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Lunch break wasn't over yet and Deidara and Itachi both walked back to the table where Hidan was still sitting at. But Hidan wasn't alone anymore. The weird skanky girlfriend was back. And apparently Hidan was really enjoying how she was latching onto him like some sort of leech. Both of their faces scrunched up in disgust as they saw how the girl's move was all over Hidan's face. That could not be enjoyable…

Itachi guided Deidara towards the table and sat down on one of the benches, Deidara sitting next to him and grabbing hold of his arm. He really didn't like that girl and especially not when she was acting like a whore. Itachi glanced down at Deidara, but the blonde wasn't looking back at him, his blue eyes focused on the couple on the other side of the table. When the kiss finally ended, Deidara shyly hit his face in Itachi's chest, avoiding the others as much as possible.

'I thought you two weren't talking?' Hidan asked both of them, an eyebrow raised in the air at the way Deidara was clinging onto Itachi, but the smirk said enough. Of course Hidan immediately caught on on what was happening here and he liked it a lot. His two best friends getting along like this was just great and Deidara finally stopped thinking about Sasori now.

Deidara still didn't look at Hidan, so Itachi had to answer. 'Yeah, we are talking again,' he said plainly, not wanting to explain any further. His arm coiled around the blonde's waist, pulling him closer in a protective matter. He didn't like how the girl was staring at them both and especially not at how she was looking at Deidara. What was her problem?

'Well, I am glad you are back to being friends…' He said the last word suggestively, knowing Itachi and Deidara were more than just friends. He lifted the girl a little higher up on his lap, getting a little more comfortable and Itachi didn't even want to know why. 'Now we can just hang out, just the three of us and do fun stuff,' he continued, relaxing a little and looking up at his skanky girlfriend. She was still staring at them with a weird look on her face.

Carefully Deidara dared to look at Hidan and the girl again, peeking at them. Now he finally saw the foul look he got from the girl, the expression recognized immediately. What was her problem with him? His hold tightened around Itachi, making the raven look down at him. Itachi leaned down, whispering in Deidara's ear so no one else would hear him. 'Are you okay?' he asked softy, his black eyes capturing blue ones. The blonde shook his head in response, his hold on Itachi's shirt tightening. Itachi sighed. He really didn't know how to handle this, so his just wrapped both of his arms around Deidara and pulled him close. 'I wish I knew sign language already, so you could just tell me quickly,' he said, feeling very defeated.

Blue eyes looked up at him again, an unreadable look on his face. Quickly he turned, grabbing his white board out of his bag and scribbled something on it. Would you really learn sign language for me? It said, Deidara looking up at him with curious eyes now. This was something very new to Deidara. No one had ever learned sign language for him except his family and even Naruto sometimes failed at it still.

A blush spread on Itachi's face and he glanced away from Deidara when he responded. He hadn't noticed that even Hidan was staring at him, wanting to know the answer as badly as Deidara wanted. He had never even thought about learning sign language and Itachi just thought he should after knowing the blonde only for a little while. What they had must be more special than Hidan thought at first.

'Yeah, uhh, I mean if we stay, uhh, friends, I think I should learn sign language, right?' The black eyes went back to Deidara, wanting to know what his answer to the question was. The blonde's blue eyes snapped down, thinking about what Itachi had said. There was something he didn't really like about the question, so he scribbled down one single word on the white board.

Friends? It said and Itachi blinked at it once, a soft smile forming on his lips. He didn't want to say it out loud, so he just scribbled something in front of the word, changing it and then turned it towards Deidara, so only he could see it. Boyfriends.

A big smile formed on Deidara's luscious lips and he threw his arms around Itachi's neck, pulling him down for a kiss. This kind of shocked Itachi since they were out in the open of a public high school and who knows what they would think of it. But those lips were so soft and he couldn't help but respond to them. And then he heard a puking sound, getting their attention.

Both stared at the skanky girl, seeing her disgusted face and how she still made throwing up noises. Even Hidan was staring at her as if she had gone mad. 'What the hell is your problem?' Hidan asked her unbelievably.

The girl turned towards him. 'So you are okay with this? Two guys kissing right in front of everyone? I just think it's disgusting and they should do that somewhere where they don't bother anyone with it.' Itachi was so mad right now and really wanted to attack the woman. How dare she talk like that while she was the biggest skank of the whole school?

Hidan pushed her off his lap and shot her a sickened look. 'You are seriously judging them for kissing in public while you did much worse stuff in public? You wanted to blow me right in the hallway in front of everyone just moments ago. You are one sick woman,' Hidan shot her. This was just insane. How dare she even talk about his friends this way? What was her problem? Hidan only was her boyfriend, because she put out. He got laid enough when he was with her, but that was over. He valued his friends a lot more.

'So you are okay with your friends being gay? I mean who knows how long Deidara has been after you? I bet every time he looked at you, he was thinking very different things.' Okay, this woman was seriously bizarre.

Just at that moment Sasori came walking towards them, wanting to give something back to Deidara, but he just caught the last bit that the girl said. The redhead stared at her for a moment, a blank expression on his face. The girl knew she was caught and didn't dare to say anything more now a teacher was present. 'Miss, do you have a problem with homosexuality?' Sasori asked, cocking his head to the side in a curious matter.

The girl shook her head, her porn blond hair sweeping from left to right. Deidara was sure it would fall off due to using too much bleach. And of course she would say now she didn't have a problem with gays now that a teacher was with them.

Sasori nodded, his brown eyes looking away from her. 'Good, because I wanted to invite my husband to the dance party the school is having next week and I don't want him to be uncomfortable.' He shot her a sweet fake smile. 'You see, he's a little shy, so I can't have anyone saying bad things to him. I want him to enjoy the party.'

Deidara almost fell out of his chair when he heard the word husband. When Sasori had said he was married, the blonde just assumed it was a woman. But Sasori was actually married to a guy?! He needed to know more about this. How long had they been married? Did Deidara actually ever have a chance then? So many questions needed to be answered.

And then Itachi asked the first question for him. 'I didn't know you were married, sir. What's his name?' Itachi held a certain gleam in his black eyes, liking the fact that Sasori was married. Now Deidara surely couldn't be attracted to Sasori anymore. He wouldn't want to break up a marriage.

Sasori glanced at Itachi and his brown eyes then went to Deidara, smiling at the how they were still holding onto each other. 'Yes, we've been married for about three years now. His name is Nagato and I met him many years ago in my high school years. So don't ever let little girls who don't understand what you feel for each other get between you two. I am the living example that it can work out just fine.' He nodded at them one more time before walking off, getting ready for his next class, leaving the whole table completely flabbergasted.

The girl broke the silence to everyone's displeasure. 'Well, that was unexpected. What an asshole,' she stated and no one really hard words to respond. Hidan's responds was good enough for them all. He just pushed her off the bench and set her out of the group. He didn't need a girlfriend like that, didn't matter how often she put out for him.

'Well, I'll have to find myself a new girlfriend now, but what's up with Sasori being married?' Hidan asked, trying to lighten the mood and it worked. They all broke down in laughs, well Itachi and Hidan did since Deidara couldn't really, but his face showed off how much he enjoyed this. 'Did you know he was gay?' Hidan then asked unbelievably, glancing at the other two.

Deidara shook his head, still a wide smile on his face. Itachi chuckled again. 'I think no one really knew at this school, but everyone will know next week at the party. I'm very curious to what this husband of his looks like though.' Itachi glanced down at Deidara and the blonde was nodding his head vigorously. They all wanted to know that. Who would Sasori be attracted to? They had been together for such a long time as well.

The thought made Itachi blush. They were together since high school and are still happily married as far as the raven could tell. Now that Deidara and he were sort of together, he wondered if they would actually manage to stay that long together. He certainly hoped so, but that was just a feeling for now. It could all still change.

But now he just wanted to kiss Deidara, so he leaned down again, capturing those soft lips into another long kiss. He didn't care if anyone saw it now. They had someone on their side now and it wasn't something to be ashamed of, right? Maybe he would tell his father later, when he was like married to Deidara already and decided to move to the other end of the country.

Just forget about your father and kiss him, idiot. And so Itachi did for as long as the lunch break still took.

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