I really should learn sign language, so we can communicate without your little board,' he murmured in Deidara's hair.

The sniffing suddenly stopped and Deidara pushed himself off Itachi's chest. The fists kept him in place though, so Itachi wasn't going anywhere. The blue eyes stared deeply into Itachi's black ones and the raven wondered what Deidara was doing. Itachi had to blink a few times, noticing how sparkling those blue eyes looked due to the tears. It was really beautiful and somehow it was pulling him towards the blonde.

Soft lips were suddenly on his and without thinking he responded to the kiss. This was certainly not what Itachi had expected. He wanted to be friends with Deidara again, but this was even better. He liked those soft lips and now they were even moving back against his. He had no idea how long they had been kissing, but at some point Deidara broke the kiss and shyly looked away. It made Itachi smile and lean in for another kiss, but he only got a peck on the lips this time. Itachi was okay with that, because the next moment Deidara was holding his hand and pulling him out of the bathroom.

They walked back to Sasori's classroom and Deidara was getting a little nervous. He made sure that he never let go of Itachi's hand. Only when they had reached the classroom and he had placed Itachi in the doorway so he could see what Deidara was doing, dared he let go of the pale hand. Without meeting Sasori's eyes he grabbed his bag and got back out, quickly entwining his fingers with Itachi's again.

'I'm sorry,' Sasori whispered Deidara's way and the blonde gave him a slight nod, letting Sasori know that he knew Sasori was sorry and that it was okay. He had Itachi now and there was no way Deidara was letting go of him.

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