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Summary: The Dursley family has left the country after Vernon's promotion in USA. Harry returns home and when find the house empty goes to Leaky Cauldron and approaches his friends, mentor and new family for help and training.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Harry James Potter a thirteen year old wizard has came out of the Hogwarts Express from Platform Nine and Three Quarters, in London's King's Cross was waiting for his relatives in the station. He was a little surprised after looking around to see that his relative's the Dursleys where no were to be seen, because the headmaster has sent them letter saying them to be there to pick up harry. They must have still been angry with his for blowing up his Uncle Vernon's sister Aunt Marge.

So, after waiting for an hour and seeing of Hermione, Harry called the Knight Bus by sticking out the wand in the air. when he heard the large sound #BANG# he knew the arrival of the triple Decker Bus. Once he reached in Privet Drive, He knew that the Dursleys had left and no one lived in the house for months. Walking to the front of the door Harry saw that the door was lock, But then he remembered the spare key that he kept. Harry thanked his lucky stars that he kept the spare key, he opened the door and stepped into the empty house. There were several boxes and two trunk that was left for him in the middle of the room, He also saw a letter on top of the trunk.

Hello Freak,

We hope that when you return home from that school, you'll not see us. So we thought to give you the things that belonged to your freak of a parents take them with you. We are going to America as Vernon got promotion in there a few days after you left. Don't you ever try to contact us and if you did then you'll see the consequences. We need to sell the house until, So take your freakish items with you so that we can sell the house. Good luck with your new life and hope that we never ever meet again in any way possible.

The Dursley Family.

Walking into the living room, Harry sat on the staircase and started thinking what would be his next step. He instantly made decision to leave the house and go to the Leaky Cauldron, he took a look at the trunk and found his parents wand. He shrieked the trunks and the other items his pocket and called the Knight bus again on that day.

By the time Harry came up in front of the Leaky Cauldron. Harry couldn't help but sigh he really need to figure out what he wanted to do now with his life. As it was sure that he wanted to change his way of living as after back he couldn't help but see that the last three years was full of dangers. And if he want to survive than a plan and his friend are mostly needed now. And mostly after the Prophecy that Trelawney spoke after his Divination exam

"The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless abandoned by his followers.

His servant has been chained these Twelve Years.

Tonight, before mid-night, the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his Master

The Dark Lord will Rise again with his servants aid, Greater and more Terrible

Than ever before."

Harry knew who was the servant that Prophecy was saying about, it was none other than Peter Pettigrew who was supposed to be a friend and Secret Keeper of his parents. But instead had turned himself to Voldemort and betrayed his parents. It was Pettigrew's fault that he didn't have his parent alive and his Godfather Sirius Black in run due to breaking from prison also for being innocent. Sirius Black was imprisoned twelve years wrongly because others thought he was the secret keeper of his parents. At the end of the year Wormtail escaped yet again when Remus became a werewolf in the full moon. If it were not for Professor Snape and Hermione he and Hermione would have been dead and Sirius being kissed by Dementors.

Harry was pacing in the room and thinking what he would do, if Voldemort returned as he was sure according to the Prophecy 'The Dark Lord will Rise again with his servants aid, Greater and more Terrible Than ever before'. He knew that if Voldemort will return than, he would try to kill him again. So he need to prepare and speak with Sirius, Remus, his friend and Dumbledore for the training.

A/N: The story starts at the end of Harry's third year. The Prophecy is taken from the original Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. As I thought that would be the logical thing to do.

Next Chapter: Shopping and meeting with Dumbledore.