Tamer Tamed: The journey
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

This is the long-awaited sequel to "Tamer Tamed".
You might want to read it before proceeding *hint*.
Okay, you might be puzzled because this is a seperate story.
"Tamer Tamed" had been a one-chapter fic, so why didn't I just add a chapter?
Simple: "Tamer Tamed" is a story in itself. I never thought about a sequel when writing it.
That idea came much later.
So, since "Tamer Tamed" delivers its very own message, I let the sequel start here.
The sequel will also have more than just one part, so stay tuned!

Renamon slowly opens her eyes, waking up with a smile.
When she sees Ruki's face just inches away she jumps up in shock.
Her paws cover her mouth to prevent her from yelping.
What have I done? I've slept next to her!
Her eyes dart around, trying to analyse the situation.
She sees a second futon and Ruki's spare blanket lying next to her Tamer.
Finally, her memory kicks in.
Ruki... woke me up. Gently. She has been so nice...
Renamon uncovers her mouth and stares at her sleeping Tamer.
It has been cold. She offered me the blanket.
The entire situation had been so weird that Renamon had discarded it as a dream.
But she knows she is fully awake now. And the blanket is there.
"This... really happened." Renamon whispers in awe.
But why? what made Ruki so... aware?

Ruki yawns and stretches her arms. Then she opens her eyes.
"Good morning, Ruki." Renamon whispers gently.
Ruki frowns instantly and turns to face her Digimon.
Renamon is kneeling on her spare futon. And she is smiling.
"What're you doing there?" Ruki instantly snaps.
Renamon's smile slowly vanishes.
"Get lost! And never touch my stuff again!" she shouts at the fox.
"B-But I didn't-" Renamon stammers.
"Are you deaf? Move it, you-"
"-worthless pile of flesh and bones! Lazy human!"
Ruki gasps collapses, feeling Renamon's arms catcher her gently.
"I'm sorry Ruki, I didn't want to anger you so much."
Ruki can hear that Renamon is almost crying and frowns.
She remembers her dream again, the terrible feelings it implied.
And she remembers that she didn't want Renamon to feel like this.
"No, no. It's my fault. I... forgot I gave you the futon." she whispers.

"Are you feeling okay? Should I get you something?" Renamon asks.
What is wrong with her? she asks herself.
Her Tamer's collapse had shocked Renamon more than anything else.
I should have hidden the futon. Then maybe...
She frowns, unsure what to do.
For an entire year, Ruki has been cold, maybe even cruel.
Now her Tamer seems to be fighting an inner battle.
Renamon flinches when she feels Ruki's hand at her face.
But the hand doesn't strike her down. It... strokes her fur.
Renamon looks down at her Tamer and sees that the girl is crying.
"I'm so sorry, Renamon. You must have suffered a lot." she whispers.
Renamon decides to increase the wager and leans down to hug the girl.
She can now feel Ruki's hands at her back, returning the hug.

"Status report." Yamaki yawns.
He doesn't even listen to the replies and moves on.
Of course nothing unusual has happened this night.
If there had been any events, he would have been called.
So Yamaki simply moves through the large observatory in search for coffee.
"Hey boss!" Reika startles him.
Of course, he doesn't show his surprise. He never shows his emotions.
"What is it?" he asks, picking up a cup.
"You said you wanted to talk to this girl today." Reika reminds him.
Girl? Talk? he thinks, searching his memory.
"Yes. Yes. This Makino girl and her Digimon." he finally replies.
"Just wanted to say that the van is ready. She'll walk to school soon."
"Yes. We'll depart in five minutes." Yamaki calmly replies.

Ruki looks down at herself, making sure the school uniform looks correct.
She feels nervous, but it's not about school or this silly skirt she has to wear.
"You look perfect, Ruki." Renamon whispers.
The girl smiles nervously, unsure how to behave right now.
It had been so easy when Renamon had been nothing more than just a pile of data.
But now Ruki knows that Renamon is a living being.
And she realizes how Renamon must have seen her all these days.
"R-Renamon? Should we meet in the park later?" she timidly asks.
"Training?" Renamon automatically asks back.
Ruki feels tempted to nod. But she stops herself.
"No. I... I want you to tell me more about you."
Renamon blinks. Then she cocks her head.
"Uhhhh... Sure thing." the Digimon finally replies.

"She walks down this street every day." Reika mutters.
"Not much traffic. Few people this time of day. Perfect." Yamaki whispers.
His few talks with these children are always carefully planned.
"Visual contact confirmed." The driver suddenly says.
Yamaki nods and opens the doors of the van they have waited in.
He steps out of the vehicle and crosses the street.
His timing is perfect. Ruki looks up at him and blinks when he approaches her from the side.
"You." he mutters.
It is the last thing happening according to his plan.

Renamon angrily snarls down at the human.
She is sitting in a tree nearby, just within striking distance.
This man, Yamaki, always means trouble.
Ruki's vulpine guardian notices the black van parked on the other side of the street.
She can guess that armed troops are waiting in it. Yamaki's guardians.
When she looks back at Ruki and Yamaki, she frowns.
Both humans are staring at each other openmouthed.

"What's going on there?" Reika whispers.
She has watched her boss with the camera mounted on top of the van.
By now, half a minute has passed and Yamaki and the girl still aren't moving.
It's almost as if they have started some sort of telepathic communication.
"Ma'am? Should we get him away from there?" one of the security guards asks her.
"Not yet. Maybe this is his plan. Somehow..."

What's going on there? Renamon asks herself.
Both Ruki and Yamaki haven't moved so far.
Should I get her out of there? Is Ruki in danger?
Her question is answered by a sudden shriek.
"No! I don't want this! PLEASE!" Ruki cries, stumbling backwards.
Yamaki has fallen to the ground, as if all strength has left his legs.
"You... you..." he stutters, his eyes staring right through Ruki.
"Don't make me do this! Not like this!" Ruki cries, sinking to one knee.
That does it! Renamon decides, leaping into action.
She doesn't care that humans might see her. Ruki is in trouble, that's all that matters.
Her leap positions her between the two terrified humans.
Quickly, she picks up Ruki's crying form and jumps away again.
She can hear somebody shout something, but she doesn't care.

"Wait!" Reika shouts again.
But it's no use. The Digimon is gone. And so is the girl.
"Great. What happened?" Reika wonders quietly.
Then she runs to Yamaki, who is still in shock.
"Boss? Yamaki? Can you hear me?" she asks, kneeling down next to the man.
Slowly, as if waking from a dream, Yamaki turns his head to face her.
Reika gulps. Her boss looks pale and scared.
"She... killed me." he finally whispers.

"No! Please! No more! Renamon! NO!" Ruki cries.
Renamon is holding her Tamer close to her, also to keep her from struggling.
"I'm here, Ruki! Calm down!" she whispers gently.
She has brought her Tamer to the park, away from people.
Ruki's cries now become sobs as the girl calms down a bit.
"R-Renamon...?" she asks, as if seeing the Digimon for the first time.
"Yes, Ruki. I'm here."
Ruki looks very confused now, as if unable to decide what to do.
"What am I for you?" the girl finally asks.
My God, what has Yamaki done to you?
"You're my Tamer, Ruki. My... partner!"
The young girl sighs.
"Thank God..." Ruki whispers and gives Renamon a hug.
After some minutes, Ruki has fallen asleep in Renamon's arms.
Renamon now allows her own tears to flow down her cheeks, wondering what had happened.

"Okay. Let me check this." Renamon mutters.
Ruki can hear Renamon's D-Arc work.
"Name's Yamaki. An adult." the Digimon tells her.
Of course, Ruki knows this.
Yamaki looks very confused, like all humans who somehow find their way here.
Ruki almost feels sorry for him. He is simply confused. If she could just-
"What're you waiting for?" Renamon snaps, startling her.
Ruki nods and charges. Yamaki simply looks at her, as if slowly realizing what is going on.
Her first punch makes Yamaki grunt, but nothing more.
"You're too weak! I told you to train more!" Renamon taunts her.
Yamaki is growling now and hits her with a kick.
Ruki groans and hits the pavement. Renamon only sighs.
"Weak human." the Digimon mutters.

"I'm... not... weak... Renamon."
Renamon frowns and looks down at her Tamer.
She is talking in her sleep. Should I wake her up?
After some seconds, she decides not to do it.

Ruki stands up and shakes her head.
"I see. Looks like you need my help once again, huh?"
Ruki bites her lip. She doesn't want Renamon to... help her.
In fact, she doesn't want to fight, to kill this confused human.
But of course, Renamon doesn't see it this way.
"Card slash - Steel upgrade!" Renamon shouts.
Ruki opens her mouth to scream, but no sound escapes her mouth.
Her inside feels very cold, and Ruki knows what is happening.
The card Renamon has slashed is based on a weird idea of her world.
Bones of steel, and horrible claws hidden within her hands.
The cold feeling comes from the cold steel forming her skeleton.
Ruki feels her humanity being stripped away from her, reducing her to a fighting machine.
Just like Renamon sees her. Not a human being, but a machine programmed to kill.
She hates it when Renamon uses a card to take away a part of her inner self.
"Now fight! Or do you need another card?" Renamon barks.

"No... Please no... Not another one..." Ruki sobs.
Renamon bites her lower lip and strokes the sleeping girl's head.
"What can I do to help you?" she whispers and sighs.

Ruki stumbles to Yamaki, determined to end this fight as quickly as possible.
With a roar, she hits his jaw, sending him to the ground.
Her fist is covered with blood. She knows how much the punch must have hurt.
With bones of steel, her hand is as hard as a steel pipe.
But of course, this is just te beginning.
Gritting her teeth, Ruki clenches her fist a bit tighter.
The three steel claws burst out of her hand, hurting her soft flesh.
But Ruki knows that she mustn't scream. A scream would mean weakness.
And weakness means more training. Especially with this card.
Ruki would do anything to avoid the effects of this card.
She would even kill this startled human. To keep her Tamer happy.
And so Ruki obeys.

"No! NO MORE!"
"Ruki! Wake up!"
Ruki's eyes fly open and she sees Renamon over her.
What happened? Did he knock me out? No, I killed him. I... KILLED HIM!
"Oh God! No! NO!" she screams again, trying to crawl away.
But Renamon's grip is stronger.
"Ruki! Please! Calm down! It had been a nightmare!" Renamon hisses.
The girl blinks. Then she feels the D-Arc at her belt. Her D-Arc.
She sighs.
"Renamon..." she whispers and sighs.
"What happened to you, Ruki? Please tell me!" Renamon begs.
Ruki gulps, but finally nods.
Maybe these nightmares make some sense if I tell them to Renamon.