"Ivan...promise me something...", a Italian accented male spoke allowed to the Russian, his hazel eyes losing the light that had lit them up once before.

The Russian looked at him. "Anything...", he said softly, his accented voice thick with sadness.

"Don't...forget me...", he said softly, and gave a light smile.

He nodded, tears falling from his eyes. "Of course..."

"One more thing.."

"Yes...my love?"

"One last kiss...before I go..."

Ivan nodded, and leaned over to give him one last kiss. Their lips brushed together, only to be pulled apart for the last time.

"Are you still there...?", he asked softly, his hand cupping the Italian's face. He knew that he was gone, but he couldn't believe it. "I told you that you shouldn't take on Turkey alone...you should have listened...", he said with a thick sadness, and closed the Italian's eyes.

Well, this is the end of the begining of my first APH FanFic. It's become a long, interesting story so far, and I'm still currently writing it. It spans around 90 pages, front and back so far, and is growing daily.

What what my insperation?

I like several Ita pairings, including: RusIta, GerIta (The Cannon Pairing), and PruIta (The HetaOni Pairing.) But I could only find a good few that weren't just about sex, or had rape in them. So from there spawned Forgotten Memories: A RusIta FanFiction.

The Pairings:

Of course, you'll see RusIta featured, but there are more than that. Spamano, a little GerIta, and USUK.

Well, this is it for now. I'll be posting again soon! Till then, On munche pat! (We/One eat pasta!)