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Double Wedding

Chapter One- End of a Long Day

Jess' hands flew over the keyboard as she finished inputting the details from an incursion the team had just dealt with. It hadn't been a difficult one, but Abby had been thrown back and hit her head on the ground with a hard 'thump.' Connor instantly rushed to her side and as a consequence, also got in the way of a very large lumbering herbivore dinosaur, slowly making its way back through the anomaly. Connor had fallen on top of Abby, and all the breath seemed to have been squeezed from her body. It took her a frightening moment or two before she could catch her breath and Connor had been terrified he'd badly injured her- or the baby. The team had now arrived back at the ARC and Connor fussed over Abby, insisting on taking her to be checked over in medical.

"Abby- are you sure you're OK?" he asked, a frown creasing his brow.

"Stop fussing, Connor. I'm fine! The wind just got knocked out of me for a moment, that's all."

"Well come on and we'll get you checked out…for me, please?" he added as Abby looked as if she wasn't going to go to the medical unit.



"Oh, alright. Just to stop you nagging! "

Connor finally smiled and kissed her before taking her arm and leading her to the medical bay. As she passed Jess she gave her a small shrug as if to say that Connor was making a fuss over nothing but she'd play along to set his mind at rest. Jess smiled back, but in truth was just as worried as Connor- Abby was pregnant after all. Best to be safe. As Jess watched them go, Becker passed behind Jess' chair.

"Hey!" he said. "Still on for tonight?"

She turned to him and her face lit up as she answered his greeting. "Oh yes! I'm really looking forward to it." Becker and Jess had planned to go out for a lovely romantic evening. They hadn't been dating long- about one month now, but they both felt as if they'd known each other for years.

"See you later then!" Becker said, and glanced around the room. He took special note of Lester's office where he could see Lester sitting with Matt, no doubt going over the happenings of the day. Becker turned back to Jess, and pulled her into a quick but very loving kiss.

"Mmm, you always taste so nice!" he murmured, licking his lips and making Jess blush. He loved it when she blushed, she looked adorable. He planned to make her blush much more tonight!

Jess smiled as she finished downloading some files and completing her computer backups at the ADD, thinking about Becker. She couldn't believe it was only one month since they'd had all that trouble just getting together. It had been worth it in the end, though- she'd never been happier in her life.

"Jess," a voice cut into her musing. "I'm taking Abby home. The medics say she and the baby are fine, but she needs to rest."

"OK Connor, I'm so glad they're both alright! Oh- and I'm going out straight after work and won't be home until after eleven, so you two will have the flat to yourselves for a while!"

Jess couldn't help but laugh at the sudden glint that appeared in Connor's eyes. She was so sorry for them- they were trying really hard to find a place of their own, but couldn't find anything suitable in the right area near the ARC. Abby had taken Jess into her confidence and told her they'd planned to take Sid and Nancy…and Rex of course… back with them when they found a suitable home. She'd feel a bit sad when they'd finally move out, she'd enjoyed having their company, but she understood that they really needed their own home- they didn't get much time alone, and when the baby came, they'd need their own place anyway…a proper little family.

The time seemed to crawl now that Jess had time to think about her date that evening. She'd been prepared and brought her clothes ready to change into. She kept looking at her watch, which seemed to make the time go even more slowly, and she gave a small sigh every now and again, willing the hands on her watch to move. When six o'clock finally arrived, the relief team took over after being briefed on the day's events, and Jess happily ran off to the women's changing rooms. She had a quick shower and then got ready for her evening- she had to look special for her date even though Becker saw her every day in her usual clothes, but she wanted him to think she was beautiful! As she brushed her hair, she felt the familiar butterflies beginning to build up in her stomach at the thought of seeing him again. When she finally thought she was satisfied with her hair and make-up, she went back into the ARC, to meet Becker. She saw the tall figure of her boyfriend talking to one of his men over by the ADD and as joined him, he sent her a dazzling smile as he dismissed the soldier and turned to her instead.

"Wow! You look fantastic!" he complimented her, and was instantly rewarded by the rosy bloom once again appearing in her cheeks.

They took their time getting to the restaurant, and as Becker drove, they chatted about anything and everything. Whereas once the talk between them had been stilted and stumbling, it was now easy and the silences were comfortable and natural. When they arrived, Becker and Jess were seated at their table and after they'd ordered, Jess turned to Becker almost bouncing with joy.

"This is wonderful, Becker! You know you don't have to take me somewhere expensive every time- you won't even let me pay my share! I'd be just as happy at my flat with a takeaway- or…maybe I could cook dinner for us? I'm a good cook, you know!"

"Jess…" Becker tried to get a word in, but he was smiling. He loved Jess' babbling- it meant she was happy and all he wanted out of life these days seemed to be a) to make Jess happy and b) to keep everyone alive and safe. "Jess…I don't mind, and I love treating you. I'd be happy to come over for either of those things…but although I've enjoyed double dating with Abby and Connor, I would prefer to have you to myself. Maybe if they're at home you could come over to mine? Only for a meal, I mean unless you want to…I mean if you wanted to stay…I mean…" he was getting himself tangled up. He wanted her to come over and he wanted her to stay the night with him- every night in fact, but he just didn't want to scare her off. Jess didn't seem at all bothered about his words.

"Oh, that'd be lovely! I'd love to see where you live!"

"How about tomorrow?" Becker held his breath- was he going too fast?


He took a deep breath. Yes! Now he had tonight and tomorrow to look forward to! He hadn't really had much of a life outside the ARC before- he'd often worked very late and other than perhaps a quick pint at the pub, he usually just wanted to fall into bed and sleep. Now that he had Jess, his whole life had suddenly changed. He finished his work on time, not looking for any excuses to stay late and couldn't wait until his shift ended- just so that he could spend time with her! When he wasn't with her, he thought about her and when he was with her, all he could do was look into those soft eyes of hers and turn weak at the knees! He couldn't believe that one person could change his whole outlook on life in such a short while. He had wanted to take things slow with her, but the way he was feeling…well he just knew she was the one for him. Maybe he should tell her...see how she felt….

To Be Continued…