Venice fell into Damien's chest, coughing up a warm, dark substance. The German realised it was Blood. "No!", he shouted, cradling the Italian against his chest as he sunk to the ground. "You said I could have him back! You told me he could live!", he shouted, his heart breaking.

Turkey walked out of the shadows. "Only if he were to agree. But his will was too strong, and we have the younger Italian to mold to our purposes...", he said with a smirk. "It's a pitty though...this one was a beauty...was he not?", the Turkish man said, a sigh released as he walked away.

"I will never forgive you!", Damien shouted at him in rage. "Never help you again!", he added, though knowing he would or else it was his turn to die. If only his older brother were here.

"You know you have no choice, now be quiet, and dispose of the body.", he ordered, and left the scene.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

"I'm coming!", the Russian shouted, his heart racing as he ran from one side of his home to another. Opening the door with a single pull, his heart almost stopped. "Venice!", he shouted, taking him from Damien's arms, and into his own. His eyes narrowed in accusation. "What did you do to him?!", he shouted. "What did you do?", he said again, and pulled him close as he walked to the living room.

Damien looked at the Italien, who Ivan was setting on the couch. "He was trying to save me! I only faught back...when Sadik..killed him..", he replied, thinking about running away from this awful place. "He said that if Venice was cooperative, he'd live...but he wasn't...so he..stabbed him...", the Germanic man choked out, looking away from the pair.

Venice's eyes opened a little bit, which gave both men a bit of hope, though it was futile. "Ivan...promise me something...", a Italian accented male spoke allowed to the Russian, his hazel eyes losing the light that had lit them up once before.

The Russian looked at him. "Anything...", he said softly, his accented voice thick with sadness.

"Don't...forget me...", he said softly, and gave a light smile.

He nodded, tears falling from his eyes. "Of course..."

"One more thing.."

"Yes...my love?"

"One last kiss...before I go..."

Ivan nodded, and leaned over to give him one last kiss. Their lips brushed together, only to be pulled apart for the last time.

"Are you still there...?", he asked softly, his hand cupping the Italian's face. He knew that he was gone, but he couldn't believe it. "I told you that you shouldn't take on Turkey alone...you should have listened...", he said with a thick sadness, and closed the Italian's eyes.

Venice looked at her, and smiled. "This was my life, and it's now yours...please...make the choices I couldn't. Save yourself before you become like me. It doesn't just affect you...but everyone around you as well.", he said in a tone that meant he was serious. "Do you understand?"

Feliciana nodded. "Of course...", she said, a few tears falling. "I'll do my best...for you."

Venice smiled. "It's time that you returned to your world. Please, don't tell anyone of this unless you absolutely have to. Specially not Ludwig.", he said in a echoing voice as I ascended through the darkness once more.